Best news sites, front pages, headlines and newspapers

    Best news sites, front pages, headlines and newspapers With major news websites becoming more or less paid and with the huge increase in pseudo-news sites that turn out to be hoaxes more often than not, finding out on the internet is surprisingly becoming less easy than it used to be.
    To be good, you should find a free online newsstand that collects different sources so that you can read the latest news from multiple points of view, without stopping only at the success as reported by the agencies.

    In this mini guide we go to discover some of the best information sites and breaking news which are not those of the most famous online newspapers, but more than anything else front page sites or headlines and news aggregated on a single page, easy to read and consult to get a quick, but punctual and complete glance.

    First of all, the leading of the world news sites is Google News which in recent times has improved a lot in its layout. In Google news you can browse the main news of online newspapers divided into different categories. Headlines are the most important news of the day, for each of which multiple sources to read and links to click are provided.
    As with almost every Google service, Google News also has a powerful search engine that allows you to search for news on any person or topic, even old, becoming a perfect tool for historical research (of recent stories).

    Google News is also one of the best (but not the only one) app to read the news of the day, which on Android also provides a handy widget to always keep an eye on breaking news.
    The app Google News , it can be customized by including or excluding a certain type of topics and which also allows you to discover specialized sources to which you can subscribe for free through a special section of the Google Play Store.

    If you do not like Google News, for the graphics or for the news that are chosen, often coming from the same newspapers, you can find an excellent alternative on the site Flipboard, which has been functioning as a customizable news aggregator for years. Flipboard is free, but requires you to register for an account in order to use it. Once logged in, you can choose, in the Explore section, which topics are of interest, so you can watch the various news divided by themes.
    In Flipboard each news is a box with an image and you can click on it to open the article on the site that publishes it.
    You can also closely follow your favorite blogs or create a personalized magazine with selected sites. For example, bestresourcesnow has its own Flipboard magazine with a list of articles.
    Flipboard also has its own app for Android and iPhone, so you can keep topics and sources of information organized by creating a personalized bulletin board that's available from both PCs and phones and tablets.

    Very good is also the news aggregator of Microsoft News, similar to Google News, which also includes a column on the right with breaking news, sorted chronologically and updated to the minute. Microsoft News is also integrated into the Windows 10 News app.

    If it's the breaking news that matters, there's nothing more up-to-date than the site Handle or the site DNAKronos, with continuous updates.

    Finally, even if it doesn't seem to work at the moment, the site is worth mentioning NewsMap, which provides a graphic map in a single screen with the headlines of all the most important news of the moment taken from Google News, updated in real time.

    Best news sites, front pages, headlines and newspapers

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