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For some time, due to work commitments, you happen to be able to read the messages received on your smartphone only rarely and often in a hurry. This thing, a little while ago, led to an event: unintentionally, with an involuntary movement of your finger, you deleted an entire conversation that you would have liked to keep.

Although you immediately realized the error, you do not know how to remedy it and, before making things worse, you decided to search the Net for an adequate solution. Well, if this is the way things are, know that you are in the right place, at the right time! In the course of this guide, in fact, I will explain to you in detail how to recover a deleted chat in no time at all on all major messaging platforms.

In most cases, in fact, involuntary gestures lead only to the archiving of messages and not to the actual cancellation of the same: it will be my care, in fact, to explain how to access the area dedicated to archived chats and, where possible , how to "bring back" permanently deleted messages. Happy reading and good luck for everything!


  • How to recover a deleted chat on WhatsApp
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  • How to recover a deleted chat on Instagram
  • How to recover a deleted chat on Telegram
  • How to recover a deleted chat on Messenger

How to recover a deleted chat on WhatsApp

May you serve a hand to recover a deleted chat on WhatsApp without backup, I think it is right to be clear right away and tell you that, to carry out this business successfully, it is essential to have achieved a preventive backup conversations, otherwise the success rates are almost nil.

First, however, I suggest you take a look at thearchive messages, i.e. conversations that are still present in the messaging app but not visible in the main chat screen. As mentioned before, you may have simply archived a conversation by mistake, without actually having deleted it from your device.

To check if a conversation is present in the WhatsApp archive, open the application and proceed as follows, depending on the device you use.

  • Android: tap on the item Chat placed at the top, scroll all the way down the screen containing the list of active chats and touch the item Archived, visible at the bottom. Then locate the conversation to retrieve (if present), make a long tap on its title and touch the button Extract, depicting a box with up arrow, to return the chat to the list of active ones.
  • iPhone: tap the button Chat visible at the bottom of the screen, make a decisive swipe from top to bottom and select the wording Archived chats, which appears immediately after. Now, locate the conversation you are interested in, swipe its title from right to left and tap the button Extract.
  • computer: on WhatsApp for computer and WhatsApp Web, you can access archived chats by clicking on the button [...] located at the top of the list of active conversations and then on the entry Archived, resident in the menu that appears. Then locate the chat of your interest, press on down arrow mail in his correspondence and choose the option Estrai chat dall'archivio give the menu visualizzato.

If the chat of your interest is not present among those archived, you must necessarily proceed with the recovery through a backup made prior to deleting messages, uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Below I show you how to do it.


First, check the availability of a useful backup, which I remind you must have been made before the chat was deleted. To make sure, open the messaging app, tap the button (⋮) located at the top right and tap the item Settings in the menu that appears.

Now, get to the voices Chat> Chat backup and take a look at the date of the last backup of Google Drive here I'm. If the backup is not useful for your purpose (i.e. if it was made after you deleted the chat), check for any local backup carried out on an earlier date.

To do this, open the file manager installed on your phone (eg Google files), navigate to the folder Internal storage> WhatsApp> Databases (Or Internal memory > Android > Media > com.whatsapp > WhatsApp > Databases) and check the dates of the named files msgstore- [creation_date] .1.dbcrypt12: if one of the backups was created before the chat was deleted, you can safely use it to “bring it back to life”.

Attention, however: following this procedure and regardless of the type of backup used, all conversations made after the backup date will be permanently deleted and will be inaccessible. Take this into account before doing anything!

Having said that, let's move on to the opera. As a first step, uninstall the WhatsApp app following the procedure provided by Android (just make a long tap on the application icon, drag it to the item Uninstall or the icon of basket that appears on the screen and then press the button Uninstall) and, having done this, "prepares" the device to restore the old backup.

If the copy of the conversations is stored on Google Drive, you will not have to do anything at this stage; otherwise, if you need to use a local backup, use the file manager to navigate to the folder Internal storage> WhatsApp> Databases (Or Internal memory > Android > Media > com.whatsapp > WhatsApp > Databases), locate the file msgstore- [data] .1.db.crypt12 (where is it [date] represents the day the backup was created) e rename it in msgstore.db.crypt12, confirming the will of replace the existing file.

Now, go to the page relating to the applications that have access to your Google account, locate the entry relating to WhatsApp and remove it from the authorized ones (so as to force the search for backups among the copies on the device and not on the cloud).

At this point, you just have to install the app again, downloading it from the dedicated section of the Play Store or from the official website (as an APK package), start it and run the initial configuration again: accepts therefore the conditions of the service, proceed with the verify the phone number and wait for the screen for restoring the previous backup to appear.

