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Before explaining to you how to have a toll-free number, let me give you some general information on the subject. Well, the green number is a service offered by companies and organizations to allow customers to make calls by charging the cost entirely to the recipient. A free call telephone number is one of the best solutions to facilitate contacts between companies or organizations and individuals, and is usually made up of a series of numbers that are easy to memorize.

Know that there are different types of business numbers, which can be activated according to your needs and differ from each other mainly by costs for the caller, from prefix and by how to use. I'll briefly show you the differences between these numbers.

  • Green Number - the toll-free number is a service that cancels all call costs for whoever makes the call. The prefix used for this type of number is the800 and generally has an immediate delivery time from suppliers. This type of service incurs pay-as-you-go or subscription-based costs for the recipient of the call.
  • Number Distributed - the split number is a type of numbering which involves the division of the price of the phone call between the caller and the recipient of the call. The cost for the caller is based on the telephone offer (mobile or fixed) active at the time of the call, so there is no surcharge for the caller. The recipient usually pays the connection fee or a fixed subscription fee. The prefixes for the split numbers are 840 e 848 and are equally suitable for businesses, organizations or companies.
  • Numbers with surcharge for the caller - a last type of numbering concerns numbers with a surcharge for the caller which are used, for example, for professional consultancy or entertainment services. This type of numbering involves an increased payment to the caller, which translates into gain for the recipient. The prefixes for toll numbers are 895 for professional advisory services e 899 for entertainment services.

How to have a toll-free number

toll-free number we mean that kind of service that it does not involve fixed costs monthly or yearly for those who decide to activate it.

In fact, the payment takes place only when a phone call is received, and is charged through one connection fee it's a tariff on consumption, minutes or seconds of the call.

This solution is very useful for those who receive, generally, few calls, As it does not involve costs if you do not receive any calls. The payment for activation is usually free and the only initial cost concerns the first recharge credit.

Should the credit reach zero, you need to top up again to continue using the service.

One of the best providers that offer a toll-free number with free activation, without fixed costs, is This operator is authorized byAGCOM (Authority for Communications Guarantees) and offers different packages according to your needs.

To use the service, go to its main page and click on the section Rates, to take a look at the costs. The tariff plan of it is based on different types of costs, which vary according to calls from landlines or mobile phones, or from the city or abroad.

In particular, to activate a toll-free number it is necessary to provide one's own number (mobile or fixed) as a receiver, defined as number being terminated. Therefore, for the configuration, it is not necessary to install new phones or buy new ones SIMs.. This, however, entails a differentiation in costs.

For example, in case you decide to receive on yours fixed number calls from the toll-free number you have activated, the cost will be 4 cents per minute if the caller makes the phone call from landline and 33 cents per minute if you make the call from a mobile device. The connection fee for fixed is 5 cents.

Should you want to use a mobile number to receive calls from your toll-free number, the cost will be instead of 33 cents per minute for calls from landline and 65 cents per minute for calls from mobile. The connection fee for mobile is 10 cents.

In case the calls come from abroad, on the other hand, the cost of the telephone calls will be based on the normal tariff plans of the number chosen to receive toll-free number communications, or the number being terminated chosen.

For example, if the terminating number belongs to an cittàn smartphone and you are abroad, the rates will be based on the normal costs of international roaming. Otherwise, the rates will apply depending on the country from which the call is made. Read more here.

NumeroVerde.commoreover, it offers paid services that involve a one-off cost, or those referring to automated voice messages, which can be one or more than one and cost 40 euros + VAT one-time fee for a message, 75 euros + VAT for five messages or 79 euros + VAT for six messages.

There are three types of purchase available on the site, which offer different additional services. In particular, packages are available All Inclusive Bronze, Silver e Platinum, each of which allows you to choose from a series of proposed numbers.

Each package offers toll-free number with area code 800, a service of call back (Please call me back), A automated switchboard, logo personalized with the chosen number, three voice messages and access to Management Panel inside the site.

The package Bronze offers numbers that are more difficult for the customer to memorize, but has an initial top-up cost of 150 euros + VAT. The package Silver has a first recharge cost of 300 euros + VAT and gives the opportunity to choose also between 2-digit numbers. The package Platinum, on the other hand, it has a first recharge cost of 850 euros + VAT and offers the welcome message customizable.

Each offer, upon expiry of the credit, can be reloaded for a minimum of 150 euros + VAT and has a duration of 12 months from the moment of the last top-up: time within which the credit will be used up, or will be lost.

