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Update the eMule servers

The first step to having a list of eMule servers up-to-date, safe and functional is to delete the server list integrated by default in the program.

Then start eMuleclick here Server & Hosting, select with the mouse all the servers present in the server list and press the key Canc of your PC keyboard to delete them all. Alternatively, right click on an “empty” spot in the current server list, select the item Delete all servers from the menu that opens and confirm by answering Yes to the warning that appears on the screen.

Now, place the mouse cursor in the text field located under the heading Update server.met from URL (in the right part of the main window of eMule) and paste one of the following addresses into the latter

  • (solo per eMule AdunanzA)

Then click on the button Update and wait a few moments for eMule to download the new server list and display it in the main program window.

You now have an up-to-date, safe and working eMule server. In theory, you should be able to connect to all those that have appeared in the main window of the program without running the risk of being spied on (or of finding a broken server), but to be even more prudent write down the names and addresses that you find here of following.

  • - eDonkeyServer No1
  • - eDonkeyServer No2
  • - PeerBooter
  • – eMule Security

These are best eMule servers that work 100% and pose no privacy risk. Connect to any of them and you will be able to download any type of file without any problems.

If you want, you can add a single server to your eMule (without downloading the entire list that contains it) by going to the tab Server & Hosting of the program, by typing IP or address, Port e Your name of the server in the appropriate fields (at the top of the right sidebar) and pressing the button Add server. The server address is the numeric one (eg. in the case of eDonkeyServer No1), the door is the one after the colon (eg. 2442 in the case of eDonkeyServer No1), while the name is the alphanumeric name of the server (eg. eDonkeyServer No1).

Update the aMule servers

If you have one Mac or a computer equipped with Linux and, consequently, instead of eMule you use aMule, you can proceed with the update of the servers in a very similar way to what was seen previously with eMule for Windows.

To proceed, start aMule, select the tab Networks program (top left), then the tab ed2k and delete the current server list by right clicking in an "empty" point of it and selecting the item Remove all servers from the menu that appears on the screen. To complete the operation, confirm using the button Yes.

Once you have deleted the current server list, go to the field Server & Hosting located at the top, paste one of the addresses you find below and press the button Submit on the computer keyboard to download the new server list.


Alternatively, if you want, you can add individual servers in aMule by typing name, IP e port in the appropriate fields located at the top and pressing the button Add. The coordinates to use are the same that I listed in the chapter of the guide dedicated to eMule for Windows.

Reset the Kad network

As you surely know, eMule not only uses eD2K network servers to download (and share) files on the Internet: it also uses the network Kad which, unlike the eD2K one, is not based on servers and puts users in direct communication with each other, thus proving to be more reliable, secure and potentially long-lasting than the other.

Not being server based, the Kad network does not require list updates to be used, but in some cases, when downloads go slow or when the network connection is not established correctly, it needs to be reset.

There are two ways to restore the connection to the Kad network: the first is to download a ready-to-use configuration file (it's called nodes.dat), the other one foresees the connection to the eD2K servers and the connection to the Kad network through known clients on the eD2K network. Let's see both solutions in more detail.

If you want to use the ready-to-use configuration file (simpler solution), go to the tab Kad of eMule, put the check mark next to the item Load nodes.dat from the URL in the right sidebar, paste one of the addresses you find below the text field below and click the button BootStrap

  • (dal forum Emule Mods)

It was used aMule for macOS or Linux, you can perform the same procedure by selecting the tab Networks of the program, then that Kad, typing the address of the file nodes.dat in the field Nodes (top) and pressing the key Submit sulla tastiera of the computer.

To connect to the Kad network via server eD2k, connect to any server, download a file with many active sources and wait for it to reach a good position in the download queue. Then go to the card Kad, metti il ​​segno di spunta next to the voice From known clients and click on the button Bootstrap.

It was used aMule for macOS or Linux, you can perform the same operation following a practically identical procedure: the only difference is that to connect to the Kad network you must select the card Networks of the program, then that Kad e pigiare sul pulsating Bootstrap from known clients located in the right sidebar.

