How to get free gems on Brawl Stars

Preliminary information

Before explaining in detail how to get free gems on Brawl Stars, I want to give you some useful preliminary information about it.

In fact, you must know that the gem are one of the rarest and most sought-after virtual currencies in the Supercell game, as they allow you to buy almost all items in the Shop, such as the skin and brawl speakers, but also to get the Brawl pass and Bundle del Brawl Pass, which allow players to earn additional exclusive rewards over the Free Brawl Pass.

In essence, therefore, the gem are the most important currency in the game, even since their possession in large quantities allows you to obtain additional upgrades and to optimize your gaming experience, as well as speeding up, in some cases, the process of obtaining the brawler.

Obtaining a lot of them without spending money is rather difficult, however we must not be discouraged: by implementing some strategies, such as those I will talk about in the next paragraphs, it is in fact possible to succeed. A lot of patience and a bit of luck are all it takes.

Have free gems on Brawl Stars

As anticipated, get free gems on Brawl Stars it is quite difficult, but not entirely impossible. This is a process that takes several hours of gameplay, but it is possible to optimize it by completing some specific objectives required by the game. For all the details, read on.

Level up on the trophy path

The main solution you need to put in place for get free gems on Brawl Stars it is also the simplest one, that is to advance level in the path to main objectives, called The path of the trophies.

Accumulating trophiesin fact, it is possible to level up and obtain casse Brawl which, even if in limited quantities, could also contain gems inside them.

If you are still new to the Supercell title, you will be interested in knowing that the best way to level up in the path of trophies is to win as many games as possible by playing private events: these are missions (such as the named event Arraffagemme or the one called Survival) that require you to face other players in a map (usually 3vs3) in order to get as many gems as possible, or to defeat your opponents before time runs out.

By winning matches you will get, among other things, experience points e trophies: with i trophies you will be able to unlock the rewards foreseen by the path of trophies which allow to obtain also various brawl speakers (for example already at level 5 you can get one cassa brawl). If you're lucky, opening some brawl speakers you will find inside them gem.

Get Brawl Pass rewards

To get as many gem possible on Brawl Stars you must also spend several hours of gameplay completing the missions related to the Brawl pass, so as to obtain the relative rewards both in terms of brawl speakers in that gem.

Il Free Brawl Pass, in fact, it mainly allows to obtain the brawl speakers as a reward but, upon completing certain levels (for example al level 2 and level 14) it is possible to get 10 gems each thus accumulating in total 20 gems.

In order to complete the missions of the Brawl pass and, consequently, to obtain the rewards it is necessary to strictly follow what is indicated by the Missions. For example, if the Daily mission requires to win 6 games with Shelly, you have to select the sample in question via the menu Brawler and win the required games by playing any special event among those available.

If, on the other hand, you are asked to complete specific events, these will be indicated in correspondence with the section Missions> Special Event Missions. In this case we are dealing with particular missions with a strictly limited time, which require the completion of specific events.

For example, the named mission is currently available Win 1 game in a big shot: in this case it means that you have to win a game by playing the event Big shot, regardless of the brawler you intend to use. Clear? Then good luck!

How to get free gems on Brawl Stars

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