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Before getting to the heart of the subject, it seems only right to make some clarifications regarding the nature of CBR file. Let's start from the basics: CBR files are, as mentioned at the beginning of the post, a format used for digital diffusion of comics. In reality, however, it is a archive file, such as RAR and ZIP ones. The only difference compared to the latter is that they contain images and that, if opened with the right software, it is possible to obtain a vertical or horizontal reading as if you were reading an eBook or a document in PDF format.

Taking into account what has just been stated, the file format in question can therefore be opened using software and apps specifically designed for reading comics, or using useful tools to decompress the compressed archives and, subsequently, opening the images obtained from a at a time. As can be guessed, the first method is certainly the most practical.

How to open CBR files on computer

You are interested in understanding how to open CBR files acting from computer? Then immediately test the ad hoc software that I will report to you below: there are both for Windows that for MacOS e Linux and they are all very simple to use, you have my word!

YACReader (Windows / macOS / Linux)

The first solution to open files in CBR format that I recommend you consider is YACReader: it is one of the best programs to read and organize comic collections on PC. It's free, runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux, and supports all major digital comic formats, including, of course, CBR.

To download YACReader on your computer, go to the program's website, click on the item Downloads present in the top menu and click on the button with the arrow pointing down. When the download is complete, if you are using Windows, april il .exe file obtained and, in the window that appears on the screen, click on the buttons Yes e Next. Then place the check mark next to the item I accept the agreement, click the button again Next four consecutive times, press the button install and finally click on Finish.

Please note that the program needs the free component to work Microsoft Visual C ++, so, if this is not already installed on your computer, the automatic download and installation procedure will start. Furthermore, if at the end of the YACReader installation you see a window appear asking you to authorize the program in the Windows firewall, you agree to it.

Se, invece, stai using a Mac, april il package .dmg obtained and drag theYACReader icon in the folder Applications of macOS. Next, right click on it and select the item apri from the contextual menu, in order to bypass the restrictions imposed by Apple on applications from non-certified developers (this is only necessary at the first start).

Now that, regardless of the operating system used, you see the program window on the screen, press the button create your first library, in order to start the creation of your first digital library, and type the name you want to assign it, in the field Library Name. Then indicate the location of the computer where the CBR files you want to open are located, by pressing the button with the magnifying glass, and confirm everything by clicking on the button Create.

Once the library is generated, double click on the name of the comic you want to read from the list in the lower right part of the program window. Once this is done, a new screen will open where you can browse your comic.

To advance between the various pages, just use the buttons with the arrows at the top (by default the scrolling is vertical), while using the other available buttons you can enable the full screen view, rotate pages and perform other useful operations.

CDisplay (Windows)

CDisplay it was the first program to view comics in digital format to be distributed online and, even today, it is particularly popular with users. It's only available for Windows, it's free, and it's super easy to use. It supports files in CBR format and all other formats generally used for digital comics, recognizing them automatically.

To download it to your computer, go to the program's website and click on the link Download CDisplay: placed under the heading Download, in the center of the page. When the download is complete, extract theZIP archive got to any location on your PC and start the .exe file contained within it. In the window that opens, click on the button Yes (twice in a row) and then on that Next (four times in a row). Then press the button install and, finally, on the buttons Next e Finish.

Once the main window of the program is displayed on the desktop, right click anywhere on the screen and select the wording Load Files from the context menu. Then, select, through the additional window displayed, the comic in CBR format you want to browse and click on the button apri.

Afterwards, you can browse the pages of the comic vertically, using the mouse wheel. If necessary, you can rotate the pages, change their view mode, etc. by right-clicking anywhere in the comic and then using the items attached to the context menu.

How to open CBR files on smartphones and tablets

You want to find out how to open CBR files by acting from smartphone or tablet? Then continue reading: below you will find those that, in my opinion, are the best apps on the market to perform this operation by Android and iOS.

ComicScreen - ComicViewer (Android)

A smartphone or tablet is available Android, I highly recommend that you consider using ComicScreen - ComicViewer to view comics in CBR format: this is a very popular and popular app that supports ZIP, RAR, CBZ and CBR files and all major image formats. It also allows you to create folders to organize your files and also integrates a handy editor. It's free, but it includes advertisements (which can eventually be removed through in-app purchases of 2,29 euros / 6 months).

