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If you wonder how it works Ask me a question on instagram, you must first know that this feature is reserved for the app of Instagram for Android and iOS.

Questions is, in fact, the name of an instrument which, through the stories of Instagram, allows you to interact with your followers by asking them open-ended questions. Alternatively, there is the tool Survey which, on the other hand, allows you to interact with your followers with closed-ended questions.

In this regard, since these are stickers that can be superimposed on photos and videos, Questions Survey they cannot be used in the web version of the social network, since the Instagram website does not allow you to upload photos and videos to the platform.

The app of Instagram to Windows 10, on the other hand, while allowing the creation of stories, it has several limitations in its functionality: at the time of writing this guide, the stickers QuestionsSurvey, for example, they are not present. That said, we can take action and see, together, how to take advantage of these stickers on Android and iOS.

How to use it Ask me a question on Instagram

As already mentioned, to use the adhesive Questions you must use the app of Instagram for Android and iOS. Start, therefore, the app of the famous photographic social network, by pressing on its icon on the home screen and / or in the drawer of your device (the symbol of a purple camera) and, if necessary, log in to your account.

At this point, to use the adhesive Questions, you have to create a story. To do this, press onicona della macchina photography found in the upper left corner of the app's main screen. Choose, then, whether to take a photo or record a video on the spot, using the story creation tools integrated in the photo social network, or whether to upload a previously made image or video to the stories, selecting them via the media gallery icon. In case you have any doubts about how to use the stories of Instagram, refer to my guide dedicated to the topic.

Now, press onsquare emoticon icon that you find in the top menu, in the stories of Instagram, then tap on the sticker Questions. As mentioned, this tool of Instagram has the main purpose of allowing you to interact with your followers, answering their questions.

Alternatively, the adhesive Questions it can be used to ask your followers a question and get answers. Another use is that of suggestions for songs to listen to. In this regard, there is no right or wrong way to use the tool: it all depends on how you want to interact with your followers.

That said, after pressing on the sticker Questions choose the way you want to use it by typing a custom phrase in the text field Ask me a question. For example, if you want to answer questions from people who follow you, write sentences like "Ask me what you want". Alternatively, if you prefer people to interact with you differently, use formulas such as "Write what you think". If you want, you can also color the sticker by pressing onpalette icon located at the top. At the end of the customization, then click on the button end located at the top right.

Do you want advice on which songs to listen to? In this case, tap the sticker first Questions and then onmusic note icon located at the bottom. Then type a custom phrase in the text field that is shown to you (eg "Which song should I listen to?”) And press the button end, after eventually having colored the sticker as you prefer.

In both cases cited, to publish the story of Instagram created with the built-in sticker, press the button The tua storia, located at the bottom.

How to ask questions on Instagram

As mentioned in the presence, for ask questions on Instagram adhesive can also be used Survey, a tool similar to adhesive Questions, also usable only in the stories of the photographic social network.

Unlike Questions, the adhesive Survey does not give space to open answers: to interact with the question, users must in fact press on one of the two answer options provided (usually Yes o No) and cannot write a personalized response.

That said, to use the adhesive Survey in the stories of Instagram, first start the tool for creating them, following what has already been indicated in the previous chapter. Then press first on thesquare emoticon icon that you find in the menu above and then do on the sticker Survey.

Then type the question you want to ask your followers, using the text field Ask a question, and customize the response options by pressing on the items Yes e No. When you're done editing, tap the button end located at the top right and press the button The tua storia, to publish the story with the survey overlay in the stories of Instagram.

If you have any doubts or problems using this feature, read my guide on how to do surveys on Instagram.

How it works Ask me a question on Instagram

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