How Kik works

How to register on Kik

How Kik works

It will be done Who, the first step you need to take is to open the store of your smartphone or tablet and download the application. Later you can find out how to register on Kik to be able to use the messaging app.

To start downloading the app, all you have to do is search for its name on Play Store (if you have an Android device without Google services, try searching for the app on some alternative store) or on App Store. Subsequently, if you use Android, click on the button Install; on iPhone, press the button Ottieni / Installa and confirm the operation with Face ID, touch ID or the Password dell'ID Apple.

When installation is complete, start Kik by tapping on its icon on the Home screen of the device in use (or in the Android drawer or in the iOS app Library) and press the button Subscribe to start creating your free account.

Then fill out the form that is proposed to you by typing all the required information in the appropriate fields: name, last name, username, e-mail, Password, etc. Check the box relating to the acceptance of donations to use the service and press the button again Subscribe.

Remember to confirm the email address you registered with by clicking on the button Confirm email present in the message sent to you at the email address in question. Don't forget also to grant the app all the permissions required to work at its best, such as access to the address book, the camera, etc., as soon as you are asked. Once this is done, you are ready to use the app.

Eat if you use Kik

How Kik works

After installing the application and creating your free account, I would say that you are ready to find out how to use Kik in details. Let's go to the point and see how to add new contacts to the Kik address book and how to chat on this service.

At the first login, Kik will immediately ask you if you want to import the contacts from the address book. This way you will be able to find out which friends are already using the application and then you can quickly add them to the main chat menu.

If you refuse and change your mind, don't worry, you can synchronize your contacts at any time by going to the Kik settings (the icon of thegear located at the top right on Android or top left on iOS), by selecting the item Privacy from the menu that opens and moving up ON the switch next to the item Phone contacts.

To find new users to chat with on Kik, all you have to do is press the button capacitor positive (+) lead (bottom right on Android or top right on iOS) of the main screen of the app, press the button Find users and look for a person with the username, with phone contacts o with Kik code (a sort of QR code to be framed).

Next, choose the nominative of your interest from the search results, press the button Start chatting and that's it: you can start chatting immediately with the selected user and his name will be automatically added to the main Kik screen.

Alternatively, as I told you, you can add a contact more quickly by scanning the Kik code, a sort of QR code to be framed with the smartphone or tablet camera. To do this, just press on the voice Scan a Kik Code that you find after pressing the button capacitor positive (+) lead present in the main screen of the app.

To start a group chat, however, you have to press the "usual" button capacitor positive (+) lead present in the main screen of Kik, tap on the item Create a group from the menu that opens, select the users to be included in the group and press the button Start located at the top right. Remember that you cannot include people who are not chatting with you in the group.

How Kik works

Do you want to chat with the muzzle? This is also possible thanks to an ad hoc function on Kik. To proceed, after pressing the button capacitor positive (+) lead present in the main screen of the app, just select the item Discover bot and select the muzzle of your interest: there are many, for all tastes and needs. You can start a new conversation with them just as you would in the case of a "common" contact.

Chatting on Kik is so simple that there is no need to dwell much on this topic. Selecting a contact (or group) name from the main application screen opens a conversation screen similar to that of other messaging apps.

To send a message, just type some text in the field Write a message… and press on the voice Send, in order to forward the message. The messages displayed in the chat are marked with some letters, which are equivalent to the very famous WhatsApp ticks: the letter "S" indicates that the messages have been sent to the Kik servers; there letter "D" indicates that the messages have been delivered to the recipients, while the letter "R" it is used to mark the messages read by the respective recipients.

The other buttons on the chat screen allow you to perform actions: the icon of postcard to send photos from the Gallery; the symbol of camera to take pictures on the spot and send them in the chat; the button GIF allows you to send animated GIFs; the icon offolded sticker allows you to send stickers; the icon of smiley face allows you to send emojis (by holding your finger on an emoji and selecting the symbol + from the menu that opens it is possible to buy new smileys from the Kik store) and the symbol of square to send viral videos, drawings, memes, etc.

Do you want to delete a chat or mute a user? Nothing could be easier: go to the Kik home screen, keep your finger pressed on conversation of your interest and select the item Delete (to delete the chat) or the voice Mute (to silence the chat for 1 hour, for a few hours or forever).

Alternative to Kik

How Kik works

Didn't Kik fully satisfy you? Then consider one of the following alternatives: there is really plenty of choice, between more or less known apps.

  • WhatsApp ((Android / iOS / Web / Windows / macOS) - it is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, if not the most popular of all. It allows you to chat, call and video call other users in an extremely simple, intuitive and Free More info here.
  • Telegram (Android / iOS / iPadOS / Web / Windows / macOS) - it's free, cross-platform and also integrates functions that make it richer than WhatsApp, such as those related to the creation of channels, bots and supergroups. More info here.
  • Facebook Messenger (Android / iOS / iPadOS / Web / Windows / macOS) - is the messaging app connected to Facebook, which can also be used by those who are not subscribed to the famous social network. It integrates all the functions needed to chat, call and video call other users for free. More info here.
  • Signal (Android / iOS / iPadOS / Windows / macOS) - this is an app that was developed by the same creators of the end-to-end TextSecure encryption technology also used by WhatsApp, which makes security and respect for privacy one of its main strengths, given that conversations travel in an encrypted manner and are not stored on the service's servers. It also integrates the functions present on most of the messaging platforms mentioned in the previous points (even if it is less flexible, for example, when it comes to synchronizing data or transferring them to other devices). More info here.
How Kik works

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