How to contact Infostrada

Contact WINDTRE by telephone

The first method I intend to suggest you for contact WINDTRE, as well as the fastest one to put into practice, provides the "classic" phone call to the operator's service center. The Infostrada Customer Service number is 159 and the call is always free if it is made from TIM or WINDTRE fixed network, as well as from the WINDTRE mobile network.

So, to immediately connect with Infostrada by telephone, open the dialer of the device in your possession, the one you use to manually dial a number (you can access it by starting the app marked with the icon in the shape of telephone cornet and tapping the numeric keypad button), type the 159 and start the phone call by tapping the icon in the shape of phone.

Then follow the instructions of the voice guide to speak with a consultant. As I write this, pressing the button 1 it is possible to know and activate the news of WINDTRE or modify your promotion; pressing the button 2 you can get help from a consultant or get information about your line.

If you have pressed the button 1, you can then press the again button 1, to activate an offer for optical fiber; the button 2, to purchase a mobile product or the button 3, to modify the offer and learn about and activate WINDTRE news. In case you hit the button 2Instead, stay on hold to receive assistance on the number you are calling from or press the button 1, to ask for assistance on another numbering.

Keep in mind that the key combinations listed above are subject to frequent variations, so always listen carefully to what the guide voice says. I also remind you that assistance is available 24 hours a day, 24 days a week, although for technical requests it is best to call from 7:7 to 08:00.

Contact WINDTRE through Will

If you failed to contact WINDTRE using the phone, you can do this through the operator's digital assistant - it is called Will - available on the website and in the official app of the provider.

WINDTRE website

If you prefer to act from WINDTRE site to chat with Will and then possibly with a "human" operator of the customer care of the well-known orange provider, the first thing you need to do is to go to this page.

Next, click on the text field write here, placed in the box located at the bottom left of the page; if you do not see it, click onlittle man placed on the left, so as to recall it. Once you have written the keywords corresponding to the problem or doubt you want to solve, give Submit on the keyboard or click the orange arrow.

At this point Will will offer you solutions and, if these don't work, he will also offer you to speak directly to a customer service consultant using the chat.


Even the app WINDTREE, available for Android (try to see if there is any alternative store, if you have a device without Google services) and for iOS / iPadOS, it allows you to chat with Will.

To use it, after installing and starting the application, run the login with your WINDTRE account or, if you haven't registered yet, do so now by typing your own cellphone number, verification code that is sent to you via SMS, yours email address Password to use to protect the account and then press on confirmation link which is emailed to you. More info here.

Then press the button WILL, located at the bottom right, type the message indicating the problem or doubt you want to solve using the text field located below, follow the instructions given to you to solve the problem or agree to speak to a customer care consultant (if proposed as a solution).

How to contact WINDTRE by email

If you want, you can contact WINDTRE by email and, more specifically, via PEC (Certified Electronic Mail).

To do this, all you have to do is send a message to the following certified email address: In the message (which must be sent with a PEC address of course), indicate the problems encountered, trying to be as detailed as possible.

I would also like to point out the possibility of contacting the operator via traditional mail, using the following address (in this case the response times are for obvious reasons longer).

Wind Tre SpA - CD MILANO BAGGIO ADDRESS - PO Box 159 - 20152 Milan (MI)

How to contact WINDTRE in the store

It's possible contact WINDTRE in the store. In this way you can ask for information about your fixed network (and possibly also mobile) to the operators present there.

Then go to the WINDTRE website and search for the store closest to you: click on the text field Address located at the top, provide the name of the city of your interest and then select the occurrence corresponding to your location using the appropriate menu.

When you have found the correct store on the map, go there and expose WINDTRE employees the problems encountered on yours and / or other information.

How to contact Infostrada

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