Ho Mobile PUK Recovery: 2021 Guide to Unlock Your SIM

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How to recover PUK I Mobile

The PUK is the most important code that is assigned to a calling card. This, unlike the PIN, cannot be changed and cannot be reset.

Therefore, if we need to unlock a SIM that has been previously disabled, we must do everything to recover the precious eight numbers, the only ones able to rectify the mistake committed, under penalty of permanent disconnection of the telephone card.

Here are all the known methods that you can try to get hold of the very important PUK code:

Check the plasticized SIM holder

Normally, when you buy a new SIM card, it is presented to us embedded in a plastic holder, and is accompanied by two secret codes, the PIN and the PUK.

Both are covered in a light silver layer that must be scraped off if necessary, and both must remain absolutely secret.

The first, consisting of a sequence of four numbers, is used whenever you want to access your device, the second, consisting of eight digits, is a repairer code, which is used if mistakes are made while using the PIN.

If, therefore, the original sales packaging has not been lost, it is precisely here that you can find the precious PUK.

Through the App I have

In order to manage their card in total autonomy and take care of all aspects and settings related to it, ho mobile customers can download theOfficial app of the telephone operator on the device you want to use.

Those who use the Android operating system can find the application on Google Play, you have to go to the App Store if, on the other hand, you have an iPhone with an iOS operating system.

  • Once the application is installed, you need to enter your data and log in.
  • From here, simply follow the directions and view the entry “PUK” then click and discover the so important eight numbers.

Asking for telephone assistance

The company ho mobile provides all its customers with a telephone line that you can contact if you want to speak to an operator. The number to enter is 800688788, and you can access telephone support from both mobile and any landline.

Unlike many other telecom operators, I have mobile allows you to retrieve the PUK code by telephone.

To obtain the secret number sequence, you will need to provide customer service with the identification details.

Log in to the Personal Area

Another way to retrieve the PUK code is to access thePersonal area of ​​the site of the telephone company.

  • Just go to ho-mobile.com and click on "Login" located at the top right of the screen.
  • Once the page is open, you need to follow the instructions until the entry is displayed “PUK”.

Request a new SIM

You must have the PUK code to be able to unlock a card that has been disabled by entering the PIN incorrectly.

But what should be done if the SIM is disconnected after having incorrectly entered the Personal Unblocking Key?

First of all it is advisable to specify that the phone card is permanently blocked, without the possibility of being able to recover it in any way, when the PUK is spelled incorrectly for more than ten consecutive times.

In this case, the only thing left to do is request a new SIM card. This will be delivered to us with a new PIN code and a new PUK, but we will be offered the possibility of being able to keep our old number.

If you wish to speak to a ho mobile operator in person, you can go to one of the many points of sale open throughout Italy.

To find the center closest to our home we suggest using the service find store, a quick and easy to use tool to discover the store that is most easily accessible for us.

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