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Preliminary operation

To open APK file on your Android device, the first thing you need to do is enable it to install applications found outside the Play Store. Before doing this, however, I suggest you take a look at my guide on the best antivirus for Android and download, if you haven't already done so, a good antivirus for your device. This is a very important operation as applications downloaded from sources outside the Play Store may contain malware: better be foresight and protect yourself appropriately.

At this point, to allow your device to open APK files and install apps external to those on the Play Store, press the icon of Settings present on the home screen (the gear), tap on the item Safetyand activate the option Unknown origin from the menu that opens. Answer affirmatively to the warning that appears on the screen.

If you don't see the Security option in the Android settings menu, select the tab Generali went his Safety, proceed by scrolling the screen that opens until you find the item Unknown sources and check the option next to the option Allow installation of applications from trusted and unknown sources.

Install APK files

Now that you have enabled your device to install apps from outside the Play Store, to be able to open APK files, go to the folder where the item you want to act on is downloaded. Keep in mind that the folder on Android devices in which files downloaded from the internet are generally stored is the one called Download, to which you can act by starting the app called, precisely, Download.

Once you have accessed the folder containing the APK file you want to open, select the latter and then follow the wizard for installing the application by pressing the buttons in sequence NEXTInstallend.

At this point I can