How to watch TV on PC

Are you tired of arguing with your relatives every time you want to enjoy a movie in the living room? You don't know how much I understand you… and that's exactly why I want to give you some advice from the heart: forget the TV!

Get comfortably in front of your PC and enjoy movies, TV series and cartoons thanks to the websites of the main Italian broadcasters: now they allow almost all of them to watch their content online in live streaming or on-demand.

We solve your problem!

All you need is a medium speed ADSL connection, a browser with Flash Player / Microsoft Silverlight support and the right links, the ones I'm about to give you. So, ready to find out like watching TV on PC? Your nervous system will thank you.

Free streaming TV broadcasters

Let's start with a roundup of traditional television broadcasters, those that broadcast free-to-air on digital terrestrial, which allow you to follow their broadcasts also online. Some live streaming, others on-demand.

  • - the Rai website. It allows you to watch live streaming all the broadcasters of the group (including thematic ones such as Rai Sport and Rai News) and fiction, films, TV programs and on-demand news. Through the Rai Replay service, which allows you to watch the programs of the last 7 days, you can often also watch international TV series and films.
  • Mediaset Video - the Mediaset website. It gives access only to the programs and fiction produced by the group in on-demand mode. There are no international TV series and films, while streaming is active only for some information programs.
  • Sport Mediaset - allows you to watch Champions and Europa League matches broadcast in the clear by Mediaset channels.
  • TGCOM24 - the all news network of the Mediaset group, is available in streaming 24 hours a day.
  • - the La7 portal, gives access to the broadcaster's live streaming and to all its most important on-demand programs. There are almost all films and TV series that are often obscured even during streaming.
  • MTV - the MTV Italia website, streams and allows you to watch the broadcaster's main shows on-demand.
  • Deejay TV - live streaming of the Radio Deejay TV broadcaster, which not only broadcasts music shows but also many American TV series.
  • Realtime - Realtime only allows you to watch some of its shows on demand, streaming is not yet available.
  • DMAX - DMAX does not offer streaming broadcasts, only episodes of some of its on-demand shows.
  • Cielo TV - Sky Italia's free-to-air broadcaster on digital terrestrial. It is a generalist network and is available in live streaming 24 hours a day.
  • SKYTG24 - the free live streaming of the Sky Italia all news network.
  • Laeffe - the television broadcaster of the Feltrinelli group. It broadcasts many documentaries and arthouse films, can be watched in live streaming and many of its shows are also available on-demand.
  • Italia Smart - live streaming of the Alice, Marcopolo, Leonardo and Nuvolari channels.
  • Regional broadcasters - the TVDream website offers quick access to all websites of Italian regional broadcasters that stream their programs.

Pay TV in streaming

These, on the other hand, are paid services that allow you to watch movies, TV series and football matches on your computer (but not only) both in live streaming and on-demand.

  • Sky Online - offers the contents of Sky TV, Sky Cinema and international football matches starting from € 9,90 / month. It should be emphasized that it does not require a satellite pay TV subscription and has no contractual obligations. You can find more info here.
  • Premium Play - the online platform for Mediaset Premium subscribers (digital terrestrial pay TV). It allows you to watch on-demand movies, TV series, documentaries, shows and cartoons and live streaming football matches. More info here.

Online TV on-demand

There are also free services available exclusively on the Internet that allow you to watch movies, TV series and cartoons on demand. Here are the most interesting ones.

  • VVVVID - an online TV that adapts to the user's tastes. It offers a wide range of anime both in original language and dubbed in Italian, Italian and made in USA films and TV series. To use it, you need to create a free account or log in via Facebook.
  • MegaTube - a multi-channel network that legally publishes movies and anime on YouTube, both in Italian and in their original language.
  • PopCorn TV - another online TV that provides on-demand access to American movies, soap operas and Japanese anime.

How to watch DTT on your PC

In conclusion, I would like to point out the availability of a couple of devices that, if connected to the computer, allow you to watch digital terrestrial on Windows and Mac without going through the Internet (but through special antennas supplied).

August DVB-T 202 DVB-T

A USB stick with remote control and antenna supplied that allows you to watch (and record) digital terrestrial channels on Windows PCs.

Elgato EyeTV Diversity

A USB tuner for Mac with two integrated receivers and two portable antennas that allows you to watch and record digital terrestrial channels. It also allows you to watch one channel and record another and take advantage of the Picture in Picture function.

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