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Yellow Pages

The first solution I recommend you try to find out whose mobile number it is Yellow Pages, the digital version of the well-known paper directory that collects mobile and landline numbers of professionals and companies. If the number you are interested in belongs to one of the latter, it is likely that you will be able to find it through PagineGialle, which is available both as an online service and as an app for Android and iOS / iPadOS.

To use it, go to the PagineGialle home page, click on the tab telephone number placed in the center of the page and write the number of your interest in the field Phone Number. Now, start the search by clicking on the button search (on the right) and check if there is information about the number you are looking for.

I would also like to point out the possibility of performing "reverse" searches: to do so, just click on the tab name or address (depends on the data in your possession) and repeat the procedure I have just indicated.

Who's calling?

You can also choose to rely on Who's calling?, a collaborative portal all based on feedback which has a rich database within which there are the owners of many telephone numbers. To use it you don't have to put your wallet in your hand, you don't need to register and you don't even have to provide your phone number.

To use it, go to its home page, type the number you would like to know more about in the search bar at the top right and press the button CIRCLES. If the number you entered is present in the site database, you will immediately see a page with the name of the holder and the comments of the users who have allowed to identify the address. Otherwise, a warning will appear on the screen indicating that unfortunately no information is available.

Finally, I would like to point out that the service is associated with the app Should I Answer for Android and iOS, very useful for automatically identifying and blocking calls from call centers, scammers and nuisances of various kinds directly from your smartphone. For more details on how it works you can read my tutorial on how to avoid advertising calls in which I proceeded to tell you about it.


As an alternative to the services I have already told you about, I recommend you try Truecaller. It is one of the most famous portals in the category which, even in this case, allows you to obtain information about the numbers entered by drawing on a proprietary database made up of the numbers added by users who have consented to the use of the service. Unlike the resources I have already reported to you, please note that in order to use Truecaller it is essential to access the service with a Google or Microsoft account. Furthermore, since Truecaller requires the sharing of your number within its database, using it could pose a potential danger to your privacy.

To use it, first of all go to its main page, fill in the search field Search a phone number by typing in the mobile number on which you would like to receive more information and click on the button with the magnifying glass which is on the right. By default the prefix set is the cittàn one, but if you need you can change it simply by clicking on it and selecting the reference one from the menu that appears.

Then log in to the service using your account Google or that Microsoft, enter the requested data and wait for the page with the search results to be visible. At this point, if the number you entered is present in the Truecaller list, you will be shown a new web page containing the card relating to the latter, indicating the users who have reported the aforementioned numbering, the membership user and the reference address. If, on the other hand, no information is available, it will be reported to you on the screen.

If you prefer, you can also use Truecaller from your smartphone by downloading and installing the appropriate app for Android and iOS. To use the application you do not have to do anything different than what we have seen together above, since its operation is similar. In any case, if you wish to receive more information on what to do you can read my tutorial dedicated to applications to discover the private numbers through which I have, in fact, proceeded to talk to you about the matter in great detail.


Also Google it is an excellent tool to find out who a given mobile number belongs to. How you do it? Simple! Go to the home of the most famous and used search engine in the world and enter the numbering on which you intend to obtain more details in the search field in the center of the displayed page. Then press the button Search with Google visible on the screen and that's it.

Now, you should find yourself in the presence of a whole series of search results referring to the mobile number previously entered. Select the result that interests you most and analyze the information that is provided to you in the new page that will subsequently open.

If there are no search results available for the mobile number you entered, it could be a private user for which it is not possible to obtain further details.


To end "on a high note" I would like to talk to you about Whooming, a semi-free service, usable as an app for Android (see if there is any alternative store if you have a device without Google services) and for iOS / iPadOS, which can be of great help if your problem is anonymous calls and therefore if you want to find out who is behind the words "Anonymous" or "Private number" that you see appear on the display of your phone. It works with the call forwarding technique and to use it you need to create a free account and configure the phone to forward the received calls to the number provided by Whooming.

Upon receipt of calls made with the anonymous, the service will decrypt the relevant number and you will be able to view the user in the clear via the online panel of your account. The display of the number in clear text, however, I would like to specify it, is free only for the first 7 days of use; then it is necessary to subscribe thesubscription, which starts from 11,99 euros for 3 months, 17,99 euros for 6 months o € 23,99 for 1 year.

After installing and opening the official Whooming application on your device, create your free account. Then press the button Log in with your e-mail present on the main screen of the app, tap on the link register here, located at the entry Not registered yet?, and then specify in the text fields Insert your email, Create a password e Confirm Password the information needed to register.

Then, press the button SUBSCRIBE, wait for the receipt of the verification code through which to validate the registration (it will be sent to the email address you indicated above), write it in the appropriate text field and then press the button Verifica.

Please note that, in case you do not want to register via email, you can do it through your account Google, Facebook o Apple: you simply have to press one of the appropriate buttons and log in to the account in your possession.

Once you have registered on Whooming and logged in, you need to configure the account and the device you are operating from, so that the app is able to intercept anonymous calls. To do this, press the button Setup begins, indicates the nation,operator and telephone number to be registered using the menus and the appropriate text fields and tap the button NEXT to go to the next step, which consists in activating call forwarding.

Premium, though, your pulse Set number diversion, call the number that appeared automatically on the dialer (Eg. ** 67 * 0694500075 #) and, once the setting in question is activated, go back to the Whooming app, press the button OK I'm ready! and presses the button Call your number. To complete the procedure, all you have to do is call yourself and then return to the Whooming app.

Adesso, premium pulsating Go to the call list, grant Whooming access to your contacts and refuses the anonymous calls that you will eventually receive. Just do this to see the number or contact name who made the anonymous call, which you can see on the screen Call Log Whooming app.

How to know whose mobile number is

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