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In Windows 8.1 Microsoft has added some more graphical customization options than Windows 8.
The improved customization options in Windows 8.1 now allow you to change the Start screen background and colors.
Just go to the Start screen, open the charms bar by moving the cursor to the right, click on Settings and then on Personalize.
If you prefer, you can too set the Start screen wallpaper the same as the one chosen for the Windows 8 desktop.
To do this, right-click on the desktop taskbar, and in the exploration tab, find the corresponding option and select it.
With the small tool ColorSync you can activate two other options for the Windows 8 and 8.1 background and color customization.

This tool is really small and light, without installation, which has two alternative options, one to make the Start screen the same color as the desktop, the other to make the desktop windows the same color chosen for the Start screen.
Winaero ColorSync it is useful if you choose one of the themes that automatically changes wallpaper on your desktop.
If you choose, in Desktop customization, a theme of the predefined ones such as that of Flowers and Lines and colors, putting the Aero -> Start Screen option on Colorsync, you get that the Start screen changes color every time the desktop changes wallpaper.
What is changed is the dominant color of the background and not the image.
It is therefore a small change, almost imperceptible, which can however make the Start screen less extraneous, more uniform to the desktop environment.

You may receive a SmartScreen warning when you try to run the program on your computer.
Click on the additional information link and then run it anyway.
The selection options are opened by pressing the right button on the icon next to the clock on the desktop.
You can also activate the Run at Startup option to have Colorsync active when the computer starts.
ColorSync is one of the tool to customize the appearance of the Windows 8 Start screen

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