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Are you a fan of TV series and would like to know how to watch TV series for free, because by now he has already finished watching all the episodes of the television series that they had recommended to you. At the moment, moreover, the television programming does not offer anything interesting for those who are your tastes and you would therefore like to have some “tips! on online platforms that allow it to be viewed at no cost.

How do you say? Is this exactly the case? Well then you were pretty lucky, because you just happened upon the right tutorial and at the right time. There are some absolutely legal services, such as the very famous one VVVVID, which allow you to watch TV series, but also movies and anime, via the Internet and, in this guide, I will talk about them in detail, illustrating all their main features and explaining step by step how to use them. In addition, I will also tell you about the most popular paid streaming platforms, such as Netflix, which allow the subscription of a free trial period without renewal obligation.

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I bet that now, knowing the topics I'm going to talk to you about in the next chapters, you are no longer in the skin and can't wait to get started, right? So sit down comfortably, take a few minutes of free time and carefully read the information I am about to give you: there are many interesting TV series that are just waiting to be seen. I wish you a good reading and, above all, a good vision!


  • Streaming TV channels
    • RaiPlay
    • Mediaset Infinity
    • Other streaming TV channels
  • Paid streaming sites with free trial


One of the best resources on the web you can employ for watch TV series for free is the website VVVVID, which offers the vision of films, TV series and even shows with a catalog of products published in recent years. It can be used from a computer, through the use of a browser for browsing the Internet (for example Google Chrome), and is available as an application for Android, iPhone and iPad.

To see the contents published on VVVVID registration is required, so connect to the official website of the service; accepts, if requested, the terms and conditions of use, and creates an account by pressing the button Subscribe. If instead of filling out the registration form manually, you want to create an account through your profile Facebookclick on your button Sign in with Facebook, in order to speed up this process.

When you have registered, click on the menu item TV Series that you find in the top bar of the home page, then search for a content by clicking on the tabs Recommended, Popular o New releases. If you want to filter your search by Genres, click on the homonymous item and select the category of your interest, such as for example Adventure o Action. If you know the title of a TV series, click on the wording AZ, in order to filter the search by title.

If you have found a content that interests you, first click on the preview image and then on the episode number, finally pressing the ▶ symbol to start playback. The procedure to be carried out is practically identical even from apps for smartphones and tablets.

Streaming TV channels

Among the best solutions you can consider to watch TV series at no cost, there are also the websites of the main ones TV channels which, in addition to allowing you to see their broadcasts in live streaming, offer the possibility of reviewing, in on-demand mode, the films and TV series aired in the previous days: here are some of the best.


RaiPlay is the official Rai portal. It allows you to watch its live TV channels for free and offers access to an on-demand content catalog, which includes both movies and TV series. It can be used from a computer, by connecting to its official website, and from smartphones and tablets, by downloading the free application for Android, iOS and Windows 10 Mobile. It is also accessible from Smart TV, Apple TV and Chromecast.

To start using RaiPlay, then connect to its website or start its official app and proceed with the creation of an account, first pressing the button () located in the upper left corner and then pressing on the item Login / Register. Then fill out the form that is shown on the screen or create an account more quickly, through social networks Facebook o Twitter or using the account Google (by pressing the appropriate buttons on the screen).

Once logged in, scroll down the home page to find the category TV Series. If, on the other hand, you are interested in seeing a fiction, first press the button with the symbol (≡) and then click on the item Fiction, to identify, in these two categories, the content of your interest. To start playback, press on thepreview image of the TV series, then on that of the bet and finally on the (▶) button.

If you want to learn more about the use of RaiPlay, read my tutorial in which I explain how to use it to watch Rai programs.

Mediaset Infinity

If the TV series or fiction that interests you have aired on TV channels Mediaset, my advice is definitely to connect to the official website of Mediaset Infinity or to download its free app for Android or iPhone and iPad, in order to start searching for the content of your interest, after registering for free. at the service.

Then connect to the Internet site indicated via the link provided or start the app previously downloaded on your device and then, from your computer, register by first pressing on the item Log in e poi su quella denomtata Subscribe, in order to create an account through e-mail e Password, or by using the account Apple, Facebook or that Google. If, on the other hand, you are using the app for Android e iOS/iPad, to register an account you must first press onicona dell'omino at the top right, then on the button Login and finally on the button Subscribe, to carry out the procedure in question.

Once this is done, click on the item Catalog and, in the context menu, click on the wording Fiction and TV series: you will be shown all the thematic contents on the platform; then locate the content you want to see and start playing it by clicking on the first playbill, then on episode title and finally, on the (▶) button, if playback does not occur automatically.

The website Mediaset Infinity it can also be used to review free-to-air television programs. I talked to you in more detail about how to use them in my tutorial where I explain how to watch Mediaset TV programs.

