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In the section dedicated to Mouse controls in the control panel you can choose the speed of the pointer and that of the clicks or you can also choose whether to swap left and right buttons with the left-handed mode.
But if we want to configure the additional keys on gaming mice or change the operation of the mouse wheel, in most cases we will have to use specific programs (included with gaming mice) or other free programs designed to remap mouse keys. .
In this article, we will show you how remap the mouse keys and change their function depending on where they are pressed.

Change mouse functions from Windows

To change some simple settings we can use the menus offered by Windows 10, so you can change the two main keys, the scrolling speed and the pointer speed, choosing the best configuration each time. To do so, open the Start menu at the bottom left, type "Mouse" on the keyboard and open the menu item Change your mouse settings.

Here we can choose the main button for the mouse, when the mouse wheel should scroll and whether to scroll between the inactive windows on the screen. If we look for other settings we press on the top right on the item Additional mouse options.

In the various tabs in the new window we will be able to change the speed of the pointer, whether or not to display the mouse track and also change the layout of the buttons, even if we have a touchpad (on laptops).

Changing functions on gaming mice

If we have purchased a gaming mouse, it will also be supplied with a management program, so that we can freely program all the keys present and choose from time to time which profile to use, so as to adapt to use during a game or while we work. For example, by purchasing the Amazon gaming mouse, we will be able to download its management software from the disk included in the package or from the official download link and, once installed, open it to access the configuration screen of the functions and mouse keys.

From the interface we can quickly change each function key (also choosing the keys provided by the game to shoot or to do other quick actions), create macros based on keyboard shortcuts or movements, manage scrolling speed, choose intensity and color of the lights (if present), change the sensitivity of the mouse and finally create various configuration profiles, so as to be able to recall them quickly when we switch from one game to another or when we do something else on the PC.

All gaming mice have similar software: the only caution is to choose, at the time of purchase, a mouse indicated as "programmable". If we cannot find a specific management software for a mouse, open the Google page on our browser, type the mouse model in our possession and add "software" to the search phrase, so that we can quickly obtain the download links. 'latest version.

Programs for changing mouse functions

In addition to the programs included with gaming mice, we can also use programs designed to program the behavior of each mouse function key at the software level. Among the best that we can try it certainly stands out X-Mouse Button Control, obtainable from the developer's web page, where you just need to click on Latest Version to download the latest version.

X-Mouse Button Control can be used for map all mouse buttons, including the wheel. All you have to do is open the settings menu after installation to set up a profile. The best thing about X-Mouse Button is the fact that you can create multiple profiles and that these can be activated very quickly by choice. You can then, for example, create a profile for web browsing, one for the video player and another for working in Photoshop. By clicking on the menu next to each mouse button you will find a long list of functions that can be assigned. The options range from opening important programs like Control Panel or Windows Explorer to copying and pasting.

The last options allow you to assign a custom key combination such as Ctrl-Shift-Esc to a click with a mouse button. You can change the default page scrolling method, reverse scrolling, and assign functions to keys 4 and 5 on special 5-button mice. The options are quite extensive and allow you to customize mouse behavior in even extreme ways. Obviously every profile works the moment you do leaves X-Mouse Button running in the background.

This application is a must for gamers, for those who work with some more complex programs and for those with specific needs, which allows you to assign quick actions to the mouse keys effortlessly.
The only flaw is that the program is in English, not really intuitive for those who don't speak a word of it.


Owning a programmable or gaming mouse will certainly change your life in front of the PC, even if you don't play often: these mice have additional keys that are very useful for setting quick keyboard shortcuts, for example for copy and paste or to switch between tabs. browser to the other.

In another article, we showed you how Change and remap keys on your computer keyboard.
If, on the other hand, we are still undecided on the type of mouse to buy for your desktop or notebook computer, we invite you to read the guide. Wired or wireless mouse: which is best?

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