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Finding interesting films on TV is becoming more and more difficult, almost impossible for those who have decided not to sign a very expensive contract with pay TV services.

Luckily there is the Internet and that in recent years several have been born sites to watch movies, through which we can always have thousands of titles belonging to any film genre and any era at a click (or finger). The best ones are paid, this is true, but they cost less than pay TV and have the advantage of being available at any time and on any device: not just computers, but also smartphones, tablets, Smart TVs, video game consoles, etc.

We solve your problem!

How about if we try to find out, together, which ones are the best? Below I have prepared for you a list of streaming services including free sites, which are supported by advertising, and paid services that offer more "fresh" content in exchange for a small monthly fee (generally less than 10 euros). I bet you will surely find something for you - more than something - and that you can finally say goodbye to wild zapping among the less and less interesting traditional TV channels.

Sites to watch movies for free

Let's start with a review of sites that allow you to watch streaming movies for free. There are really something for everyone.


VVVVID is a free online TV that allows you to stream Japanese movies, TV series and anime (both dubbed and in original language). It is accessible from any browser with Flash Player support and from portable devices, thanks to applications for Android and iPhone / iPad.

To access the VVVVID film catalog (which is made up of international films of various genres, from old Italian comedies to Japanese horror) you need to create a free account on the site, an operation that you can do using your e-mail address or your profile. Facebook. How? It's that simple. Connect to the home page of the service, then fill out the form that is proposed to you or click on the button Registrati with Facebook And that's it.

Once registration is complete, click on the tab Videos located at the top left and browse the films available on VVVVID using one of the menus that appear below: Recommended to view the list of the most interesting films of the moment; Popular to find out the most viewed by site users; New releases to browse the new entries in the VVVVID catalog; Genres to view films based on their genre (eg Comedy, Horror) e AZ to scroll through the movie titles in alphabetical order.

Once you have identified the "film" to view, click first on its thumbnail image and then on the button Guarda to start playback. For Japanese TV series and anime you can follow the same instructions: just click on one of the tabs at the top and select the content to play.

PopCorn TV

Now let's talk about PopCorn TV, a free on-demand video service created by Delta Pictures that allows you to watch Japanese movies, soap operas and anime in streaming. All at no cost and without registration. The service is accessible from any browser with Flash Player support and from smartphones and tablets, where the site is displayed in a version optimized for mobile devices (with videos in MP4 format instead of Flash).

To browse the PopCorn TV catalog, in which you can find several second-tier American films (therefore not very popular but still interesting), all you have to do is connect to the main page of the service and select one of the film genres listed at the top right: Action, Comedy, Horror o Dramatic. Then click on the poster of the film to play and enjoy the show.

The same goes for the reproduction of souls (Animemanga) and soap operas (LadyChannel): just select one of the tabs at the top and click on the thumbnail of the content to be played.

MyMovies Live

MyMovies Live is a very different service from VVVVID and PopCorn TV, as it is structured as if it were a real online cinema. There are the "projections" of the films, which can only be attended at fixed days and times, and the virtual cinemas in which you can "sit" only if there is still room.

The service is free, but a paid subscription is also available (starting from € 1,99 / week) which allows free access to all the films in the catalog, without constraints relating to the day or time of the screening and without limits on places in the "room".

To use MyMovies Live you have to click on the button Activate a free profile located at the top left and create a free account using your email address. Then click on the button Film Live located at the top right and book your place for watching the films scheduled for free users. If, on the other hand, you have subscribed to a pay subscription (Unlimited), click on the button Film on demand (always located at the top right) and freely choose which "film" to watch.

The films hosted on MyMovies Live are all of the highest quality, in fact they come from film festivals around the world. In some cases they are in Italian, in others in the original language with subtitles. Good vision!


In addition to hosting a very rich store through which it is possible to rent or buy first-run films, YouTube it also hosts several channels that allow you to watch free movies legally. One of these is Film & Game by YAM112003 which hosts dozens of cult films belonging to various cinematographic genres: from Italian comedy to action films, passing through romantic comedies.

Also noteworthy is the official YouTube Italia Film channel on which some independent “films” are available to watch for free in streaming. Like all videos available on YouTube, these films are also accessible from computers, smartphones, tablets and any other device capable of accessing the famous Google home portal. You don't even need to connect to your Gmail account!

