How Snapchat Works

How Snapchat works from smartphones

I start this tutorial by explaining to you how Snapchat works from smartphone, through the use of the social network app available for free download on Android through the Play Store (or from alternative stores) and on iPhone, downloadable via the App Store. Read on to learn more about how to use it.

How Snapchat Works: Registration

How Snapchat Works

After downloading the Snapchat on your device, start it by pressing on its icon located on the home screen and / or in the applications menu and create your account, following the instructions I am about to give you.

Premium, though, your pulse Subscribe and fill out the form that is proposed to you, typing the name and last name in the appropriate text fields; then presses the button Register and accept and enter yours date of birth using the wheels to select month, day e year.

When the operation is completed, tap the button Continue, set the username you want to use on Snapchat and presses again on Continue, to type the Password to be associated with your account (choose a secure password, please!).

At this point, type yours email address or cellphone number and verify your identity by typing the confirmation code that will be delivered to you. Finally, press on the buttons NEXT e Continue, to complete your Snapchat membership.

At the end of the registration, grant the permissions necessary for the functioning of the app, such as those relating toaccess to the camera and photo gallery of your device, and, if you wish, even the optional ones, such as access to the geographic location.

How Snapchat works: login

How Snapchat Works

If you already have an account on Snapchat, instead of registering you simply need to log into your account.

To do this, on the main screen of the social network, click on the button Log in, type username / email address e Password related to your account in the respective text fields and confirm by pressing the button Log in.

If you want store the access data to your account, in order to log in faster after a logout, you can do it quickly and easily: press on yours profile icon, then on gear button and finally on the buttons Logout e Si. In this way, to log in to your account at a later time, just press on your icon Profile which you will find located on the login screen.

How Snapchat works: contacts

How Snapchat Works

To add new contacts in Snapchat, tap on tuo profilo miniature, at the top left, then tap on the option Find your friends on Snapchat.

Fatto ciò, first prize Continue: The contacts in your address book will be imported to the servers of the social network and you will be shown a list of people who are subscribed to Snapchat. To add a friend, then press the button Add and wait for the request to be confirmed by this person.

Also, at a later time, via the button Add friends, you will be able to find new people on Snapchat. By pressing the button in question, in fact, you can add a new contact based on his username, typing it in the text field that will be shown to you.

Alternatively, tap on snapchat logo, to find a person by scanning a photo that contains his or her own Snapcode, that is a sort of QR code that contains the instructions to quickly add a contact in the famous social network.

If you also want to create your own Snapcode, presses on tuo profilo miniature located in the upper left corner of the main application screen, then tap the icon your profile and press pulsating Save Snapcode or on the one named Share URL.

In the first case you will get an image that you can share online to get you quickly added to Snapchat, while in the second you will be able to share your profile link on other apps, for quick addition to the social network by other users.

How Snapchat Works: Faces

How Snapchat Works

To explain how Snapchat works to share photos or videos with your friends is almost superfluous, given the ease of use of the app.

To start, click on the button Camera (in order to open Snapchat's built-in camera). Now, all you have to do is choose whether to use the front or rear camera of your smartphone by pressing the icon circular arrow which is located at the top right, and take a photo by pressing on round button placed in the lower center; alternatively you can make a video of up to 10 secondsby keeping the same button pressed for the desired duration. In case the weather is not enough, you can activate the mode multiSnap, which allows you to continue recording by creating multiple snaps one after the other.

Other useful tools for making a snap are the button Chronology, which allows you to make more segments of a snap, in order to make a montage in real time, and the button Sounds, which allows you to add music to the snaps created, choosing from the music tracks available in the social network database.

Also, if you want to enrich your photos and videos with effects similar to those of Instagram, premi sull 'icona dell'omino, frame your face and swipe from right to left (or vice versa), until you find the desired effect.

After taking a snap, you can apply written (T) or stickers (thesticker icon), such as those relating to day, All 'clockwise, To position and temperature, but also more simply, GIF e mentions. Furthermore, pressing on the ipencil cone located at the top right and choosing a colore from the palette you can draw by hand on your photo or video, in order to highlight parts or add funny details.

