How to best use Instagram

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How to best use Instagram

Use hashtags in your bio

Wanting to start from the beginning, the first suggestion I want to give you regarding knowing how to use Instagram at best is related to personalizing the biography for your Instagram account.

Following the most recent updates, in fact, Instagram allows you to insert hashtags within your biography so that your account is more easily identified and followed by other users.

To modify the biographical data by adding hashtags you will have to act through the Instagram application on your Android or iOS mobile device; consequently, after you have downloaded and installed the application and logged in with your account data, you will have to press the button with the symbol of your profile picture in order to display the section relating to your profile on the screen.

At this point, tap on the wording Edit profile which you can see located in the upper right corner, after which you can access the profile modification function and, in the biography section, you can write a personalized message that represents you using hashtags to categorize keywords that represent you. At the end of this operation, press the button end to confirm the changes you made.

Connect other social accounts

One of the best tips I can give you regarding knowing how to use Instagram at best concerns the possibility of connecting your Instagram account with that of other social networks so that you can share the photos you post on other social interaction platforms as well. in order to reach a greater number of users more easily.

To carry out this operation you will always have to act through the Instagram application for Android or iOS smartphones: the steps to be carried out require that you first tap the button with the gear symbol (o the three dots symbol in some cases) which is located in the upper right corner so that you can see the named menu on the screen options.

Now scroll down this screen until you find the section Privacy and security and the wording Linked accounts. Through this section you can view the names of some social networks with which it is possible to make a connection: there are in fact some popular and widely used social networks such as Facebook, Twitter o Tumblr but also less known social networks such as VK e

Especially if you press on the wording Facebook and you will log in to this social network in such a way as to connect it, I advise you to take into account the options you have available regarding the connection between the two social networks.

Through the Instagram link but with your Facebook profile you can move the levers on ON in correspondence with the words Share your Story on Facebook e Share your posts on Facebook. I recommend that you activate these options to give the content you post on Instagram greater visibility.

Even by linking your Twitter and Tumblr accounts you can make sure that the posts you share within Instagram are automatically shared on these other social networks.

Returning to the section of options of Instagram I also recommend that you tap on the wording Switch to a company profile so that you can connect a Facebook page to your Instagram account and possibly share your content (posts you publish and stories you share) on your Facebook page instead of on your Facebook profile.

In this regard, if you want to know more about how to switch to a business profile to make the most of Instagram and its advanced features dedicated to business accounts (such as statistics and the ability to insert links in Stories) read my dedicated guide. to the topic in which I'll explain how to put your company profile on Instagram.

Interact with users

A very important tip I want to give you is also related to publishing content. If you want to use Instagram to the fullest you will have to take into account that, being a social interaction tool, you don't just need to publish content and you will also have to take the time to strengthen the relationship with your community of followers.

It is in fact very important to interact with Instagram users by replying to the comments that are written to you for the photos you post and also by replying to direct messages that are sent to you.

You can also interact with other profiles on Instagram by searching for content of your interest through the button with the magnifying glass symbol. In the search engine located at the top, in correspondence with the text field Search, in fact, you can perform a search starting from a hashtag to identify people or contents related to this particular label.

As for the specific interaction with users, you can choose to like using the button with the heart symbol or you can comment on their posts through the button with the cartoon symbol. If you have found a profile that interests you and you want to follow it then click on the button Follow which you can see at its main page.

Instagram also allows you to follow the hashtags that interest you, thus being able to view all the related content on the main screen.

Prefer quality over quantity

Instagram is a very popular social network whose main purpose is to publish multimedia content such as photos and videos in such a way as to be known by other users with the same interests.

To use Instagram at its best, it therefore seems obvious to say that you must regularly share content with your audience, always preferring quality over quantity. Then publish only the best photos and possibly retouch the less successful ones through the filters integrated within the Instagram application or using more advanced photo editing tools.

If you need some advice about it you can read my guide on what are the best programs to edit photos for free or you can get an idea of ​​what are the best photo editing apps by reading my tutorial dedicated to subject.

It is also very important to know how to use hashtags correctly as these are labels that will allow you to categorize the published posts in such a way as to reach a greater number of interested users.

Instagram gives you the ability to use up to 30 hashtags per post but you don't necessarily have to use them all; the hashtags must in fact be consistent with the photo you published in such a way as to categorize it in a specific way. To find out which hashtags to use you can use applications that suggest a list of thematic hashtags such as the application Top Tags available for Android and iOS or the application Hashtags for Instagram present only for mobile devices with the Google operating system.

Use all the tools of Instagram

Finally, to make the most of Instagram you must take into account the possibility of paying for your content you publish using all the tools provided by Instagram for the use of this application.

Then share posts on your Instagram profile ranging from photos and videos. Especially for photos you can take advantage of a special feature integrated within the platform that allows you to create a multimedia gallery by sharing up to 10 photos.

But don't limit yourself to this and make the most of the other Instagram tools such as Stories and live broadcasts: in this case they are two very important tools and not to be evaluated at all as they will allow you to have a direct and more natural contact with your audience. The stories are in fact short videos that you can use to tell your days while the live streams are live streaming videos in which you can talk to your followers in real time.

In Instagram Stories, you can share photos, videos and text content by adding GIFs, stickers, and interaction tools like polls, mentions, hashtags, and scrolling emoji stickers. Taking advantage of these features will allow you to get noticed within Instagram with always new and original content.

If you want to know more about the use of Instagram stories read my guide in which I explain how to make stories on Instagram; as for the direct I suggest you read my tutorial dedicated to this interaction tool.

How to best use Instagram

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