How Ask works

How Ask (Web) Works

How Ask works

If you want to start using Ask by exploiting its full potential as a social network for questions and answers, you must first register for the service. To do this, you need to open the web browser you use to browse the Internet, and then immediately go to its official website. To register for Ask, on the main screen you will see on the screen, click on the button Sign up.

At this point you will have to proceed with the registration and, in the appropriate text fields, indicate some useful data for the purposes of registering for the service. Then indicate yours name, yours e-mail, your username Password that you intend to use to register with Ask, yours date of birth and yours sex, as well as the spoken language. This last information is required in order to offer you a user experience tailored to you. Once you have finished filling in the screen relating to the required registration data, click on the button Sign Up.

How Ask works

Once you have registered on Ask you will find yourself in the main call screen Dashboard. Through this section you can start asking questions to the users of the social network. Keep in mind that the questions that can be asked on Ask are basically of three types: question, photosondaggio o shoutout; I'll talk about them in detail in the following lines, explaining their differences.

  • Application: is an Ask tool that allows you to send a question in a classic form. You can ask a question related to a topic that interests you, or find ideas by clicking on the button Interesting. The latter is a section that will allow you to read some popular questions, through which you can get inspiration to be able to formulate your question. For example, you can ask Ask users: "How many follow football?"
  • Photosondaggio: is an Ask tool that allows you to send a question to users of the social network, in the particular form of a photographic survey. In this case you will have to insert two images relating to two distinct topics, asking the Ask users which of the two topics they prefer. Just to give an example, you can ask: "Do you prefer football or volleyball?".
  • Shoutout: this tool allows you to write and send a normal question; this will, however, be aimed at users of the social network who are close to the city from which you write. It is a way that allows you to attract the attention of people registered to the social network who are nearby and therefore allows you to make new friends.

The types of questions called Shoutout e Application explained above, they can also be expressed anonymously: to do so, just put the check mark on the item Ask anonymously. In this way your username will not appear and the question will be expressed anonymously.

To explore other sections of the social network, click on the section Questions. This screen is dedicated to receiving random questions that will help you fill out your user profile by adding interesting content to it. By answering shoutout questions and causal questions you will be able to make yourself known to other users of this social network and, gaining popularity, you will receive other questions that you can answer.

The questions you find in the section Questions they will not be visible in your profile until you decide to answer them. To start answering the questions, click on the button Reply. In the text field What is your answer you will have the full opportunity to answer the question that has been asked of you. If you wish, in addition to the text of your response, you can also attach an accompanying image. To do this, simply press the button with the box symbol that you find at the bottom left.

To send your reply and display it on your profile within the social network, click on the Reply button. To share your answer on other social networks as well, before pressing Reply, press on the buttons related to the other social networks. Specifically, you can share your answer on Facebook, Twitter or on VK, by clicking on the relevant buttons and authorizing Ask to publish in your name on them.

Do you want to customize your profile to make yourself known to other users of this social network? No problem, you can do it very easily by clicking on the section Profile. In this screen you have access to all the tools that allow you to modify and add information to your profile, thus being able to be more interesting in the eyes of other users of the social network.

In particular, through the About me section, you can indicate some information that concerns more in detail. You can write a short description of yourself, indicate your location to show others where you live, add external web links and add your interests in the form of a hashtag (#).

How Ask works

It will also be in the section Profile that you will be able to view all the questions that you have been asked the answers you have given to the questions of other users. To the item Gifts, you can also see all the gifts received. If you want your Ask profile to become popular you will necessarily have to interact with other users: ask questions and you will see that people will notice you and will be curious to know you, asking you questions in turn.

If you have friends interested in getting to know you who don't yet have an Ask account, you can share your profile via the screen Profile. If you press the button Share your profile you can report to your Facebook, Twitter and VK friends that you are present on Ask and that you are willing to answer questions about you.

Would you like to use Ask to make friends? I advise you to go to the section Friends and, click on the All, Interests and Social Networks items. These buttons will be used, respectively, to search for people to follow through a keyword, through common interests or by adding them from other social networks in which you are present. Finally, I would like to point out that, to manage your account settings on Ask you will need to go to the section Settings. You can access it very easily by clicking on the gear symbol and then clicking on the item Settings.

How Ask works (Android / iOS)

How Ask works

To start using the application for Android and iOS mobile devices, you must first download the app on your smartphone or tablet. To do this, you need to go to the iOS App Store or Android PlayStore and search for the Ask application in the integrated search engine. Once located, press the button Install / Accetto on Android or on the button Ottieni / Installa on Android. Have you downloaded the app? Press the button apri: start the application to see how it works.

At the first access, press on the item You are already registered, log in and then indicate your login data and username (or email) and password. Then press the Login button to log in to Ask.

Ask's user interface is very intuitive and is characterized by its attractive and youthful graphics. The main screen is the Home and presents the sections Dashboard e Interesting (which I told you about in detail in the paragraph on the Web version of the social network).

Through the button with the lightning symbol you can access the section Questions and so view a list of questions designed especially for you. To reply to it, simply click on it and write the text of your reply. In the mobile version of Ask you can also add, in addition to an image, GIF or mention someone in your answer, via the button with the at sign (@).

Using the little man symbol you can access your profile, view your questions, your answers and modify and / or customize all additional elements concerning it. The button with the symbol of two little menInstead, it allows you to add friends via other social networks or search for them via a keyword.

Do you want to start using the main features of the app and ask questions to other users? No problem: press the middle button with the Ask symbol (an owl whose eyes you can see), you will have the three main Ask tools at your disposal to ask questions to other users: shoutout (to ask questions to nearby users) ask someone (to ask a question to a specific Ask user) and then photo-survey (tool I told you about earlier that will allow you to create a photo survey).

If you have any doubts regarding other tools present in the mobile version of Ask, please follow the instructions I have given you previously and concerning the desktop version of Ask.

How Ask works

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