How Privalia works

How to register on Privalia

Before going into the details of this guide and find out how Privalia works, you may find it helpful to know the walkthrough for create an account on this online shopping site: operation required to purchase the products available on it and access all the features of the service.

From computer

To register on Privalia from a computer, connected to the main page of the service, click on the item Create an account located at the top right and press the button Register with Facebook, to sign up using your Facebook account.

Alternatively, if you prefer to register by email, enter the required data in the fields Email e Password, put the check mark required to accept the terms of service and click on the button Register for free, to create your account.

Regardless of the registration procedure chosen, choose whether to create a personalized account based on the products displayed and your future purchases by clicking on the option Activate personalization, otherwise click on the item Go back to the generic version And that's it.

Give smartphone and tablet

If you prefer to register on Privalia from a smartphone or tablet, download the official application of the service for Android or iOS devices and start it by tapping on its icon (a black flower on white background) present on the home screen.

Then click on the Sign up button and choose whether to sign up using your Facebook account (Sign in with Facebook) or your email address. In the latter case, enter the required data in the Email and Password fields and place a check mark next to the I agree that my personal data will be shared with Privalia group companies to receive personalized advertising if you want to personalize your shopping experience on Privalia.

Now, if you don't want to receive promotional emails, put a check mark next to the option I do not wish to receive exclusive communications or promotions and tap on the Create your account button, to complete the registration.

How to buy on Privalia

After creating your account, you are soon to buy on Privalia. In the next paragraphs, in addition to showing you the detailed procedure to complete your first purchase from your computer, smartphone and tablet, I will also explain how shipping works and what costs are applied.

How shipping on Privalia works

If before making a purchase on Privalia you are interested in knowing the shipping cost of the service, it will be useful to know that the costs vary according to the method of delivery, the delivery destination, the weight and volume of the products purchased. Before confirming your order, you can check the shipping costs next to the item Shipping charges, which appears after specifying the delivery address.

It should be noted that new Privalia users can take advantage of the free delivery on first purchase, provided that the order is for an amount exceeding 30 euros and is placed within 7 days from the date of registration. In addition, some campaigns offer free shipping: to find out the details and products with free delivery, connected to your account on Privalia, access the section My Account, select the voice Gift Vouchers and identify the section Promotions.

If, on the other hand, you want to know the delivery times, you can check them by selecting the tab Shipping present in all product listings for sale on Privalia.

Buy on Privalia from a computer

buy on Privalia from a computer, connected to the main page of the site and, if you have not already done so, click on the item Log in (top right) to log into your account.

Now, at the top of the new open page, you can view the best promotions in progress, with the relative one Expiration date. In the section Cooming soonInstead, you can view the upcoming offers, which you can access starting from 07:00 the next day or in preview from 19:00 of the same day, by activating the Privalia Premium service.

Alternatively, you can find the product of your interest by accessing one of the categories in the top menu (Donna, Man, Home&Decorate, Baby&Kids e Occasions) or by clicking on the item Catalog, which allows you to view the complete list of all product categories available on Privalia.

Once you have identified the item you wish to purchase, click on its preview photo, to access the full list and view all the details, such as product description, additional photos and shipping type. If necessary, specify the size, the color of your interest and all the necessary data to proceed with the purchase and click on the Add to Cart button. From this moment on, you will have 30 minutes to confirm your order.

If you do not intend to purchase other products, then click on the icon of envelope present at the top right, press the button Buy Now and, if it is your first purchase, enter the required data in the fields Your name, Last name, Telephone and Birthday.

In the Shipment data, then enter the data for the delivery (in the fields Your name, Last name, Street, Address, Number, POSTAL CODE, Location and Telephone) and click on your button Add, then choose the payment method you prefer from PayPal e Credit or debit card and enter the relevant data.

Finally, put a check mark next to the entry I have read and accept the Terms of Use, the Privacy Policy and the Cookies Policy, specify if you want the Invoice and click the Buy Now button but I will complete the order.

At any time, you can check the status of your order and the expected delivery date by clicking on the little man located at the top right, selecting the My Account option and choosing the Order Process item.

Buy on Privalia from smartphones and tablets

If you prefer to make a purchase on Privalia from a smartphone or tablet, start the service app for Android or iOS, press the button Log in, enter your account details in the fields Email e Password and tap on the item Log in.

Now, in the section Brands, choose the purchase category of your interest from All, Coincidentally, Woman, Man, Home&Decorate, Baby&Kids and Occasions, otherwise tap on the option Catalog present in the bottom menu and select one of the available options among Fast delivery, Woman, Man, Male child e Home.