If you have taken a snap with a photo, you can also set the maximum display duration: to do this, click on the icon stopwatch located at the bottom right and set a limit, choosing up to a maximum of 10 seconds. In video snaps, on the other hand, you can activate / deactivate the audio using thespeaker (lower left).

After applying all the customizations you want, you can send your photo or video to a friend on Snapchat or share it in your story. In the first case, press the button Send to located at the bottom right and select the name of the user to whom you intend to send the content; the latter will be playable only once, after which it will be automatically deleted. Alternatively, press the button Story, to add it to your story: in this case it will remain visible to all friends for 24 hours.

If you wish, you can save the snap in the Gallery of your device: to do so, press the button Save located in the lower left corner of the screen.

How Snapchat Works: Stories

How Snapchat Works

Snapchat is the social network that launched the stories to the general public, being the first to propose the now iconic collections of photos and videos (snap) that last 24 hours and can be viewed by all friends.

To view the stories shared by your friends on Snapchat, press thelittle men icon located at the bottom and then tap on name of the person who published the snap in the stories, corresponding to the section Friends.

In the Stories, you can also see some popular snaps made by companies that use Snapchat stories as a format to share their content, creating "interactive magazines" with photos and videos inside them. The latter are located in correspondence with the section Subscribers e Discover.

When viewing a story, tap once on the screen to skip to the next snap, or swipe from right to left to skip an entire story.

By pressing on the button map placed at the bottom, however, the section is displayed Snap Map Snapchat: A screen where you can see the stories of people from all over the world.

How Snapchat works: chat

How Snapchat Works

As mentioned above, Snapchat it also includes functions related to instant messaging. To use them click on the icon comic located at the bottom, locate the contact you want to chat with and tap his nominative.

This will show you the chat screen, through which you can send a message (using the text field located below). Furthermore, through the icon of the microphone you can send voice messages, while using the icon of photo you can share photos and / or videos in your device's Gallery. To send a snap, instead, click on the icon of camera.

Finally, by pressing the icon of the video camera, at the top right, you can start a video call, while pressing the icon handset you can initiate a voice call.

How Snapchat works: block a user

How Snapchat Works

Although Snapchat is set to self-destruct photos and videos shared in stories and chats, you must take into account that those on the other side of the screen can still save them, using the appropriate feature Save to chat o Save to camera roll.

Alternatively, it is also possible for content shared on Snapchat to be saved via a screenshot or by making use of screen recording, even if these operations are reported to Snapchat users. Furthermore, it is also possible that photos or videos are captured through the use of other devices.

Speaking of which, if someone annoys you with their behavior on Snapchat, you can lock easily: to do this, go to the screen Chat Snapchat, press and hold your finger on hers nominative, then presses first on the voice Other e fai tap sul pulsating Block located in the box that is shown to you. Finally, confirm the operation by pressing the button Block.

How Snapchat works on PC

How Snapchat Works

If you wonder how Snapchat works on PC, you must first of all know that it is not possible to use this social network from a computer, as all its features are usable only through the app for Android e iPhone. However, through the official website of the social network you can manage some features related to your account, such as the display of yours Snapcode and the modification of the Password.

Therefore, connected to the official Snapchat website, enter the data relating to your account (username o e-mail e Password) and the first button Log in. Once this is done, to view your Snapcode, click on the button My Snapcode, while if you want to view your data, click on the button My data.

Using the key Change my password you can, instead, change your password or unlock your account (Unblock my account), in case it was temporarily blocked as a result of some kind of violation. To unsubscribe from Snapchat, on the other hand, press the button Delete my account.

Other options available to you are the section Ad Manager, useful for companies that want to advertise via Snapchat and the button Geofilter on-demand, through which you can create custom filters. Finally, the sections Manage apps e Manage devices allow you to manage, respectively, the apps and devices connected to Snapchat.

How Snapchat Works

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