How Fastweb NeXXt modem works with Alexa

Let's find out all the features of the latest generation modem supplied by Fastweb to new and old customers

After years of Fastgate modems, the telephone operator has decided to modify the proprietary modem supplied to new fixed telephony and Internet customers by focusing on a new product that is decidedly more modern and attractive than the modems seen in the past: we are talking about the new Fastweb NeXXt modem, a concentrate of technology enclosed in the vaguely cylindrical shape, far from the stylistic canons seen with the modems of other operators or with the modems previously produced by Fastweb itself.

In the following guide we will show you how Fastweb NeXXt modem works, showing you which technical features Fastweb has included in its new modem and how we can take advantage of the most awaited feature of all, namely the integration with Alexa and its functioning as a real dedicated speaker for Amazon's voice assistant.

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Features new Fastweb modem

The new Fastweb NeXXt modem supports FTTH optical fiber up to 2,5 Gbps per second (where is it possible to activate the FTTH of course), it provides a direct port for the optical fiber (to connect the optical fiber cable directly) and obviously includes the Alexa voice assistant; the assistant is integrated inside the modem, which works like a large speaker like an Amazon Echo Dot. Another interesting function is the new Wi-Fi 6, which will allow you to connect the latest devices using the new wireless network technology, which we also talked about in the guide Is an 802.11ac (Wi-Fi 5) or 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) router better?

Through Alexa integrated in the modem we can take advantage of various connection modes, activating the right one based on the conditions of use and based on what we want to do at that precise moment: by launching the command "Alexa, launch the streaming mode" we will get a Wi connection -Fi optimized for home Smart TV or game consoles, which will be "accelerated" immediately (they will get a high priority in terms of bandwidth). Another usable command is "Alexa, launch the smart working mode", which instead will give top priority to home computers during remote work and study hours, so as to be able to work smoothly due to those who play or watch Netflix while we work or we study.

Another very interesting feature is theAlexa integration with Fastweb customer support: in case of speed drops on the line, just launch the command "Alexa, test the network" or "Alexa, reset the network" to carry out all the network checks and reset the connection parameters, so as to solve the vast majority connection problems.

Just like on the old Fastgate modem we can control the Fastweb NeXXt modem by downloading the app MyFastweb, available for free from the Google Play Store andApple App Store.

NeXXt Booster, Fastweb's Wi-Fi Mesh

For higher priced telephone offers we can also take advantage of the new one NeXXt Booster, which works in a very similar way to a Wi-Fi Mesh satellite, a technology that we also talked about in the guide Mesh WiFi: how to increase wireless coverage.

This satellite automatically connects to the Fastweb NeXXt modem network and amplifies it, so as to maximize the coverage of the Wi-Fi signal in every part of the house. In addition to functioning as a satellite of the Wi-Fi Mesh, it also works as an Alexa speaker, so you can launch the Amazon assistant's voice commands in another room without being tied to the responses of the main modem (which has its own dedicated microphones). At the moment it is not possible to connect other boosters to the network, but in the future Fastweb will unlock this feature, so as to be able to expand the network and cover even the largest houses.

Fastweb offers combined with the new modem

Fastweb's commercial offer includes two versions, one with a modem only and one with a modem plus the dedicated booster for the Wi-Fi Mesh. Below we can find all the details of the offer:

  • Fastweb NeXXt Casa Light: this offer includes the Fastweb NeXXt modem, unlimited connection via FTTH fiber optic network (up to 2,5 Gbps in download) and pay-as-you-go calls (15 cents per minute) at the price of 27,95 per month (in temporary promotion at 19,95 euros per month). If in our area there is no FTTH coverage, the modem can also be used on FTTC connections or on old ADSL, given the compatibility with the traditional telephone twisted pair.
  • Fastweb NeXXt Home: the operator's complete offer that includes the Fastweb NeXXt modem, unlimited connection via FTTH fiber optic network (up to 2,5 Gbps in download), free unlimited calls, and the combined NeXXt Booster for the price of 30,95 euros per month (in temporary promotion at € 22,95 per month). Also in this case we can use the modem even without FTTH coverage, using the FTTC line or the ADSL line present at our home.

The offers indicated above can be activated by visiting the official Fastweb website. To find out the coverage of Fastweb's fiber optic network, we invite you to read our guides Fiber coverage for TIM, Fastweb, Vodafon, WindTre and others e Best Optical Fiber: check coverage and offers.


Although the Fastgate modem used so far by Fastweb was not bad at all with this one new modem the operator embraces Alexa's voice assistant and allows you to control home automation devices with your voice, as well as being able to launch requests, streaming music and so on on the fly without having to buy an Amazon Echo Dot or an Echo Studio. The speed that can be reached with this modem is very high, the support for Wi-Fi 6 is very interesting for connecting new devices on the market, as well as the dedicated booster, so you can immediately recreate a good home Wi-Fi Mesh network. and connect each device on the network. The modem may be required by new Fastweb users, but by contacting customer support it will be possible to obtain the new modem also for old customers (always if the contract provides for the FTTH connection).

If we do not know which voice commands to use with the Alexa integrated in the modem, we invite you to read our guides What Alexa can do: the most comfortable use of the voice assistant e Amazon Alexa: How to create routines and new voice commands.

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