Within a few minutes, the connection to the Kad network should be established correctly. In case of problems or further doubts about the procedure to follow, consult my guide on how to connect to the eMule Kad network.

In case of problems

Although you have updated the eMule servers, are you unable to download the files at acceptable speeds? You are told that you have a Low ID or l 'eMule icon appears blindfolded? In this case, most likely, there is something wrong with the configuration of the router you use to connect to the Internet: to be precise, you probably have not opened the communication ports that eMule uses to receive incoming connections and communicate with the outside world.

To check if this is indeed your problem, launch eMule and click on the button options located at the top right. In the window that opens, choose the item Connection from the left sidebar and presses the button Head doors. A web page will be opened with the result of the test: if this reports that the TCP port test failed, it means you need to open the eMule ports in the router.

Then go back to the menu Options> Connection of eMule and pinned the port numbers TCP e UDP used by the program: if these are equal to 4662 e 4672, exchange them with higher values ​​(eg. 28823 e 5643) to avoid any P2P traffic restrictions applied by your operator. If you use aMule, you have to follow a practically identical procedure (although unfortunately the button for the door test is missing).

Now, open the browser you usually use to browse the Internet (eg. Chrome) and access the configuration panel of your router by connecting to the address oppure all'indirizzo When asked to enter your username and password, if you haven't changed the default login combination, try admin / admin o admin / password. If neither combination is correct, try consulting your device manual or resetting it so you can reuse the default login combination. If, on the other hand, you cannot find the correct address of the administration panel, try to follow the instructions in my tutorial on how to enter the router.

Now, since each brand of router has a management panel structured in a different way, I will give you general indications that may not accurately reflect the items in your router's menu, however you should still be able to achieve your goal in quite simple way.

Go to the section of the router panel dedicated toPort forwarding, Port forwarding, or ai Virtual Server, select the item for create a new rule or new virtual server and fill out the form that is proposed to you as shown below.

  • Internal door or Initial door - the number of one of the eMule ports (TCP or UDP).
  • External door or Final door - the number of one of the eMule ports (TCP or UDP). It must be the same value entered in the previous field.
  • Port type or Protocol - the type of port for which the rule is being created (TCP or UDP).
  • Destination IP or Server IP Address - the local IP address of the computer on which eMule is present. To find out the IP address of the computer, read the instructions in my tutorial on the subject.
  • Name or Description - the name to be assigned to the rule (eg “eMule TCP” or “eMule UDP”).

Once the form is filled in, click on the button Apply / Save to save the rule and repeat the procedure to open the other eMule door as well. When the operation is complete, restart the program and try to perform a port test again.

If something should go wrong, try to consult my tutorial on how to configure eMule, in which I gave you a series of information and "tips" on how to maximize the performance of eMule and solve the most common configuration problems of the program.

How to update eMule servers

Información actualizada este año:

¡Bienvenido a la lista de servidores eMule 2021! eMule es uno de los programas de intercambio de archivos más populares y seguros de la actualidad. Esta lista de servidores eMule le permitirá conectarse a la red eDonkey2000 (ED2K) y a la red Kademlia (Kad) para compartir archivos con otros usuarios.

En esta lista de servidores eMule encontrará una gran variedad de servidores con diferentes direcciones URL. Estas direcciones URL le permitirán conectarse a los servidores eMule y compartir archivos con otros usuarios. Estas direcciones URL también le permitirán encontrar servidores eMule con una mayor velocidad de descarga.

Además, esta lista de servidores eMule también incluye una lista de servidores ED2K y una lista de servidores Kad. Estas listas le permitirán conectarse a la red ED2K y a la red Kad para compartir archivos con otros usuarios. Estas listas también le permitirán encontrar servidores eMule con una mayor velocidad de descarga.

Esperamos que esta lista de servidores eMule 2021 le ayude a encontrar los servidores eMule más rápidos y seguros para compartir archivos con otros usuarios. Si tiene alguna pregunta sobre esta lista de servidores eMule, no dude en contactarnos. ¡Gracias por usar eMule!

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