To download ComicScreen - ComicViewer on your Android smartphone or tablet, visit the relevant section of the Play Store and press the button Install. If necessary, then authorize the download by tapping the button Accept. When the download is complete, start the app by pressing the button apri appeared on the screen or by tapping onicona dell'applicazione which was added to the drawer (the Android screen where the icons of all the apps on the device are grouped).

Now that you see the main screen of the application, allow ComicScreen - ComicViewer to access the multimedia contents on the device, by selecting the item Allow in response to the warning displayed, then select the location on your smartphone or tablet where the CBR file you want to open is located and tap its name.

Subsequently, you can start reading the comic by leafing through the various pages, doing simple things swipe left or right on the screen. If you need to change the orientation of the pages or want to make various kinds of changes to the pages (e.g. change the brightness, contrast, etc.), tap anywhere on the screen and use the buttons located on the toolbar you see appear at the top.

Instead, to quickly jump to the cover, the final part of the comic or other pages of the same, press the button with i three dots vertically appeared at the top right and served the options attached to the menu that opens.

Comic Storm (iOS)

Stai using a iPhone or a iPad, to open your CBR files I recommend using the app Comic Storm, specific for iOS. It is free, quite intuitive and allows you to download and import comics from the web, via FTP, iTunes, Web Server and by connecting Comic Storm to all the most popular cloud storage services. It should be noted that it includes (minimally invasive) advertising banners, which can be removed through in-app purchases (at a cost of 5,49 euros).

To download the app in question on your iPhone or iPad, visit the relevant section of the App Store, tap the button Ottieni / Installa and authorize the download via Face ID, touch ID o password dell'ID Apple. Once the download is complete, start the app by pressing the button apri appeared on the screen or by tapping onicona dell'applicazione which was added to the Home Screen.

Now that you see the main Comic Storm screen, freely choose whether or not to enable the reception of notifications from the app and tap on the item Download placed at the bottom. Therefore, indicate the system or service you want to use to recover your CBR files, then go to the section library application, by pressing on the appropriate item located at the bottom of the screen.

At this point, tap on cover of your comic, to start browsing. To scroll through the various pages that compose it, then make some swipe left or right on the screen. Easier than that?

To adjust the display settings, instead, tap on the screen to enable the display of the toolbar, tap the button with thegear located at the top right and take action on the options attached to the new screen displayed.

Alternative solutions to open the CBR file

As anticipated at the beginning of the guide, since the CBR files are archives, it is also possible to open them using apps and programs to decompress the compressed archives, so as to be able to access the various images that make up each comic.

If you prefer to adopt this method rather than resorting to the use of an ad hoc solution, such as the ones I mentioned earlier, I suggest you use one of the programs for managing compressed archives listed below.

  • 7-Zip (Windows) - is one of the most popular and renowned free software for managing compressed archives on Windows. It supports all popular compressed archive formats, including the one covered by this tutorial.
  • The Unarchiver (macOS) - totally free application, specific for macOS, which allows you to extract compressed archives in CBR, RAR, ZIP, 7Z and many other formats.
  • Archive Extractor (Online) - not really a program, but an online service for extracting files from compressed archives. It works from any browser and operating system, is free and requires no registration.

Regarding the resources to extract specific compressed archives for Android, I suggest you the following apps. For iOS, however, there do not seem to be any apps capable of unpacking this type of archives at the time I am writing the guide.

  • AndroZip by AVG (Android) - application at no cost through which you can extract files in RAR, ZIP, TAR and many more on Android. It is actually a file manager, so it allows you to manage files on your device in general.
  • RAR (Android) - another free app for Android that allows you to create and unpack various compressed archives. It also allows you to repair damaged archives and supports multi-volume ones.

For any further information, I refer you to reading my guide on how to decompress a file and my reviews on programs to open ZIP files, programs to open RAR files and apps to open ZIP files.

How to open CBR

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