HP Printer Scanner: How It Works

Preliminary operation

Before we go ahead and show you how the scanner works when paired with HP multifunction printers, let me give you some more information on preliminary operations to do in order to succeed in the enterprise. For this guide, I'll be using the Wi-Fi multifunction printer HP DeskJet 3630 which, of course, includes the scanner. However, the information here may be adapted to most recent HP printers.

To begin, therefore, place the printer where you see fit, connect it to the mains power supply e turn it onby pressing the appropriate button on the console. Now, the simplest way to connect your printer to your network is to use connectivity technology WPS, which allows the printing device to obtain the Wi-Fi network credentials directly from the router, after pressing only two buttons.

To do so, press and hold the Wireless physical button printer (the printer iconAntenna) until the relative LED starts flashing, then press the button within a maximum of two minutes WPS present on the router and the game is done: once the connection is established, the printer's wireless status LED should light up steadily and a sheet indicating the network status. If not, you can proceed with printing the same by pressing and holding the keys wireless e Information (the icon (I)) or, on some other models without a screen, the keys read more (The blue rhombus) is cancels (The red circle).

If your router is not equipped with WPS technology or for security reasons you have disabled this function, you must instead configure the device through the application HP Smart, available for the major desktop and mobile platforms and which I will tell you about later in this guide. Before proceeding, however, enable the printer's Wi-Fi connection by pressing the Wireless physical button.

Note: If you have an HP printer with a screen, press the del icon wireless on the printer control panel, then tap the icon settings (the one in the shape ofgear), select the voice Installation wizard and follow the instructions given to connect the device to the Internet: choose your Wi-Fi network from the list of detectable networks and enter its password, using the keyboard on the device.

HP Printer Scanner: How It Works on PC

Once the preliminary operations have been completed, it's time to show you how the scanner of HP printers works: let's start with the procedures dedicated to the computer.


If you use the operating system Windows 10, you can easily achieve your goal by making use of HP Smart, the all-in-one software that not only allows you to configure the printer, but also to scan documents through the scanner associated with it.

To get it, linked to this web page, click on the buttons Get, Open Microsoft Store e Get and wait for the software installation to complete through the Microsoft Store.

Open, then, HP Smart from the menu Home Windows (the one that opens by clicking on the flag icon located in the lower left corner of the screen), click on the button Continue to accept the terms of use of the software and indicate if share app usage data with HP or not, using the appropriate button.

Now, if you have already connected the printer to the network, it should be detected automatically; if, on the other hand, you have not yet made the connection, click on the button capacitor positive (+) lead placed in the center of the screen, wait a few moments for the name of the printer appears in the list of detected devices (there should be the wording Configuration) and, when this happens, click on the relevant box.

After this step too, connect the printer to the Internet by clicking on the buttons Continue e Yes, so that the device can automatically read the password of the wireless network to which the computer is connected. If everything went well, after a few moments, the printer should connect to the chosen Wi-Fi network.

At this stage, click on the button Continue, then on the voice Salta at the top right (to avoid creating an HP profile) and click again on Continue, in order to proceed to the setting procedure of HP Instant Ink (the system of automatic ordering of consumables before the ink runs out).

If you do not intend to join the program in question, put the check mark next to the box I'm not interested, then click on the buttons Continue e No, I don't want to sign up for Instant Ink, indicates the place and resort use of the printer and complete the configuration phase by first clicking on the button Continue and then on the voice Ignore posting for this link. Finally, press the button again Continue, to start printing a test page, or the button Not now, to display the device management screen.

Finally here we are! To acquire a new document, click on the button Scan, adjust the acquisition parameters using the menus located on the right sidebar (scan setting, page format, output, origin, resolution e compression) and, when done, click on the button Preview, to preview the scanned image, or on Scan, to scan the document placed under the scanner.

crop the image, straighten it or adjust the levels of contrast, brightness e saturation, you can click on the item Modification located at the top right (at the end of the adjustments, you will then have to click on the button Apply to make the changes final). If you need to add more pages to the output document, click the button Add pages located at the top left and, after replacing the sheet, repeat the same steps seen above to acquire the document.

When you're done, choose whether to save the document in PDF o JPG using the appropriate buttons located at the bottom and click on the button Save, in order to export the final file. That's all!

Note: after having properly configured the scanner, you can also use it with the software Image capture Windows or with one of the other scanning programs that I told you about in my specific guide on the subject.


You don't use a Windows PC but a Mac? Then you will be pleased to know that the application HP Smart it is also available for the macOS operating system. To get it, visit this link, wait for the Mac App Store open on the screen and click on the buttons Get e Install, to proceed with the software installation. If prompted, enter the Password of your Apple ID or use the touch ID to authenticate you.

Once this step is completed, invoke HP Smart using the icon that, in the meantime, was created in Launchpad (l'icona a forma di rocket located in the bar Dock), click on your button Continue and, after choosing whether or not to share i app usage data, follow the same instructions already seen for Windows to set up a new printer and / or scan a document: the procedures are almost identical.

Alternatively, if you've already connected the printer to the same network your Mac is connected to, you can skip installing HP Smart and add it manually. In this case, it is imperative that your printing device is compatible with the printing system AirPrint (you can easily check this feature by consulting the printer data sheet).

Once the necessary checks have been completed, do this: open the System preference, by clicking on the icon to formgear placed on the Dock, click on the icon for Printers and scanners and presses the button [+] located at the bottom left, in order to start the procedure for adding a new printer.

Once this is done, click on the tab Default, wait for the name of the printer appears among the proposed results, click on the latter and wait for macOS to automatically recognize the type of printer (which should be multifunction bonjour) and the protocol to use (which should be AirPrint / AirPrint protected). To conclude, click on the button Add.

Regardless of how you installed the printer on your Mac, you can take advantage of the scanner, as well as the HP Smart software, even using the utility Image capture present "standard" on macOS. After starting the latter, click on the button Shared (if you are using a networked printer), then on the name printer itself and still on the button Show details, in order to perform a preview scan and access the adjustments menu.

Now, use the right sidebar to define the type of image, the resolution, if any custom size and l 'rotation angle, then choose the folder in which to save the document, give it a name, indicates the save format of the file and, if necessary, the factor of correction image. To see a preview of the changes made, click on the button View. Finally, to acquire the document with the defined parameters, press the button Scan.

HP printer scanner: how it works on smartphones and tablets

If you are interested in understanding how the HP printer scanner works on smartphones and tablets, know that, even in this case, the app can help you HP Smart, which can be downloaded for free on devices with Android, iOS and iPadOS operating systems.

After installing the app, launch it, tap the button Continue and choose whether or not to participate in the program sharing app usage databy pressing the appropriate button. If prompted, choose whether to allow the software to send Push notifications, by replying to the message that appears later on the screen.

Now, if the smartphone / tablet and printer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, the latter should appear within the app, ready for use; otherwise, connect the mobile device to the Wi-Fi network you want to connect the printer to, tap the button for add a new printer and follow the setup instructions already seen for Windows: the steps are practically the same (although the position of the buttons differs slightly).

When you have finished adding the printer, return to the HP Smart home screen, tap the button Printer scan and press the button Preview (l'icona del sheet with magnifying glass), located at the bottom, to digitize a preview of the paper document located under the lens. If requested, allow the app to access the memory, by responding affirmatively to the warning that appears on the screen.

Once the digitization is complete, define i margini of the document, by “dragging” the edges drawn on the sheet, or use one of the predefined formats recalled from the drop-down menu at the top; if you are interested in changing the scan settings, such as resolution / quality e colore, touch the symbol ofgear located at the top right. If you have a printer equipped with ADF module, you can select it as a source using the appropriate option.

Once you have made the necessary adjustments, tap the button Scan or on the symbol of blue circle, to start the actual acquisition of the document. When the "photo" appears on the screen, if you want to make some changes, tap it and use the buttons proposed to make the automatic improvement image, regular lights and colors, apply filters, crop / rotate image or add text.

Once you've finished making changes, tap the button Done and, if you want to add a second page to the document, place the new sheet on the scanner lens and press the button capacitor positive (+) lead. Act on the new page acquired following the same steps seen so far.

After having acquired (and possibly modified) all the pages of the document, tap the button Save o Share / Save, indicates a name to assign to the file, the format save (eg. JPG or PDF) and, if you use an iPhone or an iPad, the size (large for maximum quality, small for minimum quality, and so on).

When you're done, tap the button again Save o Share / Save. In the latter case, choose whether to share the file within an app installed on the system or to save it in the device memory (options Save to Memory / Save to File). It was really very simple, don't you think?

Use the photocopy scanner

Almost all HP printers allow, after pressing a specific button, to use the scanner lens to create photocopies without the help of PCs or smartphones or tablets.

How? It's that easy. First, make sure you have correctly installed the consumables (inkjet or toner cartridges) inside the printer and, after turning it on, wait for the device to boot up completely.

When that happens, place the sheet to copy on the scanner lens and, if you have a device without an LCD screen, press the physical button one or more times black and white copy or color copy (depicting two sheets enclosed in a black and white or color circle), depending on the number of copies to be carried out: the latter value will appear on the small screen located at the top of the keys.

If, on the other hand, you have a printer with an LCD screen, press the button Black and White Copy / Color Copy and then set the number of copies to realize; when you are done, press the button starts.

Note: if you have a printer equipped with ADF module, insert all the sheets of the document to be photocopied inside it and, if necessary, choose the loading tray as the scan source.

HP Printer Scanner: How It Works

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