Sites of TV broadcasters

Another, perhaps unexpected, source of free movies are the sites of Italian TV broadcasters, which in some cases allow you to watch all the broadcasts in streaming and offer films to watch in on-demand mode.

Among the most interesting sites of this type there is certainly that of Rai which offers the best films of the week to watch on-demand, but that of Mediaset which allows you to watch all the broadcasters of the group in live streaming is not to be underestimated either ( after free registration).

To know the best sites of Italian TV broadcasters and find out how they work, read my post dedicated to free TV streaming.

Sites for watching paid movies

I sites to watch movies do they seem a little too limited to you? Are you looking for a bit more "fresh" content? Then you have no other choice, you have to turn to one of the many paid video on-demand services currently available in Italy.


I don't think he needs so many introductions anymore. Netflix is ​​one of the most popular video-on-demand services in the world and its catalog includes hundreds of movies, TV series, cartoons and documentaries. Its main strengths are the quality of the streaming (excellent even with medium speed ADSL connections), the fact that it can be used from a PC without resorting to plugins such as Flash Player or Microsoft Silverlight (thus consuming little battery) and the presence of original content, series in the first place, which cannot be found on other VOD platforms. Its negative sides, on the other hand, can be identified in the impossibility of viewing content offline and in a catalog of films that is perhaps a step below - in purely numerical terms - compared to the main competitors. Let's not forget, however, that Netflix debuted on the Italian market in October 2015, when its "rivals" already had a few years of experience behind them, and this means a lot.

The service is accessible from a wide range of devices (PCs, smartphones, tablets, Smart TVs, Chromecast, Apple TV and video game consoles) and offers three types of subscription: a basic 7,99 euro / month that allows you to watch content in standard definition from only one device at a time; an intermediate one from 11,99 euros / month that allows you to view content in Full HD resolution on two devices at the same time and a "top" one from 15,99 euros / month that allows you to watch content in UltraHD resolution (4K) on four devices at the same time . In all three cases, during the promo periods, it is possible to activate a free trial of 14-30 days with no obligation to renew. If you want to know more, read my tutorial on how to watch Netflix in which I have explained to you in detail how the service works.


Infinity by Mediaset is one of the main video on-demand platforms available in Italy. It made its debut in December 2013 and this has allowed its catalog to be enriched in an important way with leading TV series (eg "Lost" and "Breaking Bad"), thousands of films of every era and genre, documentaries and cartoons. . Normally it costs 6,99 euros / month but often there are promotions that allow you to use it for 4,99 euros / month after 30 or 60 days of free trial. Furthermore, it should be noted that the service is included in many of the Mediaset Premium digital terrestrial pay TV plans.

The main advantages of this VOD platform are the huge catalog, the compatibility with many devices (PC, smartphone, tablet, Smart TV, Chromecast, video game console and multimedia decoder, Apple TV is currently missing) and the ability to download content offline. , even on PC (with a timed expiration). The negative sides, however, we can identify them in the need to use plugins such as Microsoft Silverlight to use the service via computer (unless you use the Chrome browser, in that case the videos are in HTML5 format and therefore do not require external plugins to be played) and in a slightly lower streaming quality than Netflix. Furthermore it must be said that the reproduction of contents in UltraHD / 4K for the moment is reserved only for owners of Samsung Smart TVs. If you want to deepen the topic and want to know how Infinity works in more detail, consult the post I dedicated to the topic.

Sky Online

As can be easily understood, Sky Online is Sky Italia's video on-demand service. It is a real alternative to satellite pay TV as it offers all the contents of the latter (or almost) plus an on-demand catalog consisting of thousands of films and TV series without any contractual restrictions.

Its main strength is - guess what - the Sky catalog, while its weaknesses can be identified in the resolution of the streaming (still in standard definition at 576p) and in the price: the service is divided into Cinema packages (9,99 , 9,99 euros / month), Entertainment with TV series and television shows (19,99 euros / month) and Football with Serie A and Europa League matches (XNUMX euros / month). There is an initial trial period at no cost, but the prices are significantly higher than the competition. If you want to know more read my post on how to see Sky Online.

Sites to rent movies

If you are not willing to pay a fixed monthly fee to watch movies online, you can turn to the "classic" rental services. To learn more about the subject read my tutorial on how to rent a movie online in which I told you about iTunes Store, Chili TV and other services that allow you to rent or buy single films without taking out monthly subscriptions.

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