How to use uTorrent to download games

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Preliminary operation

Before getting to the heart of this tutorial, going to explain, concretely, how to use uTorrent to download games, there are some operations foreplay that you have to accomplish.

First, you must, of course, download and install the famous client for the BitTorrent network on your PC, after which you have to provide open the relevant doors in the management panel of your router. Find everything explained below.

Before even taking action, however, I recommend that you consider installing one VPN, that is, a virtual private network, which allows you to exchange files and browse online anonymously, without being tracked. Among the cheapest and most reliable solutions of this type, I would like to point out NordVPN (which I told you about in detail here) and Surfshark, which offer advanced data encryption, can be used on PC / Mac, smartphones, tablets and other devices and have many servers scattered all over the world.

Download and installation

If you want to learn how to use uTorrent to download games, the first step you need to take is, as you can guess, to download and install the program on your computer. The software is free but, eventually, it is available in some paid variants (with a cost starting from 4,95 euros / year) that remove advertising and offer other extra features.

To download the free version of uTorrent on a PC Windows, connect to the program's website and click on the buttons Download uTorrent ClassicDownload now, under the heading Basic.

A download complete, apri il .exe file obtained and click on the button Yes in the window that is shown to you, then on that Next (twice in a row) and on that Agree. Then remove the check mark relating to the installation of any extra programs and click on the button again Next. If you are asked to install other additional programs, please decline the invitation by pressing the button Decline e, per concludere, prei sui bottoni Next (for two more consecutive times) e Finish.

When you see the uTorrent window on your desktop, click on the button Agree to accept the conditions of use of the program and start using it immediately.

If, on the other hand, you use MacOS, to download uTorrent, after connecting to the program's website, click on the button Scarica free. As for the software installation procedure, it is as simple as the one we have just seen together for Windows.

At the end of the download, in fact, all you have to do is open the dmg package obtained, right click on the executable uTorrent inside, select the item apri from the contextual menu displayed and, in the window that is shown on the desktop, click on the buttons Continue e Decline (not to accept the installation of promotional software). To end the setup, press the button Done. Then start uTorrent by clicking on the relative icon that you find in Launchpad or through Spotlight, Crab or in the folder Applications.

For more details about the practices described above, you can refer to my tutorial focused specifically on how to install uTorrent.

Opening ports on the router

Once uTorrent is installed, regardless of the operating system used, you need to worry about open doors used by the latter in the management panel of your router, to allow uTorrent to accept incoming connections and to download files from the BitTorrent network at the maximum possible speed. How you do it? I'll explain it to you immediately!

First, you need to find out the port number used by the program. Below you will find indicated how to proceed both in the case of Windows that of MacOS.

  • If you are using Windows, go to the menu Options> Settings uTorrent and select, in the window that opens, the words Connection from the left sidebar. The port used by uTorrent is the one you find reported in the field Port used for incoming connections.
  • If you are using macOS, go to the menu uTorrent> Preferences of the program and select the tab Network from the window that opens. The port used by the client is the one shown next to the wording Inbound TCP port.

Now that you have identified the port number used by uTorrent, you can configure its use by the program in the management panel of your router. To access the latter, open the browser you usually use to surf the Net from your PC (eg. Chrome), type or (which are the default IPs of most routers) in the address bar and press the button Submit on the keyboard. If the addresses entered are incorrect, read my guide on how to find the IP address of the router to understand how to solve.

If you are asked to enter a username and password combination, try admin / admin or with admin / password (which are the default values ​​for most routers). If the combinations in question turn out to be incorrect, read my tutorial on how to get into the router to find out how to deal with it.

Once logged in, locate the option relating to the'port forwarding or to virtual server and start creating a new rule or new virtual server. On the page that opens, then fill out the form that is proposed to you by following the instructions below.

  • Interior door / Initial door - type the uTorrent port number.
  • External door / Final door - type the uTorrent port number in this field as well.
  • Destination IP / Server IP address - type the local IP address of the computer on which you intend to use uTorrent. If you don't know what your computer's local IP address is, you can find out by following the instructions I gave you in my tutorial on how to view IP address.
  • Your name - type any name to recognize your rule (eg uTorrent).
  • Port type / Protocol - select the "TCP" value.

After completing the form, click on the button Save / Apply and the changes will be applied instantly. For more information, I invite you to refer to my specific guide on how to open the doors of uTorrent.

Unfortunately, I cannot be more precise on what to do, as the procedure to follow may differ depending on the make and model of the router in use. If this can help you, however, below I have provided a link to some of my thematic tutorials.

