The complete guide on how to recover deleted WhatsApp photos and the best software

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The best applications and programs for restoring WhatsApp photos

If your phone is new, or you haven't had time to save useful to recover deleted photos on WhatsApp, the best remedy is download and install one of the following software.


Among the best applications to recover deleted photos from WhatsApp on an Android device with root unlock active, there is the DiskDigger. Free and above all efficient, it will allow you to get files back JPG or PNG deleted by mistake from the memory of your mobile phone.

There is even one Pro version which costs only 3,37 euros, but we advise you to first try a recovery with the free version, downloading it by clicking on the button below. Once installed and started, grant root permissions and refuse the purchase of the Pro version by clicking on No, thanks.

Click on the items PG e PNGby pressing on OK and wait to see the shots that the application is able to recover. If you find the one you are interested in getting back, putting the snack next clicking on your Recover you will be asked to indicate the folder in which you want to save them.

You can choose whether to save them in the internal memory, send them via any one e-mail or keep them directly in the virtual space made available by Dropbox or Google Drive.

WhatsRemoved +

By now we all know the new feature of Whatsapp that allows remove sent messages on both the sender's and recipient's phones. If you have never liked it and want to know and see the photos or messages sent and then promptly removed, this is the app for you.

If the cancellation has just occurred, more precisely no more than seven minutes ago, you can try to recover it using WhatsRemoved +. With a not very innovative name, this application was specially designed for recover videos, messages and of course photos deleted by the sender.

Taking advantage of the reading of the WhatsApp notifications you receive, it will show you the content of the messages, as well as the videos or photos, even after their deletion!

Then click on the button below, downloaded and installed the application to take advantage of the 7 minutes from sending and save those photos then deleted. You will be notified whenever a message is deleted, be it a voice note, text, video or photograph. In addition, you can go and view them in the application save folder, divided according to the date of dispatch.

Extremely compatible with WhatsApp, you can rest easy knowing that you don't risk account suspension. From now on, therefore, there will be no more files removed by the sender, being able to view them as you wish!


DigDeep is extremely effective for recovering WhatsApp photos, completely free and downloadable by clicking on the button below. It takes advantage of the internal memory or SD of your device, searching for images deleted by themselves or by mistake.

Once downloaded and installed, wait for it to go through all the folders of the phone by searching for the deleted shots. If you have a memory full of files, it will clearly take longer, but once completed you will see in the foreground the folders with the files it is able to recover.

Then select the photos you want to restore, put them next to the snack and click on Restore to get them back. Once you have chosen the save destination, you will be able to see them reappear in yours gallery.

But be careful! If the deleted photos are not present in the memory of your device (ex: because it is a new phone), this application will not be able to recover them.

EaseUS MobiSaver Free

Although we have already talked about it in the article dedicated to recovering WhatsApp conversations, given its efficiency and ease of use, we would like to recommend it.

This app is extremely effective for not only recovering WhatsApp videos, but also entire conversations and obviously deleted photographs. Available for both Windows and Mac, and downloadable from the official EaseUS MobiSaver website, this application is compatible with all devices Android or iOS.

There is a free version, which although limited allows you to recover a photo or video, 5 contacts or notes, calls, calendar and even reminders. The procedure is similar to the one described above, enough choose the recovery mode, press on Scan and then Recover on the photos you want to get back.

By following our instructions, you will now be real experts on how to re-download deleted WhatsApp images and what software!

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