Sites to watch anime in streaming

Are you an anime fan and are you constantly looking for new interesting series to follow, perhaps in simulcast (ie simultaneously) with Japan? Then I think you will find interesting i sites to watch anime in streaming that I have selected for you and which I am about to tell you about in this tutorial: there are so many to choose from!

Between sites dedicated entirely to Japanese cartoons and "generalist" streaming platforms that also have anime in their catalog, you will not struggle to find solutions suitable for you: on the other hand, there are many that can be used completely for free, provided to endure the viewing of some advertising content.

We solve your problem!

So, what are you still doing standing there? Take a look at the list of sites below and start looking for the next series to watch, whether subtitled or dubbed. I assure you that interesting titles are certainly not lacking, then they are updated continuously, so I just have to put aside the chatter and wish you a good vision!


  • Sites to watch anime in streaming for free
    • VVVVID
    • Crunchyroll
    • YouTube
    • RaiPlay
    • Mediaset Play
  • Sites to watch anime in paid streaming
    • Netflix
    • Amazon Prime Video
    • TIMVision

Sites to watch anime in streaming for free

If you agree, let's get straight to the point and find out, together, what the best sites to watch anime in streaming free, in exchange for viewing commercials and / or advertising banners.

Please note: the sites in question may have regional restrictions, therefore they may not be available outside Italy or, conversely, deny the availability of some content for those accessing from the "beautiful country". To solve this problem, I recommend that you rely on a service from VPN (virtual private network), able to encrypt the connection and disguise the origin of your IP address. Among the VPN services that I recommend the most, there are NordVPN (which I told you about in depth here) and Surfshark (which I told you about here), both available on all devices and extremely cheap.


Even before the spread of large streaming platforms, VVVVID has brought to Italy a legal, convenient and free system to see dozens of souls, both subtitled and dubbed. It is therefore fully among the best sites to watch anime in streaming and still today it is one of the most active in the sector, constantly proposing new titles suitable for all genres and all tastes, even in simulcast with Japan. "Attack on Titan" and "My Hero Academia" are just a couple of the most important, but there are also films (including live action transpositions of Japanese anime), TV series and other interesting content.

VVVVID, as mentioned, is free and is supported by advertising. Anyone who wants, however, can activate a subscription that eliminates the display of commercials (except for some titles where, for reasons of rights, advertisements are kept) with prices starting from 4,99 euros / month.

To use the service, all you have to do is connect to its home page, click on the button Play in the center of the screen, press the button Subscribe at the top right and fill in the registration form with your details and a valid email address or, alternatively, register with Facebookby clicking on the appropriate button.

Once logged in, you just have to select the category Anime from the drop-down menu located at the top left, choose whether to browse the titles in evidence, those more Popular, new releases, the genres or access the contents extra (via the tabs located below) and first click on title of the series and then on that of the episode to watch. Some series feature both episodes in the original language subtitled in Italian and dubbed in Italian.

If you want, VVVVID is also available as an app for Android and iPhone / iPad, to watch your favorite anime on the go.


When you are talking about sites to watch anime in streaming and more specifically of sites to watch anime in streaming sub ita, you absolutely cannot forget about Crunchyroll: a portal dedicated entirely to Japanese animation on which you can find all the most popular titles of the moment, often in simulcast with Japan, plus some historical series from the past and drama. The catalog of the site is truly immense, but the availability of some series is limited to certain geographical areas (therefore a series may be available on the site but not be visible from Italy).

Access to the service is free, but with limitations relating to viewing quality, the presence of commercials and the availability of some series, which can be reserved exclusively for subscribers. Crunchyroll premium (starting from 4,99 euros / month). The subscription in question also allows you to access simulcast titles first, allowing them to be viewed within just one hour of the original airing in Japan (instead of a week).

That said, to use Crunchyroll, all you have to do is connect to its main page, go to the tab Show at the top left and choose the title of your interest from those available. You can browse the titles Popular, in simulcast, updated, in alphabetical order, For genres o seasons; alternatively you can search for a specific anime using the Campo di Ricerca located at the top right.

Once the page dedicated to a series is displayed, consult the information on viewing rights in the right sidebar (e.g. for some series certain subtitles may not be available due to rights issues), click on the miniature of the episode to play and enjoy the show. For a complete view and the ability to create your favorite content list, register for a free account by clicking on the item Log in at the top right and filling out the form that is proposed to you.

Crunchyroll is also available as an app for Android, iPhone / iPad and other devices, including game consoles and Apple TV.


YouTube I don't think it needs too many presentations: it is the video portal par excellence and, in its vast database, there are also some anime to watch for free.

In particular, I would like to recommend channels like that of Yamato Video, which holds the rights to numerous series and allows you to use them at no cost on YouTube without requiring registration or other special procedures. Like everyone else, the channel is supported by advertisements (which can be deactivated by subscribing to the YouTube Premium plan from 11,99 euros / month) and is accessible from all devices: computers, smartphones and tablets (via apps for Android and iOS / iPadOS) , Smart TV, game console etc.

