How Cambly Kids works

What is Cambly Kids

Before showing you in practice how the service works, it seems only right to explain to you what is Cambly Kids and what are its main characteristics.

Well, Cambly Kids is an e-learning platform accessible from PCs, smartphones and tablets that allows children between the ages of 4 and 14 to take individual English video lessons online with native teachers. It also enjoys the kidSafe certification, an important certification body for the safety standards of online services for children.

The lessons are fully in English (to have full immersion and, therefore, greater effectiveness), they last 30 minutes (the ideal duration for the little ones, who with longer lessons would tend to get tired and / or lose the necessary attention) and can be carried out 2, 3 o 5 days a week, at the times and days chosen by the parent (it is always necessary to program them in advance, they cannot be started immediately "on demand" as happens in Cambly).

You can freely choose between one wide range of teachers, all certified for teaching children, with also the possibility to filter them based on availability and accent (UK, USA, Australian and so on)  

It is important to point out that all of them the lessons are recorded automatically, so parents can watch them both for safety reasons and to monitor their children's progress. At the same time, the recordings can be watched by the child to “review” the lessons for free.

You can make one 30-minute trial lesson at a cost of 10 euros, after which you can choose between subscription plans from 1, 3 o 12 months. By entering the code ridingworks-ck in the field dedicated to promotional codes you will get the 40% discount on the annual plan (practically, 5 months at no cost)!

How Cambly Kids works

Now let's move on to the more practical side of the matter and see, therefore, how Cambly Kids works: below you will find explained how to create an account, how to schedule lessons and how to access all the interesting functions offered by the service.

You can use Cambly Kids directly from your PC, using one of the browser supported (Google Chrome or other Chromium-based browsers, for example Edge, Brave o Opera), or from smartphones and tablets, by downloading theCambly Kids official app for Android or iOS / iPadOS.

How to sign up for Cambly Kids

sign up for Cambly Kids, linked to this page and click on the button Subscribe that you find below. Therefore, fill in the form that is proposed to you with your address email and Password you want to use to access the service (make sure you set a secure password), then click on the button Create account.

Alternatively, if you want, you can quickly authenticate with your Facebook, Google o Appleby clicking on the appropriate buttons. Remember, in any case, to verify your account by clicking on confirmation link that you receive by e-mail.

On the next page, indicate the name of your child, select his age range (4-5 years, 6-8 years, 9-12 years or 13+ years) from the appropriate drop-down menu, click on the pencil to select a profile picture and click the button Following, to move forward.

At this point you must indicate the English level the child's current level of knowledge of the language in question, choosing between Beginner, Intermediate e Advanced. Then press the button Done, to go to the next step.

The next step is to read and accept theCambly Kids Direct Privacy Policy for Parents or Legal Guardians and in subscribing to one of the available plans.

It indicates, therefore, the number of lessons per week you want the child to participate in (2, 3 o 5), choose whether to subscribe to a plan monthly, quarterly o annual and click on the button Proceed with the purchase to switch to card payment. enter the code ridingworks-ck in the field dedicated to promotional codes to get the 40% discount on the annual plan (practically, 5 months at no cost)!

The annual and quarterly plans can be canceled at any time and the unused part is refunded (obviously, the refund amount does not take into account the discount used). The annual plans can be paid in 4 monthly installments, without the intervention of any financial institution. Payments are made on the day of registration and in the following three months (therefore not an installment every 3 months). The surcharge for payment in installments is 2%.

Alternatively, you can request one 30-minute trial lesson at the cost of 10 €, by clicking on the appropriate item you see at the top, entering your data paper payment and finalizing the transaction via the button Buy Now.

Please note: if necessary, you can pause your subscription by sending a request to the Cambly Kids staff, via the Question mark present in the service menu.

How to participate in lessons on Cambly Kids

Schedule a lesson on Cambly Kids it is of a disarming simplicity. To do this, go to the section Tutors service (the icon of the magnifying glass in the app for smartphones and tablets) and consult the list of available teachers. If you want, you can use the filter list at the top to filter tutors based on days and times of , or their accent (It is. USA, UK, Australian).

By clicking on the button Profile related to a tutor, you can view his personal card, with presentation videos, information, certificates, teaching experiences, etc. In the form you will also find the buttons to send a message to the teacher, add him to the list of favorite (accessible via the appropriate item at the top) e schedule a lesson.

In the latter case, after pressing the button to program the lesson, all you have to do is choose day e Now in which to carry it out, add a message (if you want), and give confirmation.

After that, you will be able to see all the lessons you have scheduled directly in yours program (by clicking on the appropriate icon). To participate in a lesson, select it on the day and time established and press the appropriate button. Therefore, allow the Cambly Kids website or app to access the camera (this is only necessary the first time) and wait for the connection with the tutor.

You can freely choose whether to attend your child's lessons in person or not. Generally, it is recommended to attend the lessons of children under the age of 6.

I remind you that all of them the lessons are automatically recorded. The recordings take place in full respect of privacy, allowing parents to control all the activities carried out and the child to easily “review” the lessons. All videos are the exclusive property of the user, who can permanently delete them when he wishes.

You can access the recordings (and download them to your PC) at any time by going to the section Progress by Cambly Kids, where you will find the history of the sessions with the recordings of video lessons and messages.

I point out that, in case of problems, you can cancel a lesson already scheduled by selecting the latter within yours program by clicking on the icon pencil and pressing the button cancellation. The cancellation request must be made within 6 hours from the scheduled start of the lesson (otherwise minutes are lost).

In case the tutor has a problem and skips the lesson, don't worry: you will get the minutes back and you can use them to schedule a new lesson.

How to manage accounts and settings on Cambly Kids

Cambly Kids allows you to easily manage account and to create more than one child account. The service is in fact designed for individual use and, if you have more than one child, you will need to create an account for each of them (with related subscriptions).

To create a new child account, click on theprofile picture currently in use and choose the item Add child from the menu that is proposed to you. You can proceed both from the Cambly Kids website and app, nothing changes.

On the next page, proceed to create the new profile by setting name, age range, profile picture and indicating the current knowledge of English (just like you did when creating your first profile).

Later, you can adjust the settings of each profile created by pressing on theprofile picture currently in use and choosing the Profile on which to intervene from the menu that is proposed to you: you will be able to modify them name, age, time zone e subscription plan, or possibly even delete it.

Instead, go to the menu Account settings (always accessible by clicking onprofile picture) you can change the settings related to your main account (name, last name, e-mail, Password, cellphone number etc.), the email preferences to receive and the details of yours subscription Cambly Kids. Just select the appropriate items from the side menu and act on the proposed modules.

For more information

If you need to more information about Cambly Kids, you can consult the official support page, full of informative articles on the features and functions of the service. At the moment, however, I would like to point out that the latter is not available in in your languagen.

To get in touch with Cambly Kids support, visit the same page I just linked to, scroll to the bottom and click on the button Submit a request. This will open a form through which you can select a topic and then indicate the doubts / problems you have. Cambly Kids staff will reply to you within 24 hours.

Article created in collaboration with Cambly Kids.

How Cambly Kids works

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