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    How to Retrieve Deleted History from your Mobile Phone

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    A few days ago, you decided to get rid of the navigation history saved on your mobile phone, so that some curious person wouldn't pry into your business. The problem now is that you need to retrieve a web page you viewed some time ago, which you accessed right through your history. You tried to Google it, but you didn't remember its name so well that you couldn't achieve your goal.

    I understand your discomfort, but it's not time to throw in the towel yet: by following the instructions I'm about to give you, you'll be able to find out how to recover the history deleted from your mobile phone, so you can view the website you need again and save it among your browser favorites. In addition, I will show you how to retrieve your call history, useful to retrieve a phone number in the list that may have been deleted from your smartphone.

    Before continuing, I must make one very important point clear to you: since data recovery requires access to memory areas that are normally inhibited by common apps, the following steps must be completed with the help of a computer (both Windows- and Mac-equipped PCs are fine). This, however, should not scare you at all: the procedures in question are not difficult and can also be carried out by those who, like you, are not very familiar with the world of technology. Having said that, I just have to wish you a good read and good luck with everything!

    how to recover deleted history from your Android phone

    Before getting to the heart of the matter and understand how to recover the history deleted from your mobile phone on Android, I must make you a necessary clarification: as for the history of navigation deleted (i.e. the Internet sites visited by the browser), the recovery operation can be extremely complex (or, sometimes, even impossible), because the saving of this type of data takes place within a database that, once deleted, is overwritten almost immediately. For this reason, therefore, data recovery programs for Android do not provide the possibility of tracing back the history of Internet browsing.

    If you use Google Chrome for Android as your browser, however, you have a very good chance of recovering the history you deleted using the Google Takeout service, since it is previously (and automatically) synchronized on the cloud: in this way, you can download an archive containing the pages visited through the browser and, with a bit of luck, you may find the very website you are interested in recovering.

    To proceed, then, connect to this web page, log in with your Google account and, once you've reached the page of choice of data to save, first tap on the Deselect All button and scroll through the list until you find the item Chrome. When you've done so, move the toggle switch next to the All Chrome data types item to ON, tick the box next to the Chrome data item, press the Chrome data button, tick only next to the BrowserHistory item and press the OK button.

    Now, go to the bottom of the data selection page, press the Next button, press the Create archive button and wait for the creation of the archive with all your data to be completed by Google (it could take hours): once the process is complete, you will receive an email containing the download link of the created archive, which will contain the entire browsing history made through Chrome. Please note that, for compatibility reasons, the history file is in JSON format: you can easily convert it to PDF, making it "readable", using an online converter like Aconvert.

    If, on the other hand, you are interested in recovering your call history, you can easily turn to a data recovery software like Wondershare Dr.Fone: it is a commercial program, available for Windows and macOS, that allows you to recover different types of data (including the call history) from most of the Android devices on the market, all in a simple and fast way and without the need to root the device.

    Wondershare Dr.Fone can be fully exploited after purchasing a license (at a price of about 50€ for Windows and 73€ for MacOS), but a trial version of the software is available that allows you to view the deleted data (without recovering it) and test its effectiveness.

    How to recover deleted history from iPhone

    Do you need to recover deleted history from an iPhone? Then this is the section that's best for you: unlike for Android, this operation can be carried out easily through a specific computer program, which provides the physical connection of the "melafonino" to the PC via Lightning cable.

    Also, your PC must have iTunes management software installed beforehand (which allows your computer to "see" and communicate correctly with iOS devices): if you are using Windows and have not already done so, you can proceed by following my specific instructions; if, however, you are using a Mac, this step is not necessary, as iTunes is already installed "as standard" on your computer.

    The program that I recommend you to use for the purpose you set yourself is iMyfone D-Back, available for both Windows and MacOS: it is a software that allows you to recover deleted data (photos, contacts, texts and much more, as well as, of course, the Safari history) both from the iPhone memory and from an existing iTunes backup.

    This tool, however, is not free: it can be used after purchasing a commercial license, with prices starting from $49.95 one time. There is, however, a free version of the software, which allows you to analyze the memory of the device and get a preview of the data to be recovered, thus testing the actual operation of the same.

    To use it, download the application for Windows or MacOS from the links provided, launch the downloaded file and install it carefully following the on-screen instructions: on Windows, all you need to do is press the Yes and Install buttons (you may also need to check the box next to the terms of use of the software), while on MacOS you need to drag the program icon into the Applications folder of your Mac.

    Now, start the program you just installed, click on the Free trial item, press the Restore from iOS device button on the left and press the Start button to start the connection procedure: when prompted, connect the iPhone to the computer using the Lightning cable, press the Authorize button that appears on the screen of the "melaphone" and enter the iOS unlock code to finalize the pairing.

    Once this is done, go back to your computer, click on the Next button that appears in the program window, put a check mark next to the Safari History icon to signal the program that it intends to recover only that data and press the Scan button to start the memory scan immediately: if everything went well, a screen containing the analysis results should appear after a few minutes.

    All you have to do, at this stage, is navigate through the results shown and locate the one you're interested in: with a bit of luck, you may not need to purchase the full version of the program, as the page address may be displayed in plain text in the URL column, ready to be copied and used as you like!

    If the address is not immediately visible and you need to restore your history completely, tick the item(s) you want to save, press the Restore and Buy Now buttons and then carefully follow the on-screen instructions to purchase a license and register the program.

    Note: Using the same procedure, you can retrieve the history of calls made through your iPhone. To do so, simply place a checkmark next to the Cron. calls option on the data retrieval screen.

    If you wish, you can restore your browser history from a previously created iTunes/iCloud backup: in this case, you don't need to physically connect your iPhone to your PC, as the scan is performed from the iTunes backup files or those stored on iCloud.

    To proceed, click on the Repr. from iTunes backup button or the Repr. from iCloud backup button in the main window of iMyfone D-Back, press the Start button, select the backup you want to act on (by typing the Apple ID credentials to access iCloud, if you have chosen to restore from a cloud backup), press the Next button located at the bottom and follow the same instructions I gave you before to complete the scan and possibly restore.

    How to retrieve Google search history

    I beg your pardon? The methods reported just now couldn't help you find the Internet page you were looking for? Don't throw in the towel, you can still succeed by taking a look at Google's search history: in this way, you have the possibility to see all the "queries" made to the search engine, so you can repeat the ones you think most useful and, maybe, go back to the site of your interest.

    It's really simple: if you're using an Android device, you can access your Google history by going to your operating system settings and choosing Google and Google Accounts. When you get to the next screen, which is similar in every way to the management portal accessible through your browser, tap on the Data and Customization tab at the top, then on Web Activity and Apps, and finally on the Manage History link at the bottom of the page. At this point, you will be shown a page containing the entire history of searches made on the Web through your Google account.

    If you have an iPhone and you have the Google app installed, start the Google app, tap the button at the top left, identify the Privacy box, select the History item and, finally, tap My Activities: this way, you'll have access to the screenshot of all the activities performed on the Net through Google.

    If you can't or don't want to rely on Google apps, you can access your search history directly through the browser installed on your smartphone: to proceed, you have to go to this web page, click on the Login item and enter your Google account credentials.

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