To browse the series in a more orderly way, I suggest you access the section playlist of the channel and choose a playlist (then a series) from there. For any other questions regarding the functioning of YouTube, I leave you to my dedicated guide.


RaiPlay is the official Rai portal and, as can be easily understood, allows both to watch Rai TV channels in streaming and to access some content on demand.

Now, although not many anime are on the air on Rai, something interesting can be found. My advice is simply to link to the home page of the site, search for the term “anime” in the bar located at the top right and browse the proposed titles. For live broadcasts of the channels, however, just go to the ☰ menu (top left) and select the items TV channels> Direct from the bar that compares di lato.

To use the contents (from PC, but also from Android devices, iPhone / iPad, Smart TV and other devices), it is necessary to create a free account. For all the details, check out my post on how RaiPlay works.

Mediaset Play

Mediaset Play it is, as can be guessed, the official portal of the Mediaset channels. For it we can do the same speech just made for RaiPlay: there are few, very few anime on demand, but the vision of live channels (where instead Japanese cartoons are often broadcast) is an important plus.

Go, therefore, to the home page of Mediaset Play and, before doing anything else, register for free to the service, using the button Log in located at the top right. Then, to access the live channels, go to the tab direct; to watch anime on demand instead, do a simple search with the term “anime” in the bar that appears by clicking on magnifying glass top right.

Mediaset Play is also available as an app for Android and iOS / iPadOS, on Smart TVs and other devices. For all the details, see my tutorial dedicated to the service.

Sites to watch anime in paid streaming

In order to watch some good anime in streaming, are you willing to put your hand in your wallet and sign up for a subscription? So here are some services you could turn to.


Netflix is another of those services that need no introduction: it is the most famous streaming platform in the world and in its vast catalog hosts anime, both in the original language and dubbed in Italian, belonging to all genres and all the eras. There are also some original productions, such as "Devilman Crybaby" and "Castlevania", and some animated feature films, including all those of the iconic Studio Ghibli. The catalog, however, is constantly evolving and therefore there may be frequent changes in the content available.

Netflix, depending on the period, may offer an initial free trial (7 to 30 days, generally). Then you have to choose whether to cancel your subscription or subscribe to one of the available plans: Base (€ 7,99 / month with SD vision from a single device); Standard (11,99 euros / month with viewing in Full HD from two devices at the same time) or Premium (€ 15,99 / month with 4K viewing from four devices at the same time).

As for compatible devices, you are spoiled for choice: Netflix is ​​accessible from a computer through all major web browsers and from an application for Windows 10; from smartphones and tablets via application for Android and iOS / iPadOS; from Smart TVs, game consoles, Chromecast, Apple TV, Fire TV Stick, and the list goes on and on. Apps for Windows, smartphones and tablets also allow you to download online content.

To find the anime available on the platform, just search for the term “anime” in the Netflix search bar. To find out more, read my tutorial on how Netflix works.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is Amazon's video streaming service, included in the Prime subscription of the famous online shopping platform. Its cost is 36 euros / year or 3,99 euros / month, with an initial free trial. University students can have the service for 18 euros / year for up to 4 years and get a longer free trial.

Prime Video, like Netflix, is available on a wide range of devices: computer (via web browser or Prime Video application for Windows 10); smartphones and tablets (with the app for Android and iOS / iPadOS); Smart TV; video game consoles; Chromecast; Apple TV and of course the Fire TV Stick, produced by Amazon itself. The apps for Windows, smartphones and tablets also allow you to download content locally.

To search for the anime series on Prime Video (many of which in the original language with Italian subtitles) or the animated films available on the platform, simply search for the term “anime” in the app or on the site. For more details, I leave you to my tutorial on how Prime Video works.


TIMvision is the TIM home streaming service, which gives access to many on-demand content and some live streaming TV channels. Among the on-demand content, there are also some anime series (not many at the time of writing this tutorial, but certainly interesting), accessible through the section Junior of the platform, in which the contents of Boomerang e Cartoon Network.

TIMvision offers two different plans: that basis allows you to see a selection of content on only one device at a time; TIMvision Plus (5 euro / month with an initial free trial), on the other hand, allows access to all on-demand content from multiple devices at the same time and also offers the viewing of Eurosport Player for 12 months, entertainment and Sky news with dedicated, unlimited traffic under the TIM data network and the download function from the app.

The service is accessible from PC (via web browser and application for Windows 10), app for Android and iOS / iPadOS, Smart TV and other devices. It is included in many TIM offers, such as the one named Super TEAM, which allows you to get an unlimited Internet connection (fiber optic or ADSL), calls on consumption at 19 cents / min. + 19 cent. connection fee to all national fixed and mobile numbers (but they are often offered free and unlimited for a specific period of time). For further information on the offer in question and the other plans of the manager to be considered for the vision of TIMVISION, click on the buttons below.

For more details, read my tutorial on how TIMvision works.

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