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In this blog, when you find a cute and fun online game, I don't hesitate to report it: the internet should also be used for entertainment and offers video games for all tastes and types. One category of online games that has been very popular for several years is that of browser games.
Even though, literally, most online games run via a browser, il browser game, properly speaking, it is a type of game (often role-playing or strategy, but these are not the only genres available) based on interaction multiplayer, on the sociality, on the time and on the construction of a character, a city, an empire, a team etc ... in the long term.
You will therefore not have someone or something to control firsthand (however, browser games with this feature are also being born, as we will see later), or graphics to scream: often thegame interface is similar to that of a board game, at most with some short pre-set animations (also in this case, however, several titles are emerging with the possibility of playing on 3d scenarios updated in real time).

Most browser games are managerial gestures in which the goal is to set up their own empire, a bit like in the old Sim City, with the addition of a form of competition between users, which can be the Civilization-style warfare. They are based on time because, for example, if you have to evolve or build or move troops, there is a timer that marks the time for the conclusion of the operation. If you log back into the game, for example, the next day, that operation will be over and you can move on. A game to this type of games then it is meant to last a long time, as if it were a hobby to take care of, but be careful that it does not become a second job.

The best browser games, the most popular and played ones, all free and free (even if, for some, paying, there are special discounts and bonuses) are:

1) Travian is a very famous medieval war game that has been online for some time. Players have to build villages, enlarge them, form an army, defend against attacks and eliminate enemies. The game map is very large, you can enter new games all the time because different servers (which are the playing fields) open every month but a game played seriously is very demanding and lasts even a year. Eventually the alliance wins, and if you start the game as a single, solitary entity, the group component takes over as the game progresses. Travian was one of the first browser games to be developed, as well as one of the most popular. Despite its age, thanks to the innovations introduced in version 4, it still manages to attract tens of thousands of players today.

Simili a Travian we have several browser games that arrived later, more graphically accurate but on whose judgment I do not express myself:
- Gladiatus set in ancient Rome.

- Ikariam is played against the backdrop of an ancient world, with a village on an island, the construction of buildings and the war against enemies. Interaction with other players is mandatory if you want to win, both to exchange resources and to sign military pacts and move espionage.

- Tribals is a village game very similar to Travian, where you build and expand an empire, team up with other players and defend yourself from enemies.

2) GoodGame Empire is a game that won the best browser game award in 2012, which works a bit like Travian, but with much better graphics. Resources such as wood, stone and food must be gathered to build the fortress and the army which must be used to conquer others and defend against attacks.

3) Ogame is set in space, you have to develop spacecraft, conquer planets and develop ever more advanced technologies. The gameplay is very similar to that of travian but the pace is perhaps less frenetic. However, to break the monotony, developers occasionally open servers with special features, such as double or even quadruple the normal speed.

In another article, i games Browser game with star and space wars

4) The best online football manager games like Football Manager include various famous names including Hattrick, Soccer Manager, Trophy Manager, Goal United, Whisper and many more.

5) Other sports games are then MyBasketTeam, online basketball manager where you are the manager and coach of a team, Maxithlon where you run an athletics company e Tennis Manager where you train a tennis player to make him climb the ATP rankings.

On another page there are the Formula One managerial browser games where you drive a team against other online players.

6) The Renaissance Kingdoms, you can be a craftsman, a duke or a general, and you live a parallel life set in the world of the 1400s. Beautiful graphics and a very large online community of 150000 players.

7) A I War it is beautiful because it is engaging, with a war against robots and artificial intelligences.

8) Bitefight is a vampire game, where you impersonate either a vampire or a werewolf. you have to develop the character, make him fight against other players, make him grow and work. Honestly, a bit boring because there is little strategy and it looks more like a tamagochi.
Similar to Bitefight there is also Metaldamage in which a car has to be developed.

9) Town of salem is an RPG where you have to be a liar and mislead other players. Depending on your choice, you can play as a citizen (good), as a mafia (bad) or neutral. If you are a citizen, you need to track down the mafia members and stop them before they kill everyone in your city.

10) In the article on 10 internet games to play immediately, for free via browser other great games are reported such as The Settlers Online.

11 ) Pokemon Showdown is the game for Pokemon trainers, challenging other players online without wasting time on Pokemon training and care. Pokemon Showdown allows you to fight using a random Pokemon team or a custom team if you want to choose which Pokemon to use. The game takes place by selecting the moves and countering the other manager in a strategic way.

12 ) Seafight it is a more reasoned game than the others, and quite different from what is the vein of the various strategic and managerial ones analyzed up to now. Here we will have the opportunity to control our ship firsthand, and all the actions will take place in real time, so overall this is a less hectic time management title ... while we are offline, we will not risk seeing everyone. our possessions disappear at the hands of other players! The virtual world is that of pirates, you have to build islands, build warships and attack enemies around the sea. Goal: to make more money to become more powerful and become the king of the seas.

If you like the pirate setting, you should also try PirateStorm, the latest addition to BigPoint (the same manufacturer of SeaFight), with similar game dynamics but much improved graphics.

13 ) Epic War Saga is a game where you organize and create the army to make it fight against your opponents. The game is very fun especially in the battle phase, very graphically animated, with a horizontal view of the army.

14 ) Drakensang, an excellent title of the same genre now gone HellBreed, (hack'n'slash simile a Diablo 3) which is enjoying enormous success. Although it requires the download of an additional plugin, the "fatigue" of the download is well rewarded by the very unusual graphics for a browser game (in a good way). There are hundreds of quests to complete as well as the ability to complete them together with friends.

15 ) Conquer Club and other games like Risk listed on another page.

16 ) Grepolis set in ancient Greece, it follows the gameplay of traditional titles such as Ogame and Travian. Nice is the possibility of building temples for the Gods, and thus obtaining their favors (who has never dreamed of asking Zeus to electrocute the city of their enemy?) Perhaps the least demanding, where those who pay do not have too many advantages.

17) On the site there are two great browser games like Travian, war and real-time strategy, modern and free. It is about Throne: kingdom at war e Vikings, both similar although with a different theme. 18) Erepublik among the most recommended, it focuses a lot on the social aspect of the game ... it is an economic-military-political life simulator set in the present day, and will allow you to play on a map based on the real world. There will be wars, elections, companies ... in short, everything we see in the real world.

19 ) The west, a pure rpg set in the ancient west ... you will have a character and quests to solve to increase your stats, just like in the most traditional role-playing games.

20 ) Supremacy 1914 is a great browser game where you have to lead a European nation during the crisis that precedes the First World War, trying with diplomacy and military power to emerge victorious.

21 ) Policraft is a beautiful 3D game, completely online and to be played via browser, where you can complete quests and survive on a desert island. The game also has multiplayer modes.

22 ) Neptune's Pride is a real-time strategy game set in space, where up to eight players start expanding their star systems until they meet someone else, with whom they fight. As fleets take hours and sometimes days to switch from one star to another, this leaves you plenty of time to play the game of diplomacy, trying to cement alliances and unravel the foundations of those of your enemies. You try to make them yourself, when you know that one of the parties is out, and simply begin to gently wear down their trust, until they are a human-shaped receptacle of suspicion, and before you know it, you have a galactic civil war on them. your hands and you can dry the pieces.

23) Finally, a browser game that I have not played but that seems different from the others because it is a mix between a competition game like the ones described above and a Second Life-style virtual world.
Popmundo is an online role-playing game where the theoretical goal is to become a music star but that you can play in completely different ways, not caring about winning but doing something else, like the criminal, the manager, the impresario or simply being at watch and be curious on duty. Popmundo is characterized by a very pleasant cartoon graphics and is really varied as a possibility of development, without predefined schemes.

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The comments received so far have resulted in i following browser games recommended by readers:
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  • astragon
  • AdventureQuest manga graphics
  • DragonFable good to see
  • Immortal Cities: Nile Online
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Best Browser Games, Online Role Playing, Strategy, War and Alliance Games

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