How to know who a phone number belongs to

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How to know who a cell phone number belongs to

Do you want know who a cell phone number belongs to? If so, you can rely on some online tools that rely on the voluntary contribution of users, i.e. on the initiative of people who decide to publicly share their telephone numbers, in exchange for access to various services, such as blocking unwanted calls or searching for other people's mobile numbers. Find the best services of this type listed below.


You wonder how to know who owns a free phone number, as you need to quickly trace the holder of a mobile number? If so, you can give a chance to tellows.

In case you have never heard of it, it is a collaborative online service, which allows you to easily check the contact details of a mobile number, as long as it has been previously reviewed by other users. .

To trace a number by tellows, linked to its main page, enter the number of your interest in the field enter the number located in the center of the page (but also at the top right) and press the button search.

At the end of the search, if there is information available about the number you typed, it will be shown on a page: in particular, in correspondence with the wording Evaluation, you will find information and positive or negative ratings for the number.

Below, however, you will find all the comments and details referring to that specific numbering, according to the evaluations and information previously entered by the users of the service.

Finally, I would like to point out that tellows It is also available in the form of an anti-spam app, which can act as a filter for unwanted calls. You can download its app on Android (via the Play Store or from alternative stores) and iOS.

Who's calling?

Another web service similar to tellows è Who's calling?, a collaborative online portal full of information about cellular (but also fixed) numbers, mainly associated with known annoyances.

The service in question is also available as an app for Android (downloadable from the Play Store or from alternative stores) and iOS, known as Should I Answer. The app takes care of identifying and possibly blocking calls from annoying people, as reported by other users of the service: if you are interested in how it works, read my guide in which I explain how to use it.

To use its online service, instead, connected to this web page, enter the telephone number of your interest within the field search for phone number and click sul pulsating Wheel, in order to view, in a subsequent screen, the information relating to the same (if available). If successful, you will be shown a summary page containing the feedback from other users of the site (Ratings), together with the presumed identity of the number in question (Categories).

If you deem it appropriate, you can contribute to the identification yourself, by giving feedback in first person, by answering the short questions placed under the box reviews. In fact, you will be asked if the number in question called you, you answered the call and, if so, what evaluation (negative, positive o neutral) you would assign to the number. No registration will be required to leave feedback.


Another suggestion that you may find useful is that relating to the possibility of trying to trace the holder of a number by adding it to your own contacts of WhatsApp (as, if the number is associated with a WhatsApp user, this will appear in the app with a profile picture and status; based on the privacy settings chosen by the holder).

To begin, therefore, take note of the phone number of your interest and add it to the address book of your smartphone or tablet, following the procedure provided by the operating system you are using: generally, you have to open the app Contacts and press the button for add a new contact (usually this is the symbol capacitor positive (+) lead, located in the lower right on Android and top right on iPhone).

After completing the proposed form and saving the contact, start the app WhatsApp, press the button comic, to start a new chat, and check if the name just saved appears in the list of contacts in the messaging app.

If successful, tap onpicture profile of the same to get some more information and view, with a bit of luck, the name (or nickname) of the user in question. Note that the aforementioned information may not always be available - it all depends on the privacy settings applied by the legitimate owner of the phone number.

You can also apply the same search technique to other messaging apps that can be associated with your phone number, such as Telegram, Skype or Facebook Messenger.

Other ways to know who a cell phone number belongs to

In addition to those I have listed so far, there are other methods, more or less effective, which can be useful for groped to trace the user of a given mobile number. You can find more information on this in the list below.

  • Google Phone app - in the most recent versions of Android without manufacturer customizations (such as those present on Pixel devices and smartphones of the Android One line), the app Telephone allows you to immediately obtain information on the calling number, as long as you are connected to the Internet, using the Google database. In practice, this means that, when you receive a call from a number not in the phone book, the name of the company, business or private person to which it belongs will be automatically visible in the dialer, if the relevant information is of public domain. The app Telephone Google can still be downloaded and installed on most Android devices, via the Play Store: once the installation is complete, you must set it as the system default dialer, by going to the section Settings> Apps and notifications> Default apps> Phone of Android.
  • Dive3000 - it is a sort of telephone directory for mobile phones, which can be consulted free of charge after registering for the service. However, to be used, the service also requires sharing your phone number within the database: keep this aspect in mind before relying on it.
  • Jamino - it is a service very similar to Dive3000 which, in order to be used for free, requires the sharing of personal data (including telephone number) within the public database. However, it is possible to buy the entire Jamino database and consult it offline, avoiding adding your data to the public archive: this mode of use however costs 199 euros.

