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How to sign up for Amazon Pay

To subscribe to Amazon Pay all you need is an Amazon account, on the other hand the convenience of the service comes from there! If you have not already done so, then, read my tutorial on how to buy on Amazon and create your account on the most famous store in the world following the instructions in the article.

After creating your account on Amazon, you can view the Amazon Pay summary page by connecting to the home page of the service and first clicking on the button For buyers e poi quello Login with Amazon. So log in using your Amazon account and that's it!

If you are a seller and you want to allow your customers to use Amazon Pay on your site, you need to connect to the Amazon Pay home page and click on the button first For sellers e poi quello Get started today.

Then select the e-commerce platform that you use on your website (eg.Magento o OpenCart) from the appropriate drop-down menu, click on the button Start recording and answer the three usual questions that are proposed to you.

  • Is your company registered in one of the following countries: city, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Sweden, Portugal, Hungary or Denmark? Yup.
  • Do you already have a website (even not accessible to the public)? Yup.
  • What types of products do you sell? Choose one: Supported products.

If you don't answer these three questions the way I just told you (and which must be true!), You won't be able to go ahead and sign up for Amazon Pay as a seller. After answering the three usual questions, you can click on the button Subscribe that appears below and create your account.

During the registration process you will be asked for: credit card, billing address, telephone number, company name and company contact information.

As already mentioned above, the commissions due to Amazon are 3,4% on sales up to 2.500 euros per month + a contribution of 35 cents for each transaction. After 2.500 euros in sales per month, commissions go down (up to 1,8% on sales over 100.000 euros). For more info, see the complete Amazon Pay tariff.

Accepted payment methods

To make purchases via Amazon Pay, you must associate your Amazon account with a valid payment method. At the moment the credit cards of the Visa, MasterCard (Euro Card) and American Express circuits and the debit cards of the Visa Electron, Delta and Maestro circuits. THE Amazon gift vouchers cannot be used as a payment method to place orders via Amazon Pay. Instead, they can be used for purchases made directly on Amazon.

If you have not yet associated a credit card with your Amazon account (rechargeable cards such as Postepay or HYPE are also fine), proceed immediately by accessing the main page of the store and selecting the item My Account from the menu My Account located at the top right. On the page that opens, go to Manage your payment methods, log in to Amazon again (if required), click on the item If you want to add a new credit card to your account, click here and fill out the form that is proposed to you with your card details.

From the payment methods management page you can also remove credit cards already associated with your Amazon account and / or change the information relating to the latter. Just use the buttons Remove o Modification.

How to pay with Amazon Pay

To make a purchase with Amazon Pay, you need to find a store that supports the service (here you will find the complete list relating to the UK market, which at the moment is also used for the city), make your purchases normally on the latter and click on the button to Amazon Pay on the screen for choosing the payment method to use.

Next, log into your Amazon account by entering your email address (or mobile phone) and password, click on the button Log in and confirm your identity by pressing the button OK.

Finally, make sure that in the Amazon Pay boxes theshipping address and payment method correct (the information will be automatically imported from Amazon) and confirm the transaction by pressing the appropriate button.

Amazon Pay is compatible with most operating systems and browsers currently in circulation, both in desktop and mobile. The compatibility of the service, however, is 100% guaranteed only with Chrome 53 and later, Firefox 48 and later, Internet Explorer 11 and later and Safari 10.1 and later on desktop and with Chrome 54 and later on Android 6.0.1 / iOS 9.3.5 (or later) and Safari 9 or later on iOS 9.3.5 (or later) for smartphones and tablets. The officially supported desktop operating systems are: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and macOS 10.12. More info here.

Payment security and management

Once a payment has been made via Amazon Pay, it cannot be canceled. However, it is possible to make returns and request a refund of the amount spent by taking advantage of the guarantees offered by Amazon.

Purchases made through Amazon Pay, in fact, are protected by the Amazon A-to-z Guarantee, which allows you to make returns and receive a refund of the amount spent in case of non-receipt of goods or in case of receipt of damaged goods (except for digital services and gift vouchers).

To request a refund and / or organize a return, connected to the Amazon Pay home page, click on the item Buyers located at the top right and log in to your Amazon account. Then click on Details to view the order or transaction of your interest, go to Do you have a problem with your order? (if the option is available) and click on the button Contact the seller to get in touch with the seller and arrange returns and / or refunds.

If the seller does not respond and / or there is no way to contact the seller, you can open a dispute by going to your Amazon Pay account, by clicking on the button Details to view the order or transaction of your interest and first go to Do you have a problem with your order? (if displayed) and then on Submit / View Complaint or by following the instructions provided on the page that opens. More info here.

How to close an Amazon Pay account

The Amazon Pay account does not involve any cost and does not require any maintenance activity. If you are subscribed to Amazon you can leave it there, active, and use it as needed as soon as you want to buy a good or service online from one of the supported sellers.

Either way, if for one reason or another you decide to close your Amazon Pay account, you can contact Amazon customer support and request full account closure via message. To contact Amazon customer support you need to connect to this web page, click on the button Contact us placed under the heading Customer service and fill out the form that is proposed to you with all the information relating to your account and a message asking for the closure of the Amazon Pay account.

If you later decide to use Amazon Pay again, all you have to do is purchase a good or service from one of the sellers that support the service and click on the button. Amazon Pay.

Learn more about Amazon Pay

If you need more information on Amazon Pay and how it works, I strongly recommend that you connect to the official support page of the service and select the topic of your interest from the left sidebar. For example, if you need information on creating an account and accessing it, select the item first Introduction to Amazon Pay and then that Account creation and access.

Alternatively, take a look at the Amazon Pay FAQ section, which contains answers to all the most frequently asked questions asked by users of the service.

What Amazon Pay is and how it works

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