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From ForDataRecovery, we want to explain How to Recover Lost Photos from Gallery. Whether it's a picture or files from Google Photos or other applications, you will need your Android smartphone or any other operating system. We recommend you to perform a regular backup to be able to save you these steps.

In a moment of relaxation, you have taken your trusty smartphone to see some photos that you are particularly fond of, but after looking for them for a few minutes, you realized that they have literally disappeared from the system Gallery. Wanting to retrieve them, you opened Google to look for a guide on where to look for them, and ended up right here on my website.

If so, I'm happy to say that you've come to the right place, at the right time. In fact, below I'm going to explain to you how to recover lost photos from Gallery by applying a series of simple procedures within everyone's reach, even those who, like you, are not very familiar with the world of technology.

So, what are you waiting for to get started? Set aside a few minutes of free time, make yourself comfortable and read carefully everything I have to explain on the subject: I am sure that, at the end of this reading, you will be perfectly able to find the photos you are missing, to your satisfaction. That said, I can only wish you a good reading and good luck with everything.

Preliminary information

Before getting into the nitty-gritty of this guide and explaining how to recover lost photos from the Gallery, it is important to make an important distinction between the possible reasons for the "disappearance" of images.

In some cases, photos may no longer be displayed in the Android or iOS Gallery because, for example, they have been intentionally moved to the Archive section of the device (hiding them, in fact, from the main view of the photo gallery).

At other times, however, photos may no longer be displayed because, for one reason or another, the folder in which they reside is no longer "automatically recognized" - or, in the jargon, indexed - by the system; in this case, it is sufficient to access the aforementioned folder using a file manager.

The same applies to photos automatically moved to the cloud, which may have been deleted from the device during a scheduled cleaning operation; in this case too, it is sufficient to access the photos in question through the application dedicated to the cloud space in use and, if necessary, re-download them on the device.

If, on the other hand, the photos have disappeared because they have been "physically" deleted from the device (even if unintentionally), things get a little more complicated: first you have to take a look at the recycle garbage can of the Gallery management app of the device; if that fails, you will have to resort to a specific program to try to restore the deleted files, starting from the memory of the device in use.

Anyway, I will explain everything in detail in the next chapters of this guide.

How to recover deleted photos from the Android Gallery

If you have a smartphone or tablet equipped with Android, this is the section of the guide best suited to your case: in the lines that follow, I will explain how to regain access to the photos mysteriously "missing", through a series of simple steps.

Restore lost photos from the Gallery

Most Android Gallery management applications, such as Google Photos, have a special folder, called Archive, in which you can move the photos that you no longer want to see in the Gallery, without physically removing them from the device's memory.

For your information, you can move an image in Google Photos Archive as follows: after launching the application, just make a long tap on the photo of your interest, to select it, then press the button (⋮) located in the upper right corner and finally tap the item Move to archive attached to the proposed menu.

Thus, if you have inhibited the display of images in the manner explained above, you can access them again in the same simple way: start Google Photos, tap on the Photos tab (below), tap the ☰ button located in the upper left corner and tap the File item located in the menu proposed, to access the folder containing the "hidden" photos.

To restore the display of one or more images in the Android Gallery, do a long tap on the photo that interests you, to select it, repeat the operation on the other images to restore and, when you're done, tap on the button (⋮) (top right) and select the Delete option from the archive located in the proposed menu. That was much easier than I thought it would be, wasn't it?

Using a file manager

If you could not find the photos in the photo gallery file on your device, then you can try using a file manager, such as Google Files (preinstalled on most Android devices and free to download from the Play Store, if necessary), to access the folder dedicated to the photos taken via the camera, or to view the photos captured or sent through a specific application.

Doing so is really simple: to start, launch the Files app, grant it access permissions to the device memory, if necessary, tap on the Browse tab (below) and then on the Images entry. You can navigate between folders containing photos and videos using the tabs at the top. If you wish, you can quickly switch folders by swiping your finger to the right or left.

If you do not find the missing photos even in this way, you can try to access the folders that might contain them "directly": to do this, go back to the Browse tab of Files, tap on Internal Storage (or Memory Card, if you have chosen to store on microSD) and, from there, access the folder that you think may contain the images you can no longer find.

For example, to see all the photos taken with the camera, go to the folder DCIM > Camera; to see the photos received and sent with WhatsApp, go to WhatsApp > Media > WhatsApp Images; to see the photos taken/edited with the Facebook camera, go to the folder DCIM > Facebook; and to see the photos downloaded with Google Chrome, go to the Downloads directory .

Once you find the image you're interested in, you can make it visible again in the Gallery by transferring it to the DCIM > Camera folder. You're asking me how to do that? I'll tell you right now.

First, tap the ▼ button next to the name of the image you're interested in, select the Move to option from the menu that appears, tap the Internal Storage (or SD Card) option, access the DCIM and Camera folders using the following panel, and when you're done, tap the Move here button to transfer the photo to the main Android Gallery folder.

Using the cloud

Some cloud apps, such as Google Photos, Google Files or OneDrive for Android, allow you to delete from the device memory the images that are already in the cloud to free up some internal memory (or space on the microSD). Generally, this option, called Device Free Space (or similar), resides in the app's settings. However, after using it, photos may no longer appear in Android Gallery.

To get around this small inconvenience, you can use the app you use to automatically upload the images to the cloud, so that you can access them and, if necessary, download them back to your device.