How to know who owns a landline number

You need to know who a landline number belongs to? Well, in that case you can rely on public directories accessible directly online. Find everything explained in detail right below.

White pages

The first online service I suggest you use for know who a landline number belongs to is the one offered by White pages. Thanks to this portal, it is in fact possible to know in a simple way the name of the holder of a given telephone number, but also the address of origin and also various other information, provided, of course, that these details are public.

To start, therefore, visit the home page of the service, enter the telephone number on which you want to know more in the text field Telephone number, placed in the center of the page, and then presses the button Search.

Afterwards, you will be shown a page containing the results of the search carried out: if the telephone number for which you have carried out the search is present in the telephone directories, you will be shown the reference address. In addition, an address is also associated with the number in question, you can view the latter directly on the map by clicking on the link Map.

Are you going to consult the list of White pages from smartphones and tablets? Well then I suggest you do it through its official app available for Android and iOS / iPadOS.

Yellow Pages

Another great service that I want to tell you is that of Yellow Pages, the digital transposition of the historical list with the telephone numbers of professionals and commercial activities of various kinds, through which it is possible to quickly go back to the names associated with the fixed numbers.

To use it, connected to this website in order to view the home page of the site, click on the tab telephone number and enter the telephone number you wish to know more about in the appropriate field, located in the center of the screen. Finally, press the button Search and wait for the search in the database to be completed.

When this happens, if the telephone number is present in the telephone directories, you will be shown the owner of the same, together with the location of the commercial and available activity, the additional details relating to the same (website, opening hours and etc). Coupled with the information relating to the telephone number entered, by pressing the button See on the map you will also receive a map to quickly identify the geographical location of reference of the activity in question.

It should also be noted that, in the screen relating to the search engine of Yellow Pages, there are some quick access links that allow you to find the most common points of interest nearby: hotels, restaurants, dentists, thrift shops, pharmacies and gyms.

Finally, I would like to point out that Yellow Pages It is also available as a free app for Android and iOS / iPadOS mobile devices. If you prefer to act as a mobile, I suggest you install it and try it now.


Do you want to trace the owner of a landline phone number who, in some way, continues to contact you for spam purposes? If so, you can give a chance to Truecaller.

The service in question is mainly known in the form of an anti-spam filter for Android devices (downloadable from the Play Store or alternative stores) and iOS, but also has a practical online portal through which, following the free registration, it is possible obtain feedback on numbers belonging to known potential annoyances (in exchange for the publication of their number in the database of the service, which can be consulted by all; therefore with a discreet waiver in terms of privacy).

To use it, connected to this website, type the landline phone number of your interest (making sure that the international prefix is ​​specified correctly) in the text field Search a phone number and the pulsating prize to form di magnifying glass located on the right.

Now, to view the results of your search, register through Google (Sign in with Google) or through your Microsoft account (Sign in with Microsoft), by pressing the appropriate buttons. Beware, because the service may request permission to access your address book and upload the contacts included on its servers (which I do not recommend for privacy reasons, so if you do not have the possibility to disable the function, first try to use other services) .

If successful, you will see, after a few moments, a page containing the details of the number entered previously, together with the feedback issued by other users who have received calls from the same number. Useful, right? For more details on Truecaller and how it works, consult this guide of mine.

Other ways to know who a landline number belongs to

Although you have slavishly followed the instructions I have given you so far, have you still not managed to retrieve satisfactory information on a certain landline number? In this case, you can try to get the desired result, using one of the other methods that I suggest below.