To purchase a number, click on the section Choose and activate, then scroll through the screens Bronze, Silver e Platinum to choose one of the proposed numbers. Once you've found the number that's right for you, click on it to finalize your purchase. In the pop-up that appeared on the screen, choose any additional services to activate, then press the green button Buy it now.

On the activation page, then fill out the form according to your business data, depending on whether you are one Society, an Professional or anAssociation. Enter, therefore Tax code, VAT number, Business name, Address and the various contact that are asked of you. The telephone number entered will be used for communications with the site, while the number being terminated will be set in Control Panel once the purchase is complete. Then choose a payment method among those available (eg. PayPal o Bank transfer), then accept the terms and conditions of service.

Once this is done, you just have to click on the button Continue to complete the purchase. Once the number configuration has been completed, access the Reserved Area with the credentials received in the activation e-mail, at the address communicated at the time of purchase. In the'Reserved Area you can consult the Control Panel, through which to manage your offer.

How to have a toll-free number

toll free number we mean that type of numbering subject to fixed costs, monthly or yearly. This type of service, offered by some well-known telephone providers, is very useful when planning to receive a large amount of calls daily, which also come from telephone numbers esteri.

How to have a TIM toll-free number

The platform TIM Business, offers several numbering options for activating a toll-free subscription. To use it, log in to the section Toll-Free Numbers and Special Numbers of the site to take a look at the solution that's right for you.

For small and medium-sized enterprises, the most suitable service is certainly the one called Toll-Free Number and Distributed Number, which gives the opportunity to choose between a toll-free number with area code 800 or distributed number (i.e. with costs to be paid by both the caller and the recipient) with area code 840 o 848.

This solution is ideal for single-site companies, as it does not require any specific equipment for activation. In fact, it is necessary to have a fixed or mobile company number to which the calls of the defined toll-free number can be redirected route number. The activation fee is 50 € one-time, with a monthly subscription cost of 5 euros excluding VAT.

TIM also offers some additional services, such as that of mnemonicità number, which allows you to create a number that is easy to remember for the customer, at the cost of 25 euros per month, excluding VAT.

I costs according to consumption vary depending on the choice of route number. On phones fixed the costs are 3,6 cents per minute from calls from landlines, 13,3 cents per minute from calls from TIM mobile lines e 15,7 cents per minute from calls from mobile networks of other operators.

In case you have chosen a route number mobile devices, the costs according to consumption will be 22 cents per minute for calls from landlines, 31,7 cents per minute for calls from TIM mobile networks e 34,1 cents per minute for calls from mobile networks of other operators.

The second type of subscription has the name Toll-free number of the National Company and is suitable for large companies in the city that need to be called in the city. This service is suitable for receiving calls via a single point of contact from all over the city.

In fact, calls can be redirected to one or more numbers of a single office, or you can choose to redirect them to different locations, if there are several offices scattered throughout the national territory.

The activation cost is 51,65 euros per seat, with a monthly fee of 15 euros per seat. In addition to the fixed cost, there is a variable cost that does not change according to the time slots, and is 25 cents per minute (excluding VAT) without differences between the devices used to call. There is no connection fee.

For companies with contacts abroad, it is available Freephone International Company: a package that includes the possibility of receiving calls from both the city and abroad. On-call traffic may vary depending on a specific pricing, defined as Day Time ITZ.

Fixed costs are € 129,11 one-off of contributions ITU (International Telecommunication Union) and of 51,65 euro one-time fee per station, while the monthly fee is around 10,33 euros per seat.

To activate one of these services, you need to click on the button Discover present in the box of the option that interests you most, then click the red button Request contact to proceed. On the contact screen, enter yours personal data, telephone number,email address VAT number and Business name of the company, or the Tax Code.

Then press the button Save and wait to be contacted by a TIM operator at the telephone number or e-mail address you entered previously, in order to complete the activation of the service.

How to get a Vodafone toll-free number

In case you want to know how to have a Vodafone toll-free number, you can request information on costs and activation through the section Big companies Site Vodafone Business.

To do this, click on the section Companies placed at the top left of the home page of the site, then click on the item Big companies in the appeared menu, choose the option Fixed network solutions and convergence, then click on the menu Fixed network.

To get more information, all you have to do is press the button Contact us and insert, in the form that appeared on the screen, personal data, email address, telephone number, company name e VAT number. Then click on the red button Send when you are done, then wait to be contacted by a Vodafone operator.

How to have a toll-free number

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