Other streaming TV channels

As I showed you in my tutorial regarding solutions to watch TV in streaming, Mediaset Infinity e RaiPlay these are just two of the most popular Internet sites of television broadcasters. In reality, however, there are also other TV broadcasters that allow you to watch TV series on demand: here are some examples.

  • Paramount Channel - is the website of the free digital terrestrial broadcaster of the same name, which broadcasts films and TV series produced in the United States. Through its website, you can watch live streaming programs and access some content in on demand mode, without having to register. To use it, connect to its home page and reach the section Movies> Movies in streaming in which sometimes the on-demand viewing of TV series is proposed. It is also available as an app for Android and iOS.
  • DPlay - is the streaming platform of the Discovery group. It allows you to watch in on demand mode the best contents broadcast by Real Time, DMAX, Animal Planet, Frisbee, K2, Nove, Giallo and Focus, among which there are also some Italian and international TV series. It is also available as an app for Android, iOS and Smart TV. For more details on this, consult my dedicated guide.
  • La 7 - also on the website of this television channel it is possible to see some TV series that are broadcast. I therefore recommend that you connect to its home page, and then click on the section Programs in the top menu bar. Then press on title of the TV series (for example at the time of writing there is Grey's Anatomy) and then on the voice Episodes, to see all the seasons and episodes available for viewing in on demand mode. If you are interested in TV series, I would like to point out that some similar contents are also visible in the category Film and fiction. There is no application for Android or iOS, but you can still connect to its website via a browser for mobile devices, as well as from a computer.

Paid streaming sites with free trial

Alternatively, if you want to watch free TV series you can consider signing up for one of the major paid streaming platforms, such as Infinity+, NOW TV e Amazon Prime Video. The sites mentioned, which I will talk about in more detail in the next lines, can be used free of charge for trial periods and do not require any renewal obligation.

  • Netflix- is one of the best paid streaming platforms. It offers a vast, constantly updated catalog of films, TV series, documentaries, shows and cartoons. Its contents, including some original series produced directly by the platform, can be viewed from computers but also on Smart TVs, video game consoles, Android and iOS devices. The subscription has a minimum price of € 7,99 per month with a free trial of 1 month or 14 days. For more information on how to get Netflix, read my tutorial about it.
  • Amazon Prime Video - this is the Amazon streaming service included in the Amazon Prime subscription (€ 36 / year or € 4,99 / month with a free trial month). In addition to access to the multimedia catalog of this platform, which includes films and TV series, some of which are exclusive, the subscription also offers other advantages, such as the possibility of having free deliveries for Prime products that are sold on Amazon. The streaming service can be used from a computer and is also available as an application for Smart TVs and Android smartphones / tablets, iPhones / iPads and Kindle Fire. I told you about it in more detail in this tutorial of mine dedicated to its operation.
  • NOW TV - if you are interested in seeing the TV series that are broadcast on Sky pay TV channels, I recommend that you consider subscribing to this streaming service. At a minimum cost of € 9,99 / month (a free 14-day trial version is included) it is in fact possible to access the vast catalog of TV series that are broadcast on channels, such as for example for Sky Atlantic. You can see the contents of this platform from PC but also from Smart TV, dedicated devices (eg NOW TV Smart Stick) and on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. Find more information in my tutorial dedicated to the topic.
  • Infinity+ - is a streaming platform owned by the Mediaset group, which can be used through the website or app of Mediaset Infinity. The subscription starts at € 7,99 / month and comes with a 7-day free trial. It is possible to watch the contents in the catalog from a computer, but also on Smart TVs, Android and iOS / iPadOS smartphones and tablets. In addition to TV series, recently released films are often released that can be rented at reduced costs for subscribers (prices start at € 3,99). It also allows you to watch Champions League matches. I have given you more information on this platform in this tutorial of mine.
  • TIMvision - is another recommended platform for streaming TV series. This is the TIM branded service which is included free of charge in some telephone offers or which, alternatively, costs € 4,99 / month. It has a catalog consisting mainly of films, TV series, documentaries and cartoons. You can take advantage of this platform for a free trial period of one month and use it from your computer, on Smart TVs and Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. More information on this is available in this tutorial of mine.
  • Disney + - this is the streaming service from Disney. Inside you can find TV series from FOX, Disney Channel, Marvel, Star Wars and some originals related to these brands. It also includes classic Disney and Pixar movies, the complete Star Wars saga, National Geographic documentaries, and more. It is accessible from PC, smartphone, tablet, Smart TV, Chromecast, Fire TV Stick, Apple TV and video game console and costs 6,99 euros / month or 69,99 euros / year after the first 7 days of free trial. More info here.
  • Apple TV + - is Apple's streaming service. It costs 4,99 euros / month after 7 days of free trial (1 year for those who purchased a new Apple product in the months close to the launch of the platform, in November 2019). It is accessible from browser, iOS / iPadOS app, macOS app, Apple TV, Smart TV and Amazon Fire TV Stick.

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