  • How will I configure a Netgear router
  • How to configure a TP-Link router
  • How to configure a D-Link router
  • How to configure an Alice / TIM router
  • How will I configure a Fastweb router
  • How to configure an Infostrada router

Use uTorrent to download games

Having completed the preliminary steps described in the previous lines, you are finally ready to start using uTorrent to download games. To find the game you are interested in, you have to rely on dedicated sites e search engine  Torrent.

There are several services suitable for the purpose that you can turn to. Below I have proceeded to point out the ones that, in my opinion, are the most interesting in the category, but you can discover others by also consulting my tutorial dedicated specifically to the resources in question.

  • Zooqle - is a search engine that allows you to find games, movies, music and applications on the BitTorrent network.
  • FrostClick - is a collection of free and open source games that can be legally downloaded from the Internet using the Torrent network or direct download.
  • - very famous site created with the aim of preserving the collective memory by making various cultural contents available for download. On its page dedicated to video games you can find numerous PC games that are no longer protected by copyright and, therefore, can be downloaded for free in a legal manner. Among them there are also masterpieces of the videogame world such as Quake and Wolfenstein 3D.

Once you have found the game you want to download on one of the sites I just suggested, locate the files that have the most seeders and peers (i.e. complete and incomplete sources) and select those. Files with multiple sources download faster and are generally the most reliable. To sort the results of a search by the number of sources available, click on the items Seed / Seeders or on Rating.

After selecting the game of your interest, you have to decide whether to download it via .torrent file or via magnet link. In the first case, a small file of just a few KB containing all the "coordinates" to start the download from the BitTorrent network will be downloaded to your PC; file that you will need to double-click to import directly into uTorrent.

In the second case, instead, uTorrent will automatically "capture" the link you have selected in the browser and, after a few seconds of waiting, will start downloading the data from the BitTorrent network. I advise you to use magnet links as I find them more convenient than .torrent files, but for the purpose of download speed absolutely nothing changes between the two download modes, so simply choose the one that suits you the most.

Speed ​​up uTorrent to download games on Windows

In the event that the download of games in uTorrent should be slow, even in the face of a large number of sources, check that the program is configured correctly for the potential of your Internet connection.

If you are using uTorrent on Windows, to make sure that the software is set up correctly and, if not, make the necessary changes, just take advantage of an ad hoc functionality integrated directly into uTorrent. So, select the item Configuration Wizard from the menu options of the program. Make sure, therefore, that there is a check mark next to the items Band Network, set a resort close to you from the drop-down menu located at the top and click on the button Start testing.

In a few seconds, uTorrent will check the real speed of your Internet connection, your router settings and tell you if there is something wrong. If the tests are successful, the program will automatically optimize its download and uploa parameters based on the speed of your Internet connection (so that you can download at maximum speed). To save the settings, remember to click on the button Save & Close.

For more information about the possibility of speeding up downloads in uTorrent, read my guide on, in fact, how to speed up uTorrent to the maximum.

Speed ​​up uTorrent to download games on macOS

As for the version for MacOS of uTorrent, this, unfortunately, does not include an automatic optimization function of the download and upload parameters. You have to do everything "manually".

So, to perform the operation in question, first perform a test the speed of your connection using the SOS Rates speed test or the Ookla Speedtest, which I told you about in depth in my guide dedicated to the best speed tests. Then take note of the values ​​obtained.

Then go to the Azureus Calculator website, which allows you to calculate exactly the parameters to be used in Torrent clients based on the real speed of the Internet connection, and type in the field kiloByte / second the upload value obtained after testing the Internet connection. Then take note of the values ​​returned by Azureus Calculator and use them to fill in the uTorrent settings on the Mac.

So, click on the item uTorrent found in the uTorrent menu bar, select the item Pref Renze and, in the window that opens, click on the tab Band. Then, uncheck the box next to the item Automatically manage bandwidth (if present) and fill in the fields below as shown below, first checking the relevant items first (if necessary).

  • Upload: - Manually limit to -> value kB / s max upload speed of Azureus Calculator.
  • Downloads: - Manually limit to -> value kB / s max download speed of Azureus Calculator.

Then go to the tab BitTorrent and fill in the fields attached to it with the values ​​you find below.

  • Connections: - Global limit -> value Maximum number of connections globally of Azureus Calculator.
  • Connections: - Limit per torrent -> value Maximum number of connections per torrent of Azureus Calculator.
  • Code: - Activate transfer limits -> value Max active torrents of Azureus Calculator.
  • Code: - Activate download limits -> value Max simultaneous downloads of Azureus Calculator.

For more information about the practices in question, refer to my tutorial focused specifically on how to speed up uTorrent for Mac.

Caution: I remind you that illegally downloading copyrighted material from the Internet is illegal. This guide has been written for illustrative purposes only, it is not my intention to encourage piracy, so I do not take any responsibility for how you can use the information in the article.

How to use uTorrent to download games

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