Huawei Mobile Services: what they are for and how they work

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Huawei Mobile Services: what they are for

Huawei Mobile Services (often abbreviated to HMS) is an ecosystem of services and apps that allows you to make the most of Huawei devices and make the digital life of us users easier.

This system, introduced with the launch of the Huawei Mate 30 line products, is made up of numerous solutions, all integrated with each other, which allow access to a wide range of features and content.

First there is theHUAWEI ID: the account that allows you to identify yourself in Huawei services and to obtain, among other things, data backup on the cloud (with HUAWEI Mobile Cloud), synchronization of information between various devices and anti-theft functions.

HUAWEI AppGallery it is instead the app store that has replaced the Google Play Store in the most recent Huawei terminals. It allows you to search, download, manage and share apps and games in a very simple way, with the possibility of finding exclusive content and free packages, special game events, competitions, prize draws and exclusive rewards.

Very useful when configuring a new device (but not only) is then HUAWEI Phone Clone, which allows you to transfer data (including photos, videos, contacts and messages) from one phone to another in seconds and wirelessly. It works with any device, not just Huawei ones, and even iPhones. But it doesn't stop there!

Among the HMS there are also solutions such as HUAWEI browser, a very fast and light web browser that protects the user's privacy while browsing online; HUAWEI Assistant, the personal assistant that allows you to view news and other useful information quickly, by simply swiping from right to left on the home screen; HUAWEI Video, to access films, TV series and documentaries in high definition; HUAWEI Temi, to customize the appearance of your device in an original and fun way, using ready-to-use packages, e HUAWEI Music, a music streaming service with over 50 million songs and 1,2 million albums available, offering a 3-month free trial to all new subscribers by April 26, 2020.

In short, the one offered by Huawei Mobile Services is a complex of Smart solutions in continuous growth, which certainly deserves to be fully exploited, and today I will explain how to do it: keep reading to find out more!

Huawei Mobile Services: how they work

Now that we have made the acquaintance of the world Huawei Mobile Services, the time has come to understand how to make the most of these services to get the most out of our smartphones. For the guide I used a Huawei P40, but the indications given are valid for all devices that support HMS e HUAWEI AppGallery. Enjoy the reading!

Initial smartphone setup

Thanks to services such as HUAWEI ID e HUAWEI Phone Clone, the initial configuration of a Huawei smartphone is easier than ever: in a few minutes, in fact, you can have a device ready to use and, above all, with all your personal data already inside it (through cloud synchronization of Huawei ID and importing data from a previous smartphone done with HUAWEI Phone Clone).

The first step you need to take is to select the language to use e geographic area where you are; then you have to accept the terms of use of Huawei and connect to a WIFI network, selecting one of those available: if there are no Wi-Fi networks available, it is possible to continue with the 3G / 4G / 5G data network (knowing, however, that the full-bodied download of the contents during the initial configuration of the device could lead to a significant consumption of available traffic).

Once the connection to the network is established, a HUAWEI ID: if you already have one, enter your credentials in the appropriate fields and press the button Access, to instantly connect it to your smartphone. If, however, you do not yet have an account of this type, click on the item Forgot your password or don't have a HUAWEI ID? (at the bottom of the screen) and then confirm by tapping on the item Create a HUAWEI ID.

On the page that opens, then make sure that the correct geographic area is selected and press on NEXT; then tap on Accept, provide yours date of birth and choose whether to create the ID using email address o telephone number. Made your choice, enter the required information, configure one Password, choose whether to provide other data as an option (e.g. the telephone number if you registered via email address) and verify your identity by following the instructions on the screen (e.g. by opening the link that is sent to you via email).

Once this is done, choose whether to activate the backup cloud of HUAWEI ID (I recommend yes) and indicate what data to include in it: Gallery, Contacts, Browser etc.; go then forward, accepts the terms of use of the service and choose whether to also activate the anti-theft function Find phone, to locate the device remotely.

At this point, set a PIN to protect your phone (you can also select an alternative unlocking method to 6-digit PIN, for example a 4-digit PIN or a sequence, pressing on the item Change unlock method), accepts the conditions of Huawei Mobile Services and choose whether to configure the others release systems available on your phone (eg. Fingerprint e face recognition).

After this step too, choose whether to accept the activation of all EMUI services, if you consent to the sending of data in the user experience improvement programis share analytics data, whether to activate Huawei Location Services (hence the location services) and whether to configure the automatic updates software (I recommend yes).