Finally, check that the backup date is consistent with the one you intend to "return", tap the button Restore and wait for the retrieval of conversations to be completed; tap the button end, configure the name and profile picture (if necessary) and go to the section Chat, to access previously deleted conversations again. For more information, I refer you to reading my guide on how to recover WhatsApp conversations on Android.


In the case of iPhone, things are a little different: since the messaging app doesn't store local accounts, you need to make sure that the latest backup of WhatsApp present on iCloud was made before the date you deleted the chat.

To check it, open WhatsApp on the "iPhone by" tap on the item Settings located at the bottom right, tap the items Chat e Backup of chats and verify that the date of the most recent backup is useful for you.

I believe it is necessary to emphasize, once again, that the restoring a given backup permanently deletes the conversations carried out after its creation. Take that into account!

In any case, to be able to restore a deleted chat via backup, all you have to do is uninstall WhatsApp following the procedure provided by iOS (then making a long tap on the app icon and then touching the items Delete app ed Delete), reinstall it and follow the procedure of initial configuration: then check the phone number and, when an iCloud backup is detected, tap the item Ripristina chat timeline and wait for the reset to complete. To learn more, I refer you to reading my guide on how to recover WhatsApp messages on iPhone.

How to recover a deleted chat on Instagram

You deleted a chat on I and now you don't know how to recover it? In this case, I must first point out the limitations of this procedure.

Direct, in fact, is not a real chat application, but a dedicated section of Instagram that resides directly on the server: in other words, this means that the messages are not downloaded to the memory of your device but remain available only on the Net and that, once deleted from the server, they cannot be retrieved via local copy, I'm sorry (in this regard, beware of data recovery programs that promise to do this: they are, at best, not serious software that does not keep their promises; at worst, they are real scams. steal the data of the victims).

If, however, you want to recover the multimedia elements downloaded manually from Direct chats (by making a long tap on the respective previews and touching the item Save attached to the menu that appears), know that they are still available in the device memory, even after the chat has been deleted.

Generally, you can access the aforementioned items simply by opening the folder Instagram located in the photo gallery of the device, which you can access, respectively, through one of the many dedicated applications for Android (eg. Google Photos), or via the app Photos of iOS and iPadOS. More info here.

How to recover a deleted chat on Telegram

If you accidentally filed a chat his Telegram (just swipe from right to left on the title of the conversation), eliminating it from those visible in the main area dedicated to messages, know that you can make it visible again in a couple of taps.

Telegram, in fact, has a section dedicated to archived messages, a little hidden but far from difficult to reach: if you use Telegram for smartphones and tablets, all you have to do is access the section Chat of the app and make one swipe down starting from the top of the screen.

If everything went well, you should see the area dedicated to archived chats: then tap on his title, locate the conversation to retrieve, swipe left on its preview and tap the button Extract (if necessary), to make it visible again.

Su Telegram per computer, on the other hand, the area dedicated to archived chats is available at the top of the list of conversations: therefore click on the item Archived messages, locate the chat of your interest, right click on its preview and select the item Extract, from the proposed context menu.

Didn't archive the chat, but deleted it directly? Don't despair: Telegram apps for Android and iOS / iPadOS allow you to recover a deleted chat on Telegram within 5 seconds from the cancellation of the same.

In practice, immediately after deleting the chat, an overlay message should appear at the bottom, with a duration of 5 seconds: To retrieve the deleted chat on the fly, tap the entry Cancel placed on the message in question.

If, unfortunately, more than five seconds have passed and the message is no longer visible, there is not much else you can do, other than ask your interlocutor to "flip" the messages again or take a screenshot of the conversation that interests you, sorry.

How to recover a deleted chat on Messenger

As things stand, however Messenger the same goes for Instagram: since it is a completely cloud-based messaging application, conversations eliminate definitely they cannot be easily retrieved, as they are not downloaded locally in the app, much less in the browser.

If, on the other hand, you want to recover deleted messages from the "main" chat list using the function Archive, know that it is a very simple operation to complete: after opening theapps on Messenger for Android, iOS and iPadOS, tap yours personal image located at the top left and select the item Archived chats from the menu that appears. To restore a conversation, make a long tap on it and choose the voice Cancel archiving, from the menu that appears.

In the Web version of Messenger and in 'Messenger application for Windows 10, you can access the list of archived chats by clicking on the button [...] placed next to your personal image (top left). For more information, feel free to check out my guide on how to recover deleted messages on Messenger.

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