App to change or remove the background in photos

    App to change or remove the background in photos There was a time when photomontages could only be done with professional programs, or using free automatic tools whose results, although appreciable, were really of low quality. Today, thanks to the applications, it is also possible to create complex photomontages without the need to be an expert in graphics, using a smartphone or tablet, touching the images with the finger in a precise way trying to select and overlap elements taken from different photos.
    We can therefore remove the background from a photo and use the extracted figure in the background of another image or remove from the photos that we would like to keep those disturbing elements that can be, for example, an unknown person, a garbage can or a sign. .
    In this article, therefore, we find out what they are the best apps for android and ios to change the background of photos, to remove it and to overlay two different photos in one.

    1) Background Eraser is the first application to try on Android and iPhone, specially designed for the purpose of erasing and removing the background of a photo. The app works relatively simply and simply requires you to select with your finger the part of the image that is to disappear, leaving only the figure in the foreground. There might be some jagged and dirty edges in the photo during the background removal process, but the app will take care of blending and softening them making them part of the image and sharper edges. You can then use this application to extract elements from your photo which can then be mounted and superimposed on top of other backgrounds using other photo editing tools such as PicsArt.

    2) PhotoLayers, for Android and iPhone is an app similar to Background Eraser, which specializes in making the background area to be removed transparent so that you can then overlay the extracted image on another background and create beautiful photomontages. with this application you can easily combine up to 11 images together.

    3) Adobe Photoshop Express, for Android and iOS, is a version of Photoshop aimed at mixing photos, in order to create overlays and photomontages. With a very easy to understand and use interface on your phone screen you can overlay images by adding multiple layers. You can then start with the choice of the image that has to be the background and then add, with the + key, other layers above, in order to choose the elements to add on top. Each silhouette or figure can be cut out and made more immersed in the background in order to look real and not a shabby photomontage of bad quality.

    4) Afterfocus, again for Android and iPhone, is the powerful application that allows you to remove elements from a photo with a background blur effect (bokeh effect). When using this app it is always advisable to use the manual blur tool and not the automatic one which is inaccurate. You can then manually select the part of the photo you want to keep sharp, in order to blur everything else.

    5) Pixlr, for Android and iPhone, has always been one of the best photo editing apps, which also includes the function to remove the background from an image making it transparent. The id Pixlr magic wand can also be used to remove backgrounds automatically, only by selecting the area to be deleted.

    6) Touch retouch, for Android and iPhone, it is not a free app, but for only 2 Euros it offers a tool as simple as it is powerful and automatic to delete and hide disturbing elements and figures from a photo, without ruining the background.

    7) Auto Background Changer for Android and Photo Background Changer for iPhone they are two different apps, but similar because they allow you to remove and change the background of a photo almost completely automatically.

    8) PicsArt, another of the best photo editing apps for Android and iPhone, includes the tool to split photos into layers and erase the background. The layer manager is located between the editing tools on the right side of the screen (by pressing the brush and then the series of overlapping squares). Again with PicsArt you can then take the extracted figure without a background to superimpose it on another image.

    9) Background Remover (Android) is an easy to use and very effective background remover app. The magic icon allows you to mark the areas to be deleted, then the app does everything by itself and also allows you to add a different background than the one removed.

    10 ) MagiCut (Android) makes it easy to remove the background from a photo by selecting the area to keep and letting the application do the work. You can then add new backgrounds to the cropped photos or save the photo without a background.

    11 ) Cut Cut (Android) allows you to change the background of photos by automatically detecting the outline of the subject. The selection is quick and accurate, all automatic. You can also replace the backgrounds in your photos with other images.

    12 ) Photocut (Android) PhotoCut has automatic selection features like Cut Cut, but also a fairly simple and precise manual mode. After selecting the image, you can mark the border of the subject and the app will automatically select the relevant adjacent parts. Finally, the selected part of the image can be removed from the photo. PhotoCut also gives the possibility to paste parts of images on a photo, to make different edits.

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