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How Facebook works

Be vuoi scoprire how Facebook works, continue reading: below you will find explained how to subscribe to the social network, how to use its main functions and how to make the most of its potential.


The first thing you need to do in order to use Facebook is, of course, register to it: an extremely simple operation that can be performed completely free of charge (Facebook earns thanks to user data and advertising campaigns, so it is and will always be free). So let me explain how to act both from mobile and from computer.

To join Facebook from smartphones and tablets, start the social network app on your Android or iOS / iPadOS device, tap the button Create a new Facebook account (your Android) or Join Facebook (on iOS / iPadOS), press the button NEXT o Start and specify yours in the appropriate text fields name e last name.

Now, tap the button NEXT o Continue, indicate yours date of birth through the appropriate menu, press the buttons NEXT o Continue, indicate yours generally membership and provide the cellphone number; alternatively, if you want to register via e-mail, click on the button Sign up with your email address o Use your e-mail address and then write your address in the appropriate text field.

Now, specify, the Password you want to use for your account, tap the button SUBSCRIBE and wait for the account to be created. Then enter the code of confirmation you received via SMS or e-mail in the appropriate text field and tap the button Confirmation, in such a way to complete the operation.

To join Facebook from computer, instead connected to the main page and fill out the form you see on the screen by specifying in the appropriate text fields and menus, name e last namemobile number or e-mail address, Passworddate of birth e generally of belonging.

Next, click the button SUBSCRIBE located at the bottom of the page, on the right. On the page that opens, type the code of confirmation received away email o SMS, based on the way you decided to sign up for Facebook, and click on the buttons Continue e OK, to complete the procedure.

For more information on how to subscribe to Facebook and how to subscribe to Facebook from a mobile phone, read the insights I linked to you: I really think they will be useful to you.

Main functions

After signing up for Facebook, you can finally start getting to grips with hers main functions: below I will focus in particular on those concerning the Profile, that is the "personal" account used to stay in touch with friends and acquaintances, which differs from pages, used for example in the business field to promote various kinds of activities. I'll tell you more about it in the second part of the tutorial.

The first function I want to talk to you about is the one that characterizes Facebook more than any other: the sending of friendship request. As you can see, on the main Facebook screen (both from mobile and from PC), the social network offers you the profiles of some people you may know: if you actually know them, press the button Add (on Android and PC) or add to friends (your iOS / iPadOS).

To send the friend request to a person who is not in the suggestions, just search for his name, using the appropriate search bar placed at the top (from mobile, you have to tap on the magnifying glass to view it) or at the top left (from PC) and, after going to his profile, press the button.

The person to whom you sent the request will receive a notification about the thing and will have to decide what to do: by accepting the request, you will be added, respectively, to your contact lists and you will receive appropriate notifications. More info here.

Now I'd like to talk to you about how to publish post on your Facebook profile: the procedure is the same whether you intend to act from the social network app for Android and iOS / iPadOS or from its Web version.

After logging in to Facebook, to publish a post, tap on the text field you see next to the item What are you thinking about? (located at the top, on the main screen of Facebook or on that of your profile) and type the text of the public message to share with other users: pressing on colored squares, you can even write a colorful post. When you are ready to do it, then, press the button Public (both from mobile and from PC). 

I remind you that, by default, the contents published on the social network are visible only to friends. If you want, however, you can change the privacy option of the posts, so as to share them with all (even with those who are not subscribed to Facebook), with specific friends and so on. More info here.

To comment on a post published by others or to reply to a comment, on the other hand, all you have to do is press on the item comments o Reply (both from mobile and from PC), type your comment in the appropriate testo field and tap on the symbol ofairplane (from mobile) or press Submit on the keyboard (from PC).

If you don't feel like commenting on a post, but still want to interact with it, you can just post "I like", to express your appreciation for the content of your interest, by pressing the appropriate button. Alternatively, you can use one of the reaction Facebook to express specific feelings about the content in question: just keep your finger pressed on the "Like" button (from mobile) or pass over it with the cursor (from PC) and select one of the available reactions (eg. Love, AhWow, Sigh o Grrr). More info here.

Le stories, sequences of photos and videos visible for 24 hours, are another type of content that can be published on Facebook. To create stories, you must necessarily use the social network app for mobile devices, by pressing the button capacitor positive (+) lead placed in correspondence with the wording Add a story and then choosing whether to create a video, a photo and so on, pressing one of the buttons that appear on the screen, at the top (eg. Text, Boomerang, selfie, etc.). To insert a photo from the Gallery, instead, all you have to do is tap on thepreview of the same.

To embellish the story, tap on the icon of smiley face, so as to apply adhesives inside it; presses the button (Aa) to insert text; press on the icon doodle, to draw; tap on the icon Magic wand to insert effects or on that of thelittle man to tag other people. When you are ready to do so, publish the story by tapping the button Share in the story. More info here.

