The complete guide on how to recover your deleted emails

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Restore deleted emails on Gmail

Gmail is the service of e-mail free offered by Google. Besides being extremely easy to use and with a minimal interface, it allows you to recover deleted emails from Gmail directly from the basket. To do this you will need to:

  • Log in to your Gmail account, both from the application and from a web page
  • Press on Other from the left bar
  • Scroll down and select the item Trash can
  • Once you have identified the email to be recovered, open it and press the folder button at the top, from which to select Incoming mail
  • Otherwise select more emails from the trash, click on Move in placed at the top and choose Incoming mail

And that's it! Now the accidentally deleted emails are back in your main folder!

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How to recover deleted emails on Libero

As you well know, libero is a language portal for your country born as an assistance to users in navigation, which also provides an e-mail service. The recovery of emails deleted by Libero it is quite simple, but it does require the use of any one browser.

Be careful though! Once the emails are deleted from the inbox, they remain in stock for a maximum period of 30 days within the basket, after which they will also be deleted from the Libero server.

It is therefore important that the month has not already passed, an almost useless warning for those of you who have already removed the direct cancellation, preferring the manual one. Once logged in, click on the item Read left, then choose the tab High post.

On your left you will find the Trash can, where you will almost certainly find your deleted emails. Once located, by pressing on Other up and then Move, you can indicate the desired position: be it Mail arrived o Favorite mail. To complete the transfer, all you have to do is click on Move.

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We recover the emails removed by Alice

Have you accidentally deleted important emails from Alice? Quiet, even in this case there is a temporary saving of 7 days, in the Trash folder. However, if the message was deleted more than a week ago, the only attempt you could make is using one of the software named below.

The recovery of the emails is quite simple, in fact it is enough:

  • Connect to the home page of Mail Team and enter the username and password of the email
  • From the card Incoming mail above, choose the item Trash can from the options on the left bar
  • Select the deleted emails by adding one to them snack next I awarded her Move to, positioned at the top
  • We advise you to choose the item Incoming mail

Even restoring emails from the application for smartphones and tablets is not all that different. Once connected, the path to follow is: press hamburger icon, top left - Trash can - select the messages to retrieve by putting the check next to it - click on three dots at the bottom of the screen - Move - Incoming mail.

And voila! Your deleted emails are back in the main folder!

Restore from Outlook Recycle Bin

In our tutorial, the guide for the Microsoft's email service. By connecting to the webmail, enter the username of your email and password and press on the item Deleted mail from the side bar of the sinistra.

When you have identified the message to be recovered, saving is done by pressing on the item Restore, from the top menu. By doing so, your messages will be moved to the original folder, from which you have unfortunately deleted them.

Even more: For a collective restoration of a set of emails placed in the Deleted Items folder, all you have to do is put the check mark at the top and press on the item: Recover deleted items from this folder.

We recover emails using iCloud software or services

Now that you know how to recover deleted emails from the baskets of the most used suppliers, we just have to examine the recovery from iCloud or through specially designed programs.


iCloud, as you well know, is the digital storage space designed and used by all Apple devices. Recovery takes a few simple steps, starting with from accessing your iCloud account and the following opening of the Mail.

By pressing on the icon Trash can from the left sidebar you can select the deleted emails, in order to proceed with the recovery. In fact, just press the small one icon depicting a folder at the top, and choose Incoming mail from the drop-down menu.

The only flaw is perhaps the impossibility of carrying out a recovery in bulk, having to repeat the procedure for each message.


If recovering from the recycle bin has given you unsatisfactory results, we recommend that you don't give up and give EaseUS one last try. This free software allows you to recover any type of deleted file, directly on your own Windows PC or Mac.

By connecting to the main page, you can download EaseUS and perform the installation according to the type of media used:

  • For Windows: open the file exe and follow the path: Yes - OK - Next - Agree - Confirm - Install - Finish
  • For Mac: the installation file is dmg, which you will need to move to the folder Applications, right click on it and select apri. The path to follow is the same

For the recovery of emails, the program works the same way on both Windows and MacOS, just check the box next to the item Email. Press on Next at the bottom right, select l’hard disk containing the emails (ex: C) and start the Scan. Once completed, to restore your messages simply select them and press Recovery.


Among the most used programs for data recovery, Recuva guarantees you an almost certain recovery. Free, efficient and simple to install, this software compatible with Windows will allow you to restore the emails deleted by mistake.

Start the download by connecting to the main CCleaner page, and start the installation by clicking on Yes - Italian - Install. From the main screen, after pressing on NEXT, you will need to select the item Email, press again on NEXT and choose the option I'm not sure. The search for your deleted emails will start after double click su NEXT, being able to last several minutes.

To conclude: At the end of the search, to retrieve them all you have to do is select them, press the button Recover and indicate the destination folder.

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