How to reset FRITZ! Box modem

How to reset a FRITZ! Box modem and reset settings

How to reset FRITZ! Box modem In many guides we have cited the FRITZ! Box as the best modem to use at home to improve the coverage of the wireless network and to obtain many additional functions often absent on modems provided by telephone operators. Convinced by the reviews and positive opinions, we decided to place the FRITZ! Box at home but, following an incorrect configuration, we realized that we had worsened the performance of the modem and wanted to reset the device.
Unfortunately the FRITZ! Box has no hole in which to insert a toothpick or a needle to start the reset procedure: we will have to follow the procedure via the graphic interface or via a DECT telephone connected to it.
In this guide we will show you then how to reset FRITZ! Box modem so that we can reset it to factory settings and start over without the incorrect settings added during our tests.

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How to reset FRITZ! Box modem

As mentioned in the introduction, the FRITZ! Box does not have holes or buttons to press to be able to reset the device like on other modems or routers on the market. The only methods for resetting the FRITZ! Box are listed below: we recommend that you try the method via the graphical interface right away, which is by far the simplest to apply. Once they have reset the FRITZ! Box modem, we recommend that you back up the working settings of our line, so that you can restore that without having to reset the entire modem each time.

How to restore from the graphical interface

To reset the FRITZ! Box modem, simply turn on a computer connected to the device via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable, open your favorite browser and type or the address in the address bar.
The login screen will open, where you can enter the modem access password (the default is found in the box or in the FRITZ! Box operating instructions). Once inside let's go to the menu System, Then Backup and finally in the tab Factory Default Settings.
How to reset FRITZ! Box modem

To start the reset procedure just press the button Load the factory settings, confirm where necessary and wait for the modem to reset and restart.
At the end of the procedure all our personal settings will be lost and we will be able to re-access the modem or the Wi-Fi network using only the passwords provided on the box or in the modem user manual.

After the restart it may be necessary to configure the navigation parameters for our Internet line; for more information, please read our guide Configure the modem for TIM, Fastweb, Infostrada, Tiscali connections.

How to reset with a DECT phone

If we do not remember the access password of the FRITZ! Box, we can also reset the device from a DECT telephone connected to the modem. We cannot use the classic telephone connected via the PHONE socket for this purpose, but only telephones connected wirelessly with DECT, such as AVM FRITZ! Fon C5 (63 €).
How to reset FRITZ! Box modem

If we have a DECT telephone already configured with the FRITZ! Box modem, we can start the reset procedure by picking up the telephone, typing # 991 * 15901590 * and finally pressing the open handset symbol (green button). As soon as there is a line, we keep the call open for 3 seconds, then hang up with the closed handset key (red key).
The modem reset procedure will start immediately: during the procedure the modem LEDs flash once; at the end of the reset, the WLAN LED remains on steady, indicating the end of the process.

Now we will have to access the router setup screen and reconfigure the parameters for the Internet, change the Wi-Fi passwords (if necessary) and reconfigure the DECT phone.

How to restore via backup of settings

Another very effective method to reset the FRITZ! Box modem involves the use of a backup of the settings, which we can create in the device settings and use if necessary to get the line working again or to cancel the computed experiments in the interface.
To restore a previously made backup of the FRITZ! Box, access the modem settings, go to the System -> Backup path and finally open the tab Restore.
How to reset FRITZ! Box modem

In the screen that will appear, press the button Shop by Department, select the backup file stored on our PC (or in any other media) and finally press the button Restore. The system will ask us for the password associated with the backup and in a few seconds the modem will be restarted; now we will be able to restart our tests with a connection already configured and with the main functions already available.

If we have not even created a backup so far, let's restore as seen previously, enter the Internet browsing parameters and other necessary settings (personal Wi-Fi passwords or DECT phones), then let's take the path System -> Backup and open the tab Save.
How to reset FRITZ! Box modem

In order to create the backup we first of all enter a protection password (let's choose it simple but it is difficult to guess), then press the Save button at the bottom to open the file manager of our computer and be able to choose where to keep the new file (preferably on an external USB stick or an external USB disk).


If we find ourselves in the situation of having to restore our new FRITZ! Box modem, you should keep this mini guide at hand, so that you know exactly which menus to open and how to use the DECT phones or backups generated by the system in order to quickly reset the FRITZ !Box. For convenience, we can also print this guide and keep it near the modem (in a drawer for example), so you know immediately what to look for to reset the device.

If, on the other hand, we are looking for the procedures for resetting modems of other brands, we can read our article How to reset the modem.
Despite the reset, our Internet connection is not working? We can try to solve it by reading the suggestions in our guides If the PC is not connected to the internet, how to reset the network and web browsing e Modem red LED (Internet absent): what to do before calling for assistance.

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