In the next screen, the one relating todata import, you can choose whether to use HUAWEI Phone Clone to move data from another deviceis restore from HUAWEI cloud backup or set as a new device the phone you are using (therefore without importing data).

In the case of restoring from HUAWEI ID, just enter your credentials and that's it. For import data from another smartphone, instead, accepts i terms of service and choose whether to transfer the information from another terminal Huawei, from other Android or from iPhone / iPad; dopodiché premium pulsating Allow, choose whether to keep the data network activated or whether to deactivate it (to prevent unwanted traffic consumption on the 3G / 4G / 5G network from being made following the creation of the Wi-Fi hotspot for wireless communication between the two smartphones) and use the app HUAWEI Phone Clone (available on Play Store and App Store) to scan, with the old smartphone, the QR code you see on your new phone.

To do this, just start Phone Clone on the old smartphone, press the button fordata sending and frame the camera QR code displayed on the new phone. If scanning the QR code doesn't work, tap Connect manually and add the data of theWi-Fi hotspots reported on the new smartphone.

Once the connection between the two devices has been established, select the data to be copied to your new Huawei smartphone (eg. Contacts, Messages, Calendar, Gallery, Music, Video etc.), by checking the relevant boxes in Phone Clone (on the old phone) and go forward. If the smartphone from which the data is to be transferred has expandable memory, you may have to repeat the operation to choose which data to copy from the device's internal memory and which from the SD card inserted into it.

Once you've made your choices, press the button Transfer, enter the PIN phone and wait a few seconds (or minutes, depending on the amount of data to be transferred) for the data copy procedure to be completed.

Premium for your pulse end, follow the gesture tutorial that you can use to browse the contents of your new smartphone and select any Whatsapp you want to install among the most interesting and popular ones that are proposed to you.

Well: now you can start having fun using your new Huawei smartphone, on which you will immediately find all the information and data you have transferred from your old phone and / or the cloud. Happy?

App installation

As mentioned above, on the latest Huawei smartphones there are no Google Play Services and the Google Play Store, but this does not mean that you have to give up your favorite apps or a simple installation of the latter. Indeed, with HUAWEI AppGallery, the increasingly rich Huawei store, you can find all the most popular apps (eg. TikTok, Telegram and Microsoft Office), download, manage and share them with extreme ease, plus the possibility of finding exclusive content, prize draws and rewards.

There are, of course, a lot of Google apps missing, but it's possible to bypass the problem very easily. For example, instead of gmail you can use the app E-mail present "standard" on the device (which is fully compatible with Gmail), while instead of the YouTube you can use the browser (creating, if desired, also a shortcut to reach the site on the home screen). Other Google apps, however, are available and work, albeit with some limitations: Google Maps, for example, it works in full except that you cannot log in and then save favorite places. In any case, there are many valid and 100% working alternatives on Huawei smartphones without Play Store: Waze, Maps Me o Here we go, just to give some examples.

For the rest there is really everything, with a catalog that is constantly expanding. Clearly, in addition to the apps, there are also the games most popular, with special events and exclusive competitions. And it doesn't stop there! To complete the experience offered by Huawei Mobile Services there are also the Quick App, that is, applications that can work without installation: select their icon in the AppGallery, press a button and they are immediately ready for use!

And if an app is not yet present in the Huawei store, no problem: you can rely on FindApp, an application developed by a team of in your languagen developers, available at no cost on the AppGallery, which allows you to scan the most reliable and complete Android app databases available on the Net and to easily download the related apk packages from the latter. But let's see how to proceed in more detail.

To download an app from HUAWEI AppGallery, all you have to do is open the store in question by clicking on its icon on the home screen. If you are asked for permissions, grant them. Well: you are ready to browse all the contents in the service.

Via the card recommended, you can get a general overview of what are the most interesting apps of the moment (divided into various categories, such as new loved apps, most popular apps or more fun games) and the promotions in progress on the store (highlighted in the banner above); going to the tab Categories you can browse apps and games based on the category they belong to (eg. Communication, Toys e Photography); in the card Top find the charts of the most popular apps and games of the moment, while tabs Manage e User allow, respectively, to manage the apps, their updates and their installation packages and to view all the information on your account (gifts, prizes, reviews, wish list, purchase history, notifications on comments, etc.).

