How Sky Go works

Minimum requirements and devices supported by Sky Go

Before going into the details of this guide and find out how Sky Go works in detail, let me illustrate the minimum requirements and supported devices from the service.

A high-speed internet connection is required to view Sky Go. Unfortunately, however, the Sky guidelines do not indicate specifics relating to Mbps.

As for the devices, you should know that Sky Go is compatible with smartphones and tablets equipped with a version of Android equal to or greater than 4.4 and with iPhone / iPad equipped with iOS 9 and later. In addition, Sky Go can be viewed from a computer by downloading the appropriate software compatible with Windows e MacOS with the following requirements.

  • Operating system: Windows 7, macOS 10.9;
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core o Core2 Duo con 2.1 GHz per CPU o AMD con 2.9 GHz; Intel based Core i3.
  • Memory: 2 GB for Windows, 4 GB DDR2 for macOS;
  • Graphic card: with at least 1 GB RAM on Windows and 512 MB on macOS.

Rooted or jailbroken devices are not supported. Another important thing to note is that you can associate your Sky ID with a maximum of two devices, but you can only see Sky Go channels on one device at a time. You can change the devices associated with your ID only every 30 days.

Sky Go prices

Sky Go is a free service included in the subscription of Sky customers for at least a year and has no activation costs. In fact, since 2015, pay TV has changed the commercial policy relating to the Sky Go service, making it available only to loyal customers.

New Sky subscribers cannot therefore take advantage of Sky Go, but can activate it Sky Go Plus which has a cost of 5,40 euro / month. The Plus service allows you to associate up to 4 devices, allows the function Download & Play to watch content in offline mode and the functions of Restart, Pause e Replay. All Sky Multiscreen customers have Sky Go Plus included in their subscription.

Are you not yet a Sky subscriber and would like to try the service, including Sky Go Plus? You can activate the following offers (which for the record can be subscribed by both new customers and those who are already Sky subscribers).

The offers that I am about to list allow you to have, in addition to Sky Go Plus, also Sky Q without dish, a device that allows you to watch the contents of your subscription through the fiber optic connection (FTTH or FTTC). The offers in question can all be subscribed with the profile Open (without duration restrictions and with the full-price subscription fee) or with the profile Smart (with a constraint of 18 months which allows you to have an important discount on the subscription fee).

  • Sky TV - starts from 14,90 euro / month (with the Smart profile) or 25 euro / month (with the Sky Open profile) and allows you to watch Sky TV shows and series and the best documentaries, all in HD. Includes Sky Q without dish and all its functions.
  • Sky TV + Entertainment Plus - to the Sky TV package, it also adds all Netflix HD content to be seen on up to two devices simultaneously.
  • Sky TV + Sky Football - it also adds 7 out of 10 Serie A TIM matches to the Sky TV package.
  • Sky TV + Sky Cinema - to the Sky TV package, it adds the best international releases, the most anticipated in your languagen releases, as well as Sky Original productions and over 1000 films on demand.
  • Sky TV + Sky Sport - to the Sky TV package it adds the sport of Sky, which includes Formula 1, MotoGP, Champions League, Europa League, and much more.

Initially, a one-off payment of 9 euros is required for the activation of Sky Q without dish (instead of 99 euros) and the delivery of Sky Q without dish is free (instead of costing 49 euros).

How to activate Sky Go

Before being able to access the contents of Sky Go, it is necessary to activate the service, which can be done through the section do-it-yourself of the Sky website (you need to have your Sky ID available to proceed).

Sky ID in hand, then connect to the site and click on the button Login present at the top right; enter your data in the fields Username or email e Password and presses the button Log in to log into your Sky account. If, on the other hand, you are acting through the mobile application, press the blue button Log in, enter your login details in the fields Email or Username e Password and tap the button Log in.

If you have never registered on Sky and therefore do not have a SkyID, press the button Login and press on the item Not registered? Create your Sky ID now (on the app is Create your Sky ID). Proceed with entering your data in the fields Client codeTax CodeEmail address e Password, put the check mark next to the item I'm not a robot e pulsing sul pulsating Continue. Within a few seconds you will receive an email containing an activation link: press on the item Click here within 24 hours to complete the creation of your Sky ID.

You are now ready to activate Sky Go! So log in to the Sky website and access the section do-it-yourself, then presses on the voice Enrich subscription, click the option Sky services and his bottone award Discover to start the procedure for presenting and activating the service. Alternatively, if you don't want to get lost in long journeys, you can connect to the Sky Go website and press the button Activate Sky Go present at the top right. You can learn more by reading my guide on how to activate Sky Go.

Finally, you should know that you can also activate Sky Go by phone by calling Sky customer service at the number 199100400. The service is active every day from 8.30 to 22.30 and from a landline it costs 0,15 euros / min. without connection fee, while for mobile phone calls the costs are linked to the operator used.

How to use Sky Go

After activating Sky Go, you can watch all the channels included in your Sky subscription and access a selection of content on demand to see thousands of titles including films, TV series, documentaries and children's programs, but always based on the composition of the 'subscription.

To watch the contents available on Sky Go, connect to the website and press the button Download Sky Go, then proceed with the installation of the software as I indicated in my guide on how to download Sky Go.

Once the installation is complete, start the program and, on its main screen, locate the section On air now. Then press the ▶ ︎ button of one of the available channels and click on the button Or login, then enter your login details in the fields Username and email address e Password e pulsing sul pulsating Log in.

Now, press on the voice TV channels present in the sidebar on the left to access the list of all the channels available in your subscription (divided by categories Entertainment, Sport, Soccer, Cinema, Doc and lifestyle, News) and their programming. Once you have identified the channel of your interest, press the ▶ ︎ button to start playing it. If, however, it has not yet started, you can schedule the recording by pressing the button Register (function available with Sky Go Plus).

To access the on-demand content list, go back to the main Sky Go screen by pressing the icon of casa present at the top and select one of the categories (Entertainment, TV Series, Cinema, Spot and football, Doc and lifestyle e Kids) present in the sidebar on the left. Once you have chosen the content of your interest, press the button Look now to start playing it or click on the item Download to start the download and watch it later even without an Internet connection.

Finally, tap on the item Settings (l'icona della rotella d'ingranaggio) to access your account settings and customize Sky Go features, such as subtitle activation and device management.

How to use Sky Go from smartphones and tablets

Sky Go, as already mentioned in the previous paragraphs, is also available as an application for Android and iOS / iPadOS devices.

To start watching the channels of your Sky subscription via smartphone and tablet, you must first download the Sky Go application from the store of your device (if you encounter any difficulties in this situation, my guide on how to download Sky may be useful. Go). Once the installation is complete, start the app, tap onpreview image of one of the channels available in the section On air now and press the ▶ ︎ button. Now, press the buttons Log in e Or login, then enter your details in the fields in the fields Username or indirect email e Password and presses the button Log in per effettuare l'accesso.

In the main Sky Go screen, you can access the live programming of the available channels by pressing the ▶ ︎ button relating to the channel you want to see. Alternatively, you can filter the contents by category by pressing the button and choosing one of the options from Entertainment, TV Series, Cinema, Sport and footballDoc and lifestyle e Kids (available depending on the type of subscription subscribed).

Selecting, invece, l'opzione TV channels and choosing one of the available categories (Entertainment, Sport, Soccer, Cinema, Doc and lifestyle, News, Kids), you can access the complete programming of each individual channel and choose one of the available options: tap the button Guarda to start playback or on the voice Restart (available only for Sky Go Plus) to see it at the beginning. If the program has not started yet, you can press the button Register to set up registration.

How Sky Go works

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