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How to contact PlayStation

Do you want to know how to contact PlayStation support? So, as I mentioned earlier, it will be useful for you to know the ways to contact the division PlayStation di Sony dedicated to solving problems, they are different: at the time of writing there are a contact form via email it's a telephone number dedicated to support.

On the official PlayStation site, however, there is a section Support full of guides dedicated to solving the most common problems that can afflict the consoles of the PlayStation family, both in terms of hardware and related to other aspects, such as subscriptions, returns, malfunctions of online services and so on.

Before finding out how contact PSN customer service, therefore, it is necessary to go through the various tutorials that Sony makes available to ensure that users can solve problems independently without the intervention of experts (saving time and resources for both parties).

In the unfortunate event that even the guides and tips on the Sony site weren't enough, that's possible contact PSN support following the modalities I mentioned earlier and which I will illustrate to you in great detail in the following chapters. You can act both from PC and from smartphone and tablet.

How to contact PSN from PC

You want to find out how to contact PSN da PC? Now I'll explain everything. First of all, connected to the official PlayStation page dedicated to assistance and, in the appropriate text field inside the gray box, type the problem or question you want to find an answer to, then press the button Submit on the keyboard to start the search.

Alternatively, click on the boxes under the heading … Or choose one of these options to select the device on which you want to receive assistance, such as PlayStation 4, PC / MAC and mobile, PlayStation Classic, or to access the section Error codes, where there is a list of all error codes with their significant ones.

Once you have asked the question or selected the device, follow the guided procedure on the screen, consulting the articles and guides, then answer the questions that are asked of you and try to follow the resolution procedures indicated on the screen.

The contact methods, in fact, depend on the type of problem: in some cases, by asking the question or selecting the various items proposed in succession, if you cannot solve the problem on your own, you will be taken to telephone support and you will see a small box with written Call us (but I'll tell you more about this in the next chapter). Other times, however, the contact via will be considered better e-mail and you will be able to access the dedicated module.

The form to send an e-mail message can also be reached directly on this page. To use it, select a topic pressing on the bar and choose one of the options among those present in the menu that has opened.

Then, fill in the fields below the items Your name (including the surname) e Contact email address, then proceed with entering all the mandatory data that are requested of you (different according to the type of problem) and decide whether to add the optional ones as well.

Once this is done, type yours in the appropriate text field question or problem you have found (trying to be as detailed and exhaustive as possible) and, if necessary, upload a photo by pressing the appropriate button. To conclude the operation, then, click on the button Send. Within a reasonable time, you will be contacted by PlayStation support.

The advice I want to give you, before choosing one or the other method, is to follow the entire procedure and see which contact method is offered to you based on your specific problem (after having fully consulted all the possible solutions offered from the site). It may happen, in fact, that if you want to contact support for a product, such as a console that does not work or a game, you will be offered the return form or the withdrawal wizard. So, to be on the safe side, check out the site and then proceed by contacting customer support.

Please also note that by connecting to the official PlayStation site and clicking on the item Support, at the top, you can choose to use different tools such as Fix & Connect (to fix PS4 connection problems), Fix & Replace (to repair the PlayStation system or arrange a return) or access the Chat boot dedicated to resetting the PSN account password.

A final method of contact, exclusively in English, is to send a direct message to the Twitter profile @AskPlayStation. To do this, go to the aforementioned account, press the button Message (represented by an envelope), type the message of your interest and press the icon ofletter aeroplanino, to send it. The service is available every day from 08.00 to 19.00.

How to contact PSN by phone

contact PSN by phone, you can call the number 02.36009081 and speak directly to a service representative. The service has been active since Monday to Saturday, from hour to hour 10.00 19.00 and, once the phone call has started, all you have to do is follow the instructions of the voice guide.

At the time of writing (the combinations are subject to frequent variations) the keys to press are as follows: 1 to get assistance for PlayStation Network e 2 for assistance related to systems and accessories. After choosing the option, you will be asked if you want to consent to the recording of the phone call and you can press the button 1 to answer affirmatively or on the key 2 to deny consent. Once this is done, you will be put in touch with a support agent who can respond to your inquiries and help you resolve the problem.

Furthermore, the advice provided by the official website, in case of a call to telephone support, is to obtain the PSN account data or the console serial number. So keep this data handy during the phone call, as you may need it.

It was used PlayStation App, the PlayStation mobile app, available for Android on Play Store and alternative stores and for iOS / iPadOS on the App Store, on the other hand, you can use procedures very similar to those described above for PC.

So start the PlayStation app, by tapping on its icon on the Home screen or the drawer of your device, and press on PlayStation logo (the blue circle, bottom center). At this point, in the menu that has opened, click on the icon Quick (the question mark circled in white) and wait a few seconds for the browser page dedicated to support on the official PlayStation site to open.

After that, choose whether to consult the section Support articles, use the tools Fix & Connect e Fix & Replace, check the status of the return or consult the list of error codes. Once you have followed all the procedures, you will be taken to the contact methods boxes, which you can use to speak to a support representative, by calling telephone support or by sending an email, as I have indicated above.

How to contact PSN

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