That said, to download an app, all you have to do is locate it in HUAWEI AppGallery (you can also search for it directly, using the search box at the top), press on its icon and then on the button Install: the application will be downloaded and installed automatically. At the end of the procedure, you will find its icon on the home screen.

As for Quick App, you can find them easily by scrolling the tab recommended di HUAWEI AppGallery and pressing on the link Other present in corrispondenza della voce Quick App. Some examples of QuickApp are: Uber, Airbnb, Privalia, Glovo e JustEat.

Identify, therefore, the Quick App you are interested in trying, press on its icon and tap the button apri, to open it immediately without installing it. You will be asked if you want to add a link to the app on your home: choose whether to accept or reject, by responding to the warning that appears on the screen.

Later, you can manage the Quick Apps via the menu Manage> Quick App Management di HUAWEI AppGallery or by taking advantage of the Quick App Center quick link, which you can always activate via the AppGallery.

Haven't found an app on HUAWEI AppGallery? Don't panic: as mentioned, you can count on FindApp, a free application (which you can find directly on the HUAWEI AppGallery) that allows you to download apk packages of apps and games from various reliable sources and install them with a couple of taps.

To use it, launch it and browse the apps available on its home screen, where you can choose whether to sort content by popularity, For name or whether to filter them by category (by pressing on the appropriate items); alternatively you can perform a direct search, using the bar located at the top.

Once you have found the app of your interest, press on its icon and then on the store icon that you find under the heading Click to install. This will open the Web page from which to download the installation package of the selected app, by pressing the relative button (eg. Download) and confirming, through the notice appeared below.

Once the download is complete apk package, you just have to open the notification menu, by swiping from the top of the screen to the bottom, and press on the name of the latter (alternatively, you can easily find all the files downloaded on your smartphone by opening the app File management, found on the home screen).

In the screen that is proposed to you, then click on Allow, Then Install and, at the end of the installation, choose whether to open the app or close the screen.

Please note: in some cases, the apk packages are not available in simple web pages, but in real third-party stores (eg. Amazon App Store), to be installed in order to then perform the actual download of apps and games.

Personalization of the smartphone

As amply pointed out above, the ecosystem Huawei Mobile Services includes numerous solutions that allow you to customize and simplify the user experience on your smartphone, making it even more secure.

For example, using yours HUAWEI ID and the platform HUAWEI Mobile Cloud, you can have a constant and secure backup of your data on the Internet and the ability to synchronize them on all your Huawei devices. If you did not activate the function during the initial configuration of the phone or, in any case, you want to change its settings, open the app Settings (the'icona dell'ingranaggio present on the home screen) and first tap on yours name (if you don't have an associated ID yet, you can fix it right now) and then on the entry Cloud.

This will open a screen where you can select the contents to be synchronized with the Huawei cloud (eg. Gallery, Contacts, Browser, Calendar etc.) and manage functions such as Backup cloud (for automatic device backups on the cloud) e Find the phone (to locate and control the device remotely in case of theft / loss).

Returning to the Home Screen and running one swipe from left to right, you can access the screen instead Today, which contains a feed with the latest news, the list of upcoming tasks, some quick commands to access contacts, favorite photos, notes, etc., weather information and on the use of apps, smart suggestions proposed by the Huawei AI and more .

To configure the Today screen, go to it and press on yours profile picture (or thelittle man), top right. This will open a menu through which you can choose whether to keep activated AI Tips (i.e. AI suggestions) and select the content to display in the news feed (eg. weather, Today e Use of mobile data).

To add new buttons to shortcuts (above), press the button instead (⋮) Other and drag the buttons you want to see on the Today screen at the top of the menu that is proposed to you.

Moving on to the aesthetic customization of EMUI, however, you can rely on the app Temi, which lets you download and apply hundreds of ready-to-use themes, fonts, icons and wallpapers with a tap.

To make use of this resource, select its icon on the home screen and browse the available contents, using the tabs and menus that you see on the screen. Once you have found the theme, font, icon set or background of your interest, tap on his preview, then on the button to execute it download for free or l 'purchase (there are both free and paid content) and finally hit Apply to apply it.

To manage themes, fonts, backgrounds etc. present on your device you can easily go to the section personal app Temi and select the icon of the content you want to edit, or choose one of the preset themes listed below, in order to apply it immediately to your smartphone. Easier than that?

Article created in collaboration with Huawei.

Huawei Mobile Services: what they are for and how they work

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