Once you have identified the item you wish to purchase, click on the button Add, to add it directly to your account cart, otherwise tap on the preview image to view product details. In the latter case, to proceed with the purchase, specify any data (eg quantity, size, color, etc..) and press the Add to Cart button.

To confirm the order and make the payment, tap on the envelope icon at the top right, press the Secure Pay button, enter the required data in the Delivery Details and Payment Method sections, move the switch next to the item Do you need the invoice? from OFF to ON to request the invoice, press the Confirm Purchase button and you're done.

How Privalia Premium works

As mentioned above, one is visible on Privalia Premium showcase with a list of products that can be purchased from 07:00 the next day. By activating the service Privalia Premium, you can access these listings in advance and purchase the items you are interested in in advance.

In addition, Privalia Premium allows you to receive unique promotions and to have free delivery for all orders over 50 euros. The service costs 9,95 € for three months (automatic renewal is not activated) or just 3 € if included in a purchase order together with other products (in this case, the benefits of Privalia Premium will not be valid for the order in question).

To activate Privalia Premium from a computer, log into your account and click on the item Premium displayed in the top menu. Alternatively, click on thelittle man, select the option My Account from the menu that appears, click on the item Premium service and press pulsating Request Premium.

In the new open page, if you have not yet done so and if you do not intend to make other purchases, enter your data in the fields Your name, Last name e Birthday and click on the button Continue, then specify your billing information by entering them in the fields Your name, Last name, Street, Address, Number, POSTAL CODE, Location e Telephone and, in section Payment details, choose the payment method you prefer among Credit card e PayPal.

Then enter the data of the payment method chosen in the appropriate fields, put the check mark next to the item Save for future purchases if you want to set your credit card or your PayPal account as the default payment method for your future purchases as well and choose if request an invoice selecting the appropriate option.

Finally, put the check mark required to accept the terms of service and click on the button Complete the purchase to activate Privalia Premium for 3 months. Once the activation of Privalia Premium is completed, you will receive a confirmation email indicating that the service is active on your account.

The procedure for activating Privalia Premium from smartphones and tablets is almost identical to what I have just indicated for activation from a computer. Then start the Privalia app, log into your account (if you haven't already done so) and press on the item My Account present in the menu below, then choose the option Request Premium and tap on the Request Premium button.

In the new screen that appears, tap on the item Pay safely, enter the required date and place it in the fields Your name, surname and phone number, put a check mark next to the option I confirm that I am over 16 years old and tap the Continue button. Then choose your preferred payment method between PayPal and Credit Card, enter the data in the appropriate fields and press the Confirm Purchase button to complete the activation of Privalia Premium.

How does the Privalia return work?

If you are wondering how the return on Privalia works, you must know that the well-known online shopping site allows you to return a product within 14 days solar from the date of delivery, with the return costs that are borne by the customer. The return procedure cannot be started using the Privalia app: however, the instructions I am about to give you are also valid from smartphones and tablets using the browser installed on the device (eg. Chrome your android e Safari your iOS).

Before a return can be made, the order containing the product to be returned must be delivered in the section Order Process of your Privalia account. To check it, connect to the Privalia website, log in to your account and press the icon of thelittle man located at the top right, then choose the option My Account and click on your voice Order Process.

On the newly opened page, select the tab Shipped by Privalia o Sent by others, find the order you are interested in and make sure the status is set to Delivered. It will be useful to know that, even if you have already received the purchased product, it could take up to 48 hours from the time of delivery for the delivery status to be updated.

To start the process of returning a product, access the section My Account, tap on the item Easy Return and, in the new open page, you will be able to view the products for which it is possible to return (in the box Orders you can return). If, on the other hand, you have purchased the item you intend to return from an external Privalia collaborator, click on the option Return an order shipped by an external partner and start the return procedure by following the instructions shown on the screen and indicating the date you prefer for collection.

Once the return request of an item has been completed, access the section again Easy Returns, locate the Current Returns section and print the return form, which you will then need to place inside the package to be returned. In this regard, it will be useful to know that the product must be returned with the original packaging and labels inside the box or bag in which it was contained at the time of delivery (or similar packaging).

Alternatively, you can proceed with the return even without booking the collection at home via the section Easy Return. In that case, first, you need to download and fill in the withdrawal form with all the required data, insert it inside the package to be returned and send it to the address Privalia Direct Sales 

How Privalia works

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