How Trivago works

How booking with Trivago works

Let's start by seeing how booking with Trivago works, then how to register for the service, look for an offer and then book the structure of your interest: you will find everything explained below.

Sign up for Trivago

How Trivago works

First, you need to take care of subscribe to Trivago. To succeed from computer, connected to the main page of Trivago, click on the item Subscribe located in the upper right corner of the page and fill in the form displayed on the screen by writing, in the appropriate text fields, theemail address and Password with which you want to access the service.

If you want, you can also log in via Facebook e Google: just click on the respective buttons near the item You can also log in via and follow the instructions that appear on the screen to log in to your accounts.

The same procedure can also be carried out from the official Trivago app, available for both Android and iOS: after installing and running it on your device, scroll down its main screen to the bottom, tap the blue button Create account o Log in and register with Trivago via e-mail, by filling out the form displayed on the screen (after tapping on the link Subscribe), or by logging in through your FacebookGoogle.

In any case, remember to activate your account by clicking on the link you received at the email address with which you registered with Trivago.

Look for an offer

How Trivago works

Look for an offer on Trivago it's really that simple. All you have to do is fill in the search form on the main page of the service or on the main screen of the app for Android and iOS, taking care to select the search parameters you want to set to find the accommodation of your interest.

To proceed from computer, connect to the Trivago home page and write in the testo field located on the left the name of the place of your interest (eg. Milan, New York, etc.). Then click on the menu Arrival and, using the program that appears on the screen, select the arrival date; then repeat the same operation for the menu Departure, so as to select the departure date.

Subsequently, via the menu Camera, select the type of room you are looking for by choosing from one of the available options: single room, double room, Family rooms o Multiple rooms. Once you have defined these details as well, click on the blue button Search located on the right, so as to start the search and find the room that is right for you.

Once the search has started, you can filter the results using the menus located at the top (eg. Price per night, Accommodation, Evaluation, Location, etc.), while using the drop-down menu Sort by you can change the list order (eg. Price only, Price and recommended, Etc.).

How Trivago works

If you are acting from smartphone or tablet, then from the Trivago app for Android or iOS, you can search for an offer by practically following the same instructions that I gave you just now for the Web version of the service.

In fact, all you have to do is fill in the text field Destination, by entering the location where you want to go, specify the arrival and departure dates through the menu Date, indicate the type of room you want to book through the menu Rooms and start the search by tapping the button Near hotel.

Again, you can filter the results that have been found by tapping the button filters and use the menus that appear on the screen to filter the results by price per night evaluation made by other users, the hotel category and so on. Via the button Order, on the other hand, it is possible to sort the results according to the factors of your interest (eg. Price only, Distance only, Etc.).

Book a facility

How Trivago works

Once you have identified an offer that might be right for you, you can check the details and carry out the hotel reservation by pressing the relevant button See offer (regardless of whether you are acting as a computer, smartphone or tablet).

You will be redirected to the site from which the selected offer originates (eg. Expedia, Booking , etc.) and, therefore, you will have to confirm your reservation from the latter. The procedure varies from portal to portal, so I cannot describe in detail the steps to follow.

In general, however, you must make sure that the booking data are the same as those you saw on Trivago and then proceed with the booking by clicking on the button Book, Choose your room or similar. Then follow the instructions that will appear on the screen, so as to provide yours personal data and payment method with which to complete the booking and that's it.

How Trivago works for hoteliers

How Trivago works

You manage an accommodation facility and would like to know how Trivago works for hoteliers, as you would like to use the popular search engine to advertise your business? Know that it is also possible to do this extremely easily and quickly by creating a Hotel Manager account.

To do this, connected on this Trivago page, click on the button Sign up now located in the center of the same and fill out the form you see on the screen indicating, in the appropriate text fields, all the requested information: Hotel name, Title (Sig. or Mrs), Your name, Last name, Working position, Telephone, Work email e Password.

Then put the check mark on the box to confirm that you are an authorized employee of the accommodation you are registering and click on the button Create your free account, I will continue.

How Trivago works

Once you have registered, you will receive a link to the email address you used to create your Hotel Manager account: click on it to confirm your registration, then assign your property to the account (if you have not already done so) by searching for it using the 'appropriate search field, by selecting the name of the same, by placing the check mark on the box relating to the confirmation of your belonging to the structure and clicking on the buttons Assign, Continue e Start.

Now all you have to do is follow the instructions that appear on the screen to indicate the type of structure, how many stars it has and complete all the information concerning the same. Through the various buttons on the control panel of the structure, then, you can manage the various information concerning the same (eg. Gallery, Description, Hotel details, Types of rooms, Etc.).

As you can see, some functions, such as those concerning the price comparison and the visitor profile, are exclusive to users subscribed to the Pro version of Trivago Hotel Manager, starting from 219,45 euro / year. More info here.

How Trivago works

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