35 apps to improve Android, modify and customize the system

Android was born as an operating system without charm, not very fashionable, very flexible, ideal for geeks and low cost smartphones.
As a result, the applications were more complicated, difficult to use and ugly to look at.
Fortunately, Google has decided to take care of the appearance of Android a little with version 4 and the applications have therefore changed their design, becoming cleaner and much easier to use, even with better and more powerful features. To return to the planks see here the 35 best apps for Android that modify the system and the behavior of the mobile phone or tablet, which exploit the sensors integrated into smartphones to adapt it to the surrounding environment and that allow you to customize the use of Android. All these applications can improve the usability and experience of Android by making your mobile phone easier, faster and more powerful.
Of these apps there are often a free and a paid version without advertising or with more functions. In the article they will be indicated only the free versions.

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1) Rotation Control allows you to manage the screen rotation lock in a flexible way, only for some apps or based on the position of the phone. The ability of phones to automatically rotate screen orientation when turned is fantastic when you really want to. Most of the time it happens accidentally when you turn the phone on a little tilted. This application is the ideal solution to this problem, to manage screen rotation in various ways.

2) AirDroid to manage your phone from your PC browser it is the best app to transfer files from computer to mobile via wireless connection, to send and receive messages from PC, to locate lost phone, to manage applications, to use camera remotely, to manage address book, share notes , and much more described better in the dedicated article.

3) EAS: Easy App Switcher allows you to call up and start applications quickly.

4) Safe Areas is an application that replaces the way to lock the mobile phone when it is connected via bluetooth to a trusted device or to the wifi at home. In practice, the PIN lock is kept active, but when you return home, the PIN lock disappears and you swipe your finger to unlock the mobile phone.

5) App to remap Android keys

6) Clipper is the app to keep cut copy and paste notes in memory, even if synchronized between different devices.

7) Cloud Print is the app to print from Android on any printer.

8) Chronus: multifunzione widget is the best widget to customize Android lock screen and home screen with additional information.
This app has been talked about in two different articles:
- Android lock screen widget
- App to change Android Daydream or Daydream mode.

9) Edge allows you to add the Edge function of the Samsung Galaxy to all smartphones, so that by swiping your finger from the edge of the device screen, the list of the last used apps and other shortcuts appears.

10 ) drupe is one of the best contacts, Phonebook and Phone (dialer) apps on Android.

11 ) File Manager is one of the best apps for managing and browsing files on Android.

12 ) Flash Led allows you to use the light of the camera flash as a led. This is useful if the smartphone is upside down or to make it ring only with light.

13 ) Heads-up Notifications shows notifications with a floating bubble on the screen, almost completely replacing the classic notification bar.

14 ) Gravity Screen On Off uses the accelerometer and the proximity sensor in order to automatically turn off the screen when the mobile phone is turned downwards, making a significant contribution to battery saving.

15 ) Sync.ME is the app that automatically updates the contacts in the address book with the photos taken from Facebook.

16 ) Light Flow to choose the LED colors for each notification deciding colors and flashing speed.

17 ) Loader Droid is a download manager that integrates well with Android web browsers, intercepts downloads and makes sure that downloads are made only in Wi-Fi.

18 ) Nights Keeper allows you to manage the phone at night so that the caller receives a pre-configured message and does not disturb.

19 ) Nova Launcher is, for me, the best launcher you can have on your Android phone and tablet. Unfortunately the free version is very limited and you have to buy the complete app.
If you don't want to pay, another article lists the top 20 launchers for Android

20 ) Quick Settings is the set of switches to activate and deactivate the functions of the mobile with a tap on the notification bar.
It is one of the apps with control bars and widgets with ON and OFF switches for Android

21 ) Screen Filter is a button that allows you to set a brightness lower than the default minimum, ideal for the night.

22 ) Silent with Timer that automatically reactivates the ringer is the app called Shush, described in another article.

23 ) Simple Redial NC redial the last number in the call log with a tap on the button on the main screen.

24 ) Smart Lockscreen Protector it is useful to integrate the anti-theft of the telephone. In practice it prevents the cell phone from being turned off by the thief giving us more time to track it down.

26 ) SMS Backup e Restore automatically backs up your SMS to Dropbox or Google Drive to be able to retrieve them if you change your mobile phone or reinstall the operating system.

27 ) Assistive Touch for Android, mobile button for quick access

28 ) Car speaker it allows you to answer phone calls only by lifting the mobile phone towards your ear and to hang up by placing the phone face down.

29 ) All-In-One Toolbox allows you to manage which apps are to be started when the device is turned on and contains over 20 smartphone management, administration and optimization tools. This is one of those apps that should never be missing.

30 ) Swiftkey is considered by many to be the best keyboard for Android, free.
In another post the best apps to change typing method and android keyboard.

31 ) Macrodroid is the number one app, to perform automatic actions on the device that allows you to do almost all the things listed above, with a single app. It would take a dedicated guide to cover only half of its possibilities. Macrodroid is very similar to the popular Tasker app, with the difference that it is free and easier to use.

32 ) Quickclick to assign different actions to the volume keys, such as taking photos, recording audio, making a phone call, and more.

33 ) Easy Copy to improve Android copy and paste on every app.

34 ) Volume Styles is an android customization app to change graphics to the volume bar that appears when you press the volume keys. You can choose a style from those proposed, such as that of iOS, MIUI or other smartphones. You can also change the volume sliders and colors, add in a dark mode and even change the position on the screen.

35 ) Rotation Manager is an Android personalization app that allows you to automatically rotate your phone to landscape mode automatically, for any app or game you select. This way, rotation will work even for apps that don't normally allow it. For example, you can make YouTube always open in landscape mode.

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