How to know if the cell phone battery needs to be changed

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Know the battery status on Android

Su Android, given that in general there is no native functionality for analyzing the state of wear of the battery, it is possible to use only third-party apps. On the Play Store  there are many apps used for this purpose: the one I recommend you use is AccuBattery, which integrates various features to monitor the status of the battery, with suggestions to improve its performance and wear over time.

After starting the app AccuBattery, make sure you have disconnected the smartphone from the battery power cable and follow the tutorial that is shown on the screen. Then swipe from right to left to scroll through the different screens and press the icon with the checkmark, to reach the main screen.

To see the state of wear of the smartphone battery, tap on the tab Health (below) and, in the screen that is shown to you, compare the data Estimated capacity e Factory capacity: If the estimated capacity is less than the factory capacity, it means that the battery has worn out. This value is also expressed by the percentage indicated next to the wording Health.

I warn you that the app needs several charging cycles before displaying the most accurate values. If you do not see any data in the tab when you first logged in with the app Health, charge your smartphone. As the smartphone, in the following days, will download and recharge, the data shown in this tab will be more and more accurate.

Wear is normal, but if you have recently purchased the smartphone and the percentage value is too low, it means that the battery is probably damaged. In this regard, I recommend that you contact a service center to check the actual state of the battery for a possible replacement or proceed personally, using the advice I gave you in my guide on how to replace the non-removable battery.

Know the battery status on iPhone

- iPhone they are equipped with a native function to evaluate the state of wear of the battery. This feature, however, is only available from iPhone 6 us iOS 11.3 and later. Therefore, if there is an older version on the iPhone, you can upgrade the operating system.

In case you don't have the native iOS functionality, you can use third party tools. In the next lines, I will show you how to know the status of the battery on iOS through the solutions I have anticipated.

Native functionality

Starting fromiPhone 6, with version of iOS 11.3 and later, a functionality for analyzing the battery status has been included. To achieve this functionality, you need to log in to the app Settings, Whose icon with an ingranaggio is located on the home screen, and scroll the screen until you find the wording Battery.

Then tap on the item "Battery" to access the details on consumption and the status of the same. In the screen that is shown to you, you will see a graph on the last twenty-four hours or the last 10 days of the smartphone's battery level, with also the list of energy consumption of each iOS app and service.

By tapping on the item Battery status, you will be shown a percentage value of the maximum capacity of the battery compared to its state at the time of purchase. If you encounter a value below 80% or otherwise lower than the recent purchase of the iPhone, you can contact Apple support to find out if the device requires a battery replacement.

If the battery is damaged, it will be replaced free of charge during the legal warranty coverage (or if you have subscribed AppleCare +). If you want to know if your iPhone is covered by the legal or commercial warranty, I suggest you read my guide dedicated to this topic.

Also, in the section Battery status, under the heading Maximum performance capacity, you can see a message that tells you if the battery is healthy or requires intervention by an authorized service center.

If you read the message Your battery currently offers standard peak performance, it means that the battery is in excellent health; if you were to read the message instead The performance of your battery has deteriorated significantly, it means that Apple support intervention is required. In general, you can also view other messages, each of which will explain the current state of the battery and any action that needs to be performed.

If the iPhone suggests you to contact an authorized service center, then I suggest you read my guide on how to contact Apple.

Third party tools

If your iPhone cannot be updated to iOS 11.3 and later, or you have a model older than iPhone 6, you need to turn to using third-party tools. There are several apps that you can download from the iOS App Store, but I recommend using Coconut Battery, a free tool for macOS.

This application allows you to monitor the health of the battery of your MacBook or devices with iOS. If you are interested in downloading it, I recommend that you go to its official website and click the button Download vx.xx.

After downloading the program, drag it to the folder Applications of macOS and launch it, double-clicking on it and responding apri to the notice that is shown to you. After launching the application, click on the tab iOS Device and connect the iPhone to the Mac, via the cable lightning Supplied.

Once this is done, you will be shown the details about the battery status of the iOS device: in the field Design capacity the factory value of the iPhone battery capacity is indicated, while in the field Full charge capacity the current maximum value of the battery capacity is shown. With the passage of time and with the different charging cycles, the percentage indicated under the wording Design capacity it will decrease (and it will also become more precise, so if the data initially seems "strange" to you, try to repeat the operation after several charging cycles.

If you want to see the details of the iPhone connected to the Mac, click the button Device details, while pressing on the key +, you can save all the data currently detected by the software.

How to know if the cell phone battery needs to be changed

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