How to best use Facebook

Now, let me give you some practical advice on how to use Facebook to the fullest. In this way, you can avoid some problems that may exist in dealing with other users of the community and that will be useful for you to take full advantage of the platform.

  • Respect others - scrolling the Facebook feed, surely you will sooner or later come across a post that expresses thoughts and opinions with which you do not fully agree. Instead of playing the "keyboard lion", insulting and criticizing the author of the post, try to express your personal thoughts on the subject with a constructive comment, avoiding being argumentative or even rude: never write things that you would not have the courage to say "face to face". Another possibility is to ignore the post and not comment on it at all (after all you are not obliged to comment on everything that users post on the social network!) Or, again, to report it, if you think it may violate the conditions of use. of Facebook.
  • Be careful what you share - avoid sharing content on your profile that could in some way offend others and, of course, never post content that violates the Facebook terms of use: in this case you could incur the closure of the account. Furthermore, pay close attention to fake news: if you are not sure of the truthfulness of a news, do not spread it.
  • Don't spam - avoid publishing too much content a day, sending a flood of messages and various "chain letters": users who are your friends on Facebook could be annoyed by similar behavior and could block or remove you from contacts.
  • Contact only people you know - send friend requests only to people you actually know and avoid accepting friend requests from users who are not of your knowledge: avoid bothering others or being bothered in turn by accepting "suspicious" requests. Understood?

How to use Facebook for business

If you want to make a more "professional" use of Facebook, you can take advantage of some tools created by the social network that have been designed for business users. Below I'll explain roughly how to use Facebook for business, using tools such as Facebook Business Manager e Facebook Ads.

How to use Facebook Business Manager

Facebook Business Manager is a Facebook tool that allows you to fully manage your marketing activities and advertising on the social network. It is a complex tool to use, as it integrates many features and tools. To use it, you must first link a Facebook page to it.

To proceed, therefore, go to the main page of Facebook for Business and click on the button Start. Successively, click on the button Create Business Manager and fill out the form displayed by providing the following information in the appropriate text fields: account name and business, you don't know and your company email address. Then click on the button NEXT.

Next, provide your company details - paese, address, city, State / Province / Region, POSTAL CODE, website e business use - and click on the button Send. Now you just have to click on the button end and confirm the e-mail address you have indicated by clicking on link received from the latter.

At this point, click on your button Business Manager settings at the top right, expand (if necessary) the menu Account located on the sidebar on the left and click on the item Pages. Now, click on the button (+) Add, click on the item Create a new Page and follow the wizard to complete the creation of the page to connect to your Business Manager account (in essence, you must indicate, using a specific form, the name and category of your page).

If you already have a page, you can simply add it to your Business Manager account by clicking on the entry Add a Page and following the instructions that appear on the screen.

To navigate between the various Business Manager tools, click on the button (≡) Business Manager settings and then on one of the links in one of the four available sections, based on the operations you intend to do: Planning, to access the "Creative Hub" section which allows you to create test advertisements and experiment with some strategies before even implementing them; Creation and management, to access the tools for creating pages and managing advertisements; Measurement and reporting, to get advertising reports, view monetization management and event management or Resources, to use the functions related to creating catalogs, store locations, and so on.

Given the complexity of using Facebook Business Manager and its countless features designed to manage advertising campaigns, I suggest you carefully consult the official guide of the Facebook business tool.

How to use Facebook Ads

As I told you, companies use Facebook to promote their products / services to users of the social network and in doing so they use Facebook ADS, the advertising program of Mark Zuckerberg's social network that allows you to generate advertisements quickly and easily.

To create ads, of course, you need to have a Facebook page and use the function Highlight the post (if you want to sponsor a post) or Promote a Page (if you want to sponsor the page directly). Then, using the form you see on the screen, indicate theobiettivo you want to reach, the button to show, the public of your interest, the budget at your disposal, etc. following the instructions that appear on the screen.

Once the sponsorship has started, you can manage the advertising campaign using one of the following Facebook tools.

  • Facebook Ads Management - allows you to analyze the results of your advertising campaigns and make changes to your advertisements to get better results. It is useful for those who manage a lot of listings, as it groups them in one place and offers advanced control tools. For more information about its use, consult the Facebook support center.
  • Facebook Ads App - this app, available for free on both Android and iOS / iPadOS, offers the possibility to create and monitor advertisements from your mobile device, receiving real-time notifications on their performance.
  • Power Editor - this tool allows you to precisely control ads, ad groups and entire campaigns, offering the ability to monitor performance based on the most important metrics for your company. Find more information about its use on this page of the official Facebook site.
  • Business Manager - tool I already told you about in the previous chapter, which, as I said, allows you to manage your company's advertising account in all respects. For more information on its use, I refer you once again to the official Business Manager guide.

For more information on how to sponsor on Facebook, I suggest you consult the guide in which I have proceeded to deepen the topic for good.

How to use Facebook

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