How to Recover Deleted Telegram Chats

After reading my guide to using Telegram, you were so fascinated by this messaging app that you used it practically every day. Recently, however, a friend of yours had to face a rather unpleasant situation: by mistake, he deleted an entire chat and was no longer able to retrieve it in any way. Terrified by the idea that it might happen to you too, you wanted to play it early and look for information on how to retrieve Telegram chat.

I beg your pardon? Is that what brought you here, to my website? Great, you couldn't have come to a better place. In the following lines, in fact, I'll explain you how to get access to Telegram chats that are no longer visible, as they are archived or deleted by mistake. Finally, I'll give you some tips to try to recover the photos and videos received through the app and explain how to manage secret chats that you can no longer see.

So, without delay, make yourself comfortable and read carefully everything I have to explain on the subject: I guarantee that, at the end of this guide, you will be ready to face the unintentional loss of Telegram chats. And, why not, to teach that friend of yours to do the same! Happy reading and good luck with everything!

How to retrieve Android Telegram chat

If you need to retrieve Telegram chats on Android, this is the section of the tutorial that is right for you. Below, in fact, I will explain you how to view archived chats again, how to recover deleted chats and how to get access to Telegram photos and videos again. Finally, I will give you some useful "tips" to trace the content of the secret chats no longer available.

Retrieve archived Telegram chats

You have archived a Telegram chat and now you don't know how to recover it? No problem, this is an extremely simple operation: the app, in fact, stores the archived conversations in a special section. However, by default, this one is a bit hidden.

To make the area dedicated to archived conversations visible again, move to the top of the active chat list, swipe down from the top of the Telegram screen and you will be revealed the area dedicated to archived chats.

At this point, tap on it to access the conversations it contains and tap on the chat you're interested in to view the messages again.

If you wish, you can extract the chat (i.e. make it available again among the active chats) by swiping to the left on its preview. To extract multiple chats at the same time, tap on the first one, select, with a tap, the others and then tap on the Extract button (the box with the up arrow), located at the top right.

If you wish, you can also fix the area dedicated to archived messages, so as not to hide it anymore: to do so, make it visible as I explained before and make a swipe to the left on its preview. When you're done, you should see a notification message appear at the bottom of the chat panel.

Recover deleted Telegram chats

For some time now, Telegram has added an important feature that allows you to recover chats deleted by mistake, within 5 seconds after deletion.

How can you use it? I'll explain it to you immediately. Immediately after deleting a chat (be it a private conversation, a group, a super group or a secret chat), you should see a notification message appear at the bottom of the screen, lasting exactly 5 seconds: to restore the deleted chat, you have to tap on the Cancel item located in the above mentioned message.

Be quick to perform this operation, because once the 5 seconds have passed, the chat is definitely lost. When this happens, the only way to retrieve your conversations, unless you have decided to delete the chat from your partner's device as well (you can do this by checking the Delete also for [user] box), is to ask the other person to send you messages again or take a screenshot of the conversation.

Retrieve photos and videos of Telegram

If it's your interest to retrieve Telegram photos and videos after deleting them from the chats (or after completely deleting the app from your device), then I think I have great news for you: by default, in fact, the app saves the multimedia content directly in a specific folder in the Android Gallery.

Accessing it is anything but difficult: first, launch the Photo app (the colored pinwheel icon located in the device drawer) or the Gallery app to enter the Android Gallery and, after swiping from the left to the center of the screen to access the app's main menu, select Device Folders from the panel that opens on the screen.

The bulk is done! At this point, all you have to do is locate the Telegram album and tap on its icon to open it: the photos and videos downloaded through the app are there, ready to be viewed.

If this procedure doesn't work because, for example, you have manually deleted photos and videos from the device's memory, you can make a recovery attempt using some specific apps and programs that I told you about in my guide on how to recover deleted photos on Android and how to recover deleted videos on Android. I can't guarantee success, but it's still worth a try.

Recover Telegram secret chats

Telegram's secret chats are slightly different from "common" conversations (private messages, groups, supergroups and so on): the messages exchanged within these chats, in fact, do not pass through the Telegram servers and remain available only and only in the smartphones or tablets involved, unless they are deleted manually.

In other words, even if you have set up Telegram on multiple devices, a specific secret chat will only be saved on the device from which you started it, and will not be moved elsewhere, which means that in order to retrieve those messages, you must necessarily have access to the aforementioned device.

Otherwise, there isn't much you can do: at most, you can ask your partner to open the chat started with you (if he still has it) and paste the messages you are interested in, unless they have been sent with the self-destruct timer or manually deleted. If you have manually deleted the messages and your partner no longer has them, unfortunately, it is impossible to retrieve them. I'm sorry.

Note: Android does not allow you to take screenshots inside secret chats.

How to recover iPhone Telegram chats

Exactly as already seen for Android, there are some simple techniques to retrieve Telegram chats also on iPhone and iPad: below, I give you a detailed description of the steps to do on these devices.

Retrieve archived Telegram chats

Telegram for iPhone, like the app for Android, keeps archived chats in a special area of the app, hidden by default: to make it visible, move to the top of the list of active chats and swipe down.

When the archived messages area appears, tap on it and then tap on the conversation you are interested in to open it. If it is your intention to extract it (i.e. return it to the active chat list), swipe left on its preview and tap on the Extract button that appears on the screen.

In the same way, you can fix the area dedicated to archived chats and make it visible: make a swipe to the left on it and tap the Fix button displayed immediately after.

Recover deleted Telegram chats

The Telegram app for iOS allows you to retrieve a chat deleted by mistake, within 5 seconds after its deletion: the operation of this system is identical to the one already seen for Android, so I refer you to the dedicated section of this guide for more information.

Recovering Telegram photos and videos

Have you deleted the Telegram app and would like to retrieve the photos and videos you received via it? With a bit of luck, you might be able to do so without using third-party apps or programs: if you have previously enabled automatic saving of received files (from the Settings > Data and Archive > Save Received Photos area), or manually saved images/videos that are important to you, then you simply need to locate the Telegram album in the iOS Roll.

To do this, launch the Photo app (the colored flower icon located on the iOS Home screen), tap the Album tab at the bottom, then the View All item. At this point, all you have to do is open the Telegram album to retrieve all the material you need.

If, on the other hand, you have manually deleted media content from the gallery and now you would like to try to get it back, you can try to follow the instructions I gave you in my guides on how to recover deleted photos from iPhone and how to recover deleted videos from iPhone (also valid for iPad): I know, they are not procedures that ensure 100% success, but I still recommend you to give it a try.

Retrieve secret chats Telegram

The talk of secret chats on Telegram for iPhone is identical to the one already seen for Android: conversations of this type are saved only on the devices through which they are started. Alternatively, you can ask your interlocutor to send you a copy of the secret chat messages, if he still has them: if he has an iPhone, he can capture a screenshot of the conversation.

If your conversation partner has deleted the messages, or if they were sent using the self-destruct timer and therefore have already been destroyed, then recovery is considered impossible, sorry.

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