How to have real followers on Instagram

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Publish quality content on a regular basis

Instagram, like any other social platform, it is made up of content. So, the best way to get lots of followers is to make photos and videos that attract users and push them to follow your profile. Self you create quality content, possibly original and captivating, you can get out of anonymity and be noticed by other users who share passions and interests similar to yours (or, in any case, related to the content you posted).

In addition to the quality of the content, the regularity with which these are published. An Instagram profile with few posts published in the last period could seem neglected or even abandoned! That's not what you want to convey to other users, is it? So, try to be as regular as possible in the creation of new content, perhaps aiming to post at least a couple of them a week, but without sacrificing quality, please!

Returning to the theme of quality, you could take a look at the guides in which I explain how to look good in photos, how to take beautiful photos and how to take perfect selfies, where I have given you some practical advice that, if followed, can greatly improve the quality of your photos : I suggest you take a look at these insights, especially if you don't consider yourself a skilled photographer.

Also, since even the best photographers sometimes make mistakes, remember to edit your shots with some photo editing apps (like Snapseed, available for Android or iOS) or, even better, with a photo editing program, such as the very famous Photoshop. But please don't overdo the photo editing, otherwise your shots will look fake!

Get inspiration from the most popular content on Instagram

Should you have a creative block (it happens to everyone sooner or later!), You may find it useful get inspiration from the most popular content on Instagram. Warning: drawing inspiration does not mean copying the ideas of others, rather analyzing what are the characteristics that make them so captivating and successful and trying to apply the “lessons” learned by other users of the photographic social network by creating equally interesting content.

To find the most popular content of the moment, go to the section Explore, accessible by pressing the icon of magnifying glass (from the Instagram app for Android and iOS) or on the symbol of the compass (from its web version).

If you want to have much more detailed information on the most popular Instagram posts, you can turn to some very useful third-party services, such as the well-known Iconosquare, which allows you to search for trending contents by filtering them based on the interactions they have had. The service is paid - it costs $ 29 / month - but it can be tested in all its features for a 14-day trial period. More info here.

Use popular and relevant hashtags

Another trick that can allow you to increase the number of followers on Instagram is to use popular and relevant hashtags to the contents you create on the photographic social network. If you don't know, hashtags - so to speak, those words or phrases (usually in English) preceded by the symbol # - act as real labels, grouping the photos or videos in which they are included in appropriate categories.

You've probably already guessed why you should use hashtags correctly: to be more likely to appear in users' search results when they search on Instagram, bravo! By using popular hashtags and, above all, relevant to the content of your posts, you will surely be able to expand the reach of your Instagram profile.

If you are wondering, to find out which are the most popular hashtags you can use, you can use services such as Top HashtagAll hashtag and free apps like HashTags for Instagram per Android e Top Tags per iOS. I recommend, however, not to fall into the mistake of using hashtags at random, just because they are among the most popular of the moment: otherwise you risk "annoying" users with content that has nothing to do with their searches. Understood?

Connect your social accounts to Instagram

Connect other social profiles to your Instagram account it's another good way to increase the chances of getting new real followers. I advise you to do it especially if you already have a good pool of users who follow you on other platforms (eg. Facebook), in order to "move" them from one platform to another, or on Instagram.

To connect other social accounts to your Instagram profile, press the icon oflittle man located at the bottom right or on the thumbnail of your profile photo, tap on the symbol (≡) and then presses on the voice Settings from the menu that opens. Then locate the voice Linked accounts located in the section Privacy and security you can find it in the section Settings), tap on the social account you want to connect (eg. Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and follow the instructions that are shown on the screen to make the connection (it will be sufficient to provide the authorization of the social networks in question to access your Instagram profile).

As soon as you have made the connection of the other social accounts to Instagram, all the posts you publish on the latter will be shared automatically on all the other connected accounts (unless you decide to disable sharing on the latter during the their publication). Convenient, right?

Interact with other users

Interact with other users it is very important if you want to increase the number of followers. Being a social network, the main purpose of Instagram is to connect users who have in common passions and interests of various kinds. That's why you should strive to interact with those who share content that interest you by commenting on their posts and liking them.

More importantly: try to constantly interact with your audience, that is, with those who already follow you on Instagram. By doing this, you will be able to consolidate the relationship that unites you and, in a certain sense, you will be able to retain them. What tools can you use to interact with your current and future followers? Instagram provides several tools to do this, among the most interesting I mention the directed and polls.

With regard to directed (o Live), you can exploit them in various ways, for example to organize "Q&A", or real live "interviews" in which to allow the community to ask questions, reveal tips or curiosities about you. In choosing the location in which to shoot the Live, I advise you to avoid excessively noisy, crowded, bright or dark places, because you would risk not being seen and heard by the viewers of the stream. Once the Live is finished, remember to share it to give the possibility to view it in the following 24 hours to those who have not been able to watch it live. For more information on Instagram Live, take a look at the in-depth article I just linked to you.

If, on the other hand, you want to ask other Instagram users for opinions, you can create some polls using theinteractive sticker available in Stories. If you have never used this tool before, take a look at the guide in which I explain how to do polls on Instagram: there you will find explained in detail how to proceed.

Don't buy followers

Some users, in the heat of wanting to increase their number of followers on Instagram, turn to apps that allow them to artificially buy followers. Some of these apps allow you to buy followers for free using credits that can be obtained by becoming followers of profiles belonging to people who, in turn, have turned to this kind of services; other apps, on the other hand, ask for real money to buy packages of 5.000 / 10.000 followers. Do you want some advice from a friend? Stay away from it!

As easy as it may seem to get many followers in a short time, in reality these kinds of solutions it does not allow you to get real followers. Let me explain: by resorting to these tricks, you will not be followed by people who have a real interest in you and in the content you post, but they will stop following you in a short time (which you will probably also do towards profiles you started following to get credits to spend on followers).

Believe me: it is good if you avoid wasting time and, sometimes, money, with these tricks. It is best if you invest your resources to apply the "tips" I gave you in the previous paragraphs and really increase your user base on Instagram.

Also, if you want more information on how to increase your visibility on Instagram, take a look at the guide that I linked to you: I really think it will be useful.

How to have real followers on Instagram

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