  • Google - very often, information relating to a landline telephone number (especially if belonging to commercial activities registered with Google business) can be retrieved by performing a simple Google search. So, after connecting to the service's website, type the telephone number of your interest within the relevant field and start a search as you usually would: with a bit of luck, you should be able to get the information you were hoping for.
  • Facebook - very often, the owners of the Facebook company pages insert the relative fixed telephone contacts among the information of the relative activities. You could, therefore, try to do a search on the well-known social network of Mark Zuckerberg (starting from the name of the business and not from the number).
  • - it is a site, available in Dutch, which collects links to all public directories in the world. It is very useful if you need to know the owner of a landline number from abroad.

How to know who a foreign phone number belongs to

Are you constantly targeted by phone calls from foreign numbers and would you like to know, once and for all, who owns these numbers that you think are annoying to say the least? In this case, you will be pleased to know that solutions like Tellows and Truecaller, which I told you about previously, can be extremely useful, as they are also effective for foreign numbers.

Another portal to consider, too, is, a collaborative service that can be useful above all for identifying foreign cellphone numbers, which could come from the so-called “known annoyers”. I want to tell you that this service is usable not only via the Web, but also from smartphones, through its app for Android (downloadable from the Play Store or from alternative stores) and iOS.

To use it, go to the home page and click on the symbol pennant located on the left, in order to select the international prefix you want to set, based on the call you received. Then, type the number of your interest in the text field provided and click on the button Search.

On the page that opens at this point, check if there is any information available for the number you are looking for, by registering for free to the service, to find out the exact name of the caller. If so, make a note of it, so as to trace the identity behind the numbering in question.

How to know who owns a private phone number

You wonder how to know who an unknown phone number belongs to, why do you constantly receive calls from a private number? In that case, you should know that there are several solutions that you can consider, such as the possibility of using Whooming.

It is, in fact, a service usable from the Web and via app for Android and iOS / iPadOS that allows you to succeed in this intent following the free registration of an account and the association of your phone number.

However, you must take into consideration that, in order to use the service in question, you will also have to activate call forwarding on your phone number but also subscribe (prices starting from € 12,99 / month for three months), for be able to view the numbers in clear text.

In case you want to use it, you must first register for an account (Register for free) via the website or via the app and then add your mobile number (Add number), by filling in the form that is proposed to you.

At the end of the configuration, as I have also explained to you in my guide dedicated to applications to discover private numbers, you will be able to find out the information relating to calls received from private numbers. In fact, all you have to do is refuse the call received from a private number, in order to view, following the subscription of a subscription plan, the log with the caller's clear number, through the appropriate section. Call on Whooming.

Alternatively, you can consider other options, such as using theOverride, a paid solution offered by all major mobile telephony operators, through which, following a fee payment, you can discover the numbers that call anonymously.

A free solution at your disposal is, however, that relating to the consultation of telephone records, regarding received calls. By consulting these databases, you may, with a bit of luck, be able to identify the contact details of the person who, even if he usually calls you anonymously, perhaps mistakenly made the call without obscuring the number.

For more information on the possibilities available to you to find out who owns a private number, I suggest you read my tutorial dedicated more specifically to the subject.

How to know which carrier a phone number belongs to

As for, however, the possibility of know which carrier a phone number belongs to, you need to know that the resolution is easy to implement.

There is, in fact, a tariff transparency service which, accessible by calling a specific telephone number, allows you to obtain precise information on the operator to which a number belongs.

The service in question is completely free and the number to call varies according to your operator. Therefore, if you are interested in knowing more on the subject in question, I suggest you read my guide on how to find out which operator a number is, in order to find all the indications on how to proceed.

How to block a phone number

You have finally managed to trace the actual owner of that number who continues to call you incessantly and, with some disappointment, you have discovered that it is a person with whom you would no longer want to have contact of any kind. For this reason, at this point, you would like some more information on how block calls coming from that number, so you don't have to worry about it again?

If this is the way it is, then know that I can still help you: in my guides on how to block a number and how to block unwanted calls, I have shown you the simplest methods to make sure that annoyances can no longer reach you. by phone.

If, on the other hand, you are interested in no longer receiving commercial calls of any kind, from call centers or other categories of known spammers, I invite you to take a look at my tutorial on how to block calls from call centers, in which you I have provided all the necessary details of the case.

How to know who a phone number belongs to

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