For example, if you have uploaded photos to OneDrive, start the OneDrive app for Android, tap the Photos tab and locate the image you are interested in; then long-press on it to select it, repeat the operation for any other photos you want to restore, tap the button (⋮) and choose Save from the menu to transfer the photos to your Android storage (and make them visible again in Gallery).

For more information on cloud apps, check out my guide to the best cloud, where I covered the topic in detail.

Recover deleted photos

Sorry, you couldn't restore your lost photos from Android Gallery with any of the procedures seen so far, because you suspect you manually deleted them from your device's storage?

If so, I suggest you check if the images in question are still present in the recycle garbage can attached to the Gallery management application you are using (for example, Google Photos): all photos and videos deleted through the application usually end up in it, for a period of time usually equal to 30 days.

To access the Google Photos recycle garbage can, launch the app, tap the ☰ button on the top left and select Recycle Bin from the menu that opens on the side.

Next, locate the photos you want to recover, press and hold one of them to activate the selection mode, tap on the other images to recover (if necessary), and tap the arrow icon in the upper right corner to restore them to the Gallery.

If the photos are also not present in the Recycle Bin, then you can try to restore them using a computer software or an app specifically designed for this purpose, such as PhotoRec or DiskDigger, which I told you about in my guide on how to recover deleted photos from Android.

However, I can not guarantee the total success of the procedure, since, as I explained in my dedicated guide, the chances of success vary depending on the time elapsed since the actual deletion of the photo.

How to recover lost photos from iPhone Gallery

If you want to recover lost photos from iPhone Gallery, read carefully the following sections of this tutorial, where I'm going to explain how to proceed in several possible scenarios.

Restore lost photos from Gallery

If you remember well, in my guide on how to hide photos on iPhone, I explained how to use the system's Share menu to inhibit the display of photos from the main area of the iOS Photos app, but without physically erasing them from the device's memory.

All you have to do, to achieve this result, is to open the image that interests you, press the share button (the square with the up arrow) and select the Hide item from the panel that is proposed, then confirming the willingness to proceed by tapping the Hide button.

If you have hidden the photos in this way, you can easily access them using the iOS hidden album. To get started, launch the iOS Photos app, tap on the Albums tab (at the bottom), scroll to the More albums section and tap on Hidden to access the area of photos that are not displayed in the gallery.

Then click on the Select item at the top, click on the thumbnails of the photo you want to restore, click on the sharebutton(the square with the up arrow) at the bottom left and finally click on Show in the panel that appears on the screen.

After a few moments, the selected images will reappear in the iOS gallery.

Using a file manager

If you can no longer find an image that was previously displayed in the iPhone Gallery, you can try to "manually" access your file (whether it is in the iPhone's memory or in iCloud Drive) using the iOS File application. This is quite rare, as images in memory and in iCloud are automatically grouped into iOS photo albums, but it's worth a try.

To do this, launch the Files app, call it up from your iPhone's home screen, tap on the Browse tab and, using the available options, navigate to the folder where you think the _lost_ image is located.

When you have located it, tap on the Select button at the top, tap on the preview of the image in question (or images, if you want to view multiple photos), tap on the share button and, finally, tap on Save image, located in the panel that appears on the screen, to add the photo to the Gallery (thus storing it in the device's memory).

Recovering deleted photos

If none of the methods mentioned so far has solved your problem, because you suspect that you have deleted the photo from the memory of your iPhone unintentionally, you can try to recover it using the album Recent Deleted from iOS/iCloud Drive, a kind of "recycle garbage can" in which the images remain for about 40 days after being deleted by the user (then the photos are permanently deleted).

So, if you have deleted the images that interest you less than 40 days ago, you can quickly retrieve them by launching the Photos app on iOS, going to the Albums tab at the bottom and tapping on Recent Items, located a little further down.

Once you have located the photo(s) you are interested in, tap the Select tab at the top right of the screen, hover your mouse over the thumbnails of the images you want to recover, tap the Recover button and, to return the images to the iOS gallery, tap the Recover Photos button and you're done.

If the photos do not even appear in the Recent Deleted album, you have to resort to a data recovery program for computers (for example, EaseUS MobiSaver) to scan the memory of the "applephone" and try to recover the deleted photos.

This solution, which I told you about in my guide on how to recover deleted photos from iPhone, does not have a very high margin of success, as the result varies depending on the time elapsed since the actual deletion of the photo. However, if all other solutions have failed, it's still worth a try!

Frequently asked questions and answers

First, go to the Settings.
Then, we go into the Apps tab, usually it will be necessary to tap on the 3 dots at the top right to see the system options.
Then it will be a matter of finding Gallery > Albums and accessing it.

This failure can be caused by a sudden shutdown of the phone and sometimes the photos resurface just by turning it off and on again.
We have already talked on other occasions, the inconveniences that can bring a sudden shutdown of the mobile.
But on other occasions, the photos have not reappeared.

On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Photos app .
At the bottom, tap Trash Library .
Touch and hold the factor (photo or video) you want to restore.
At the bottom, tap Restore.
The photo or video will be restored: In the Gallery app on your phone.

We start with Android, the most widely used mobile operating system in the world.
Photographs are usually stored on the memory card, specifically in the DCIM, Photos or Pictures folder.
If you take a picture with the default Android app, you will probably find the result there.
27 Jun two thousand seventeen

Compilation of frequently asked questions that our users have sent us and that our experts have answered.

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