See what famous VIP person you look like

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Here's a nice summer nonsense just to lose 10 minutes and get a smile. Would you like to see which celebrity you look like? Of course? anyway now, I tell you the same sense I do not know how to pass the time today.
Thanks to modern facial recognition technologies and artificial intelligence, we can upload a selfie photo of us to see which famous person we look like. To get an accurate result, it is recommended to use a clear face image of suitable file size and format. The rest is all automatic and the site will find the famous people that the photo we uploaded looks like.

1) On the site StarByFace there is a very playful tool to find the celebrity we look like by simply uploading your photo. When you visit the website, a pane appears where you can upload the image which should be a featured photo such as a passport photo. Facial recognition analyzes the points of the face and will show as a result the famous face of an actor or other VIP that we are most similar to. You can even take a look at the best celebrity couple with your face.

2) A other site that tells us what American famous person we look like in the picture è Celebslikeme, where you can press the Own Photo button to upload your face and have it analyzed to find a list of famous people who look like you. On Microsoft's website, which uses advanced facial recognition technology, just upload a photo to instantly know which Hollywood VIP we look like.

3) Another site capable of analyzing the face and tell us what famous person we look like Pictrew. By uploading a photo you can analyze the face according to various traits to find which celebrity looks like us and what age we show. This site works very well with a good quality front photo.

4) Cinestaan is a site where you just need to press the Upload button to upload your own photo with the front face to be able to find which famous person looks like thanks to its facial recognition technology. Your photo image should be 400 × 420 in size.

See what famous VIP person you look like

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