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For those who enjoy having "tongue out, flowers on their heads and giant mouths" (cit.), Let's see here the best applications to make photo montages on iPhone and Android smartphones. We will therefore see applications of those with animated filters and then also more classic apps, where you can add different elements to the selfie photos such as the hat, mustache and glasses or where you can change the background, to take fake photos where we are at the sea , in the mountains or on the moon.
The best apps listed in this post are all free and with tons of effects included for you to try. Photomontages are always automatic, immediate, do not require any particular skills and have surprising and even fun results.

1) PhotoFunia for iPhone and Android it is also one of the most historic web applications of photomontages, of those that provide different scenarios, backgrounds and bodies in which to put your face. The app is like the website, full of filters and photomontage effects in the strict sense, to be used on our photographs. Mostly, these are scenes in which to put your photos, such as in a street billboard, a museum, a book or a Christmas scene, a Valentine's Day or other holidays in order to create greeting cards. The very classic app still remains among the best in this category.

2) PhotoMontager, for iPhone and Android, is a free app with lots of filters to use to create funny and cute photomontages, similar to Photofunia. We then choose the photo to keep in the background and add ours which is automatically mounted above the background, in the intended position, thus filling the hole or empty space.

3) Photo Lab for iPhone and Android is one of the most popular applications in the Google Play and Apple Store, it is an application for editing photos very rich in different options and effects, including the function to create photomontages. There are two types of photomontages in the categories of PhotoLab effects, the one to put our photo in a different scenario and the one to put our face on the body of another person, for example a footballer, a nun or a model and so on. Street. The tool to arrange a photo on top of another is quite precise and allows you to make the montage look almost as if it were made with Photoshop.

4) PicsArt Photo Studio, among the best apps with photo filters, is free for iPhone and for Android is another very popular application that allows you to edit photos in various ways. Specifically, it allows you to create photomontages of the type that you can add drawn or funny elements to our photos thanks to the "stickers" function.

5) Photo Editor Face Filter only for Android, it is one of the best collage maker applications that includes the function of adding things noses, mustaches, hats, giant ears, dog tongue and other elements, or to put photos in special frames.

6) Camera PIP for iPhone and Android is a really powerful application in creating photomontages, thanks to hundreds of filters included to position your face or even other types of photos inside particular frames or virtual environments. For example, you can insert the photo inside a drop of water, inside a bottle, in a heart, in a glass, in a magazine or in many other scenarios.

7) PhotoDirector di CyberLink, for iPhone and Android is one of the best apps to improve our photos, which also offers a section dedicated to overlays, i.e. photomontages where our photos are inserted and overlaid in beautiful landscapes. In addition, this application, among its powerful tools, also has the function of removing objects from photos, which works well and is very simple to use.

8) Cut Paste Photos is an application for iPhone and Android, very simple, which allows you to cut an element from a photo to then be able to paste it into another, effectively making a vision between two photographs. For example, you can then mount a photo of us, full-length, in a scenario with the Eiffel Tower in the background and post it on Facebook to make a joke and tell everyone that we are in Paris.

8.1 ) Cut Paste Photo Edit is a similar app to swap two photos, only for android.

9) Banuba Face Filters free for Android and also for iPhone is a classic photomontage app, where you can remove the background from a photo to mount a different one or that allows you to position your face on a different and virtual scenario.

10 ) The apps to swap faces, Faceswap, they have tons of effects to swap faces in photos, get into another's body, and create fun edited images.

11) Do not forget the app to try out hairstyles and haircuts, which take advantage of photomontages.

Best photo montage apps on iPhone and Android

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