Lower rates for LTE internet stick

    Lower rates for LTE internet stick While the rates for browsing the internet from mobile never drop, they have at least far fewer limits than in the past and become good alternatives to have internet everywhere without having to connect to a public Wi-Fi network (often too slow for our purposes). If for work we often use LTE USB sticks to navigate, in this guide we will do some clarity by showing you the rates dedicated to the aforementioned keys, indicating the lower rates for surfing the internet. We deliberately omit from this analysis the subscriptions, which are always cheaper than the rechargeable offers.
    We anticipate that some of the offers are designed to be used on smartphones or tablets, but that do not have any usage limits: the SIMs with these active offers can be inserted into an LTE USB key and used to browse the Internet from the PC (compared in the past, many of the costs associated with tethering, which required us to seek special rates for keys, have disappeared).

    The various telephony operators that we are about to show you are sorted in order of price, from the cheapest to the least convenient, so that you can immediately access the best rate for the LTE Internet key.

    1) TIM
    The cheapest offer for LTE sticks is from TIM, which offers 40GB per month for tablets, modems and smartphones al price of 10 Euro per month. Thanks to it we will get a SIM card enabled for navigation also from a key, taking advantage of the 4,5G network offered by TIM. Upon exceeding the available Giga and in the absence of other active promotions, we can browse thanks to the Giga di Scorta at a cost of € 1,90 every 200 megabytes (up to a maximum of 1 Giga for a total amount of € 9,50). With the activation it is also foreseen the purchase of a TIM Card at a cost of 25 €, of which 5 € for activation and 20 € of prepaid traffic included. If 20 GB is enough for what we have to do with the LTE key, this is currently the best offer we can activate, also considering that TIM offers one of the best networks available in the city.
    If, on the other hand, 40 GB are too few, TIM also offers other offers with a higher number of GB but at very little competitive prices (you might as well choose one of the other offers below).

    2) Iliad
    The French operator Iliad, which entered the market in 2018, offers a complete offer with Internet up to 50 GB, unlimited messages and calls, but which we can also use without problems inside the LTE key. Iliad uses both its dedicated network (up to 4G +) and the Wind antennas where it is not present, so as to always offer good coverage to surf the Internet from a computer. The only offer that can be subscribed at the moment provides a monthly cost of € 7,99, with a constraint that it will never increase in the months to come (they have done a lot of advertising campaign on this aspect). It is currently offering with the best price / data ratio, since 50GB are difficult to finish even from a PC (as long as we don't download programs and disk images that are too heavy).

    5) Vodafone
    Vodafone is one of the best telephone companies in the city but prices tend to be much higher than the competition, even if we are looking for a data SIM for the LTE key. The best is Giga Speed ​​Plus which, at the cost of € 12 per month, offers the possibility to browse up to 50 GB during the day or 100 GB for 20 Euros per month. All in all not a higher price than the competition, since Vodafone offers excellent coverage and excellent connection speed (one of the best in the city together with TIM) not only in large cities but also in small municipalities, which are often reached by good speeds. thanks to Vodafone (and this partly justifies the very high prices for each type of product).

    6) Other offers from virtual operators
    In addition to the operators that we have shown you above, there are other offers that we can subscribe to with other virtual operators, which use the networks of TIM and Vodafone to offer a cheaper service (since they do not have all the typical infrastructure of a complete operator. ).
    The best offers we can sign up are:

    - Postemobile
    - Ho. Mobile
    - Fastweb Mobile
    - CoopYou

    To conclude, we remind you that, to surf the internet abroad, there is now free roaming in EU countries (therefore same rates) and there are special plans that are convenient, such as those that we can find in our dedicated guide available here down.

    Lower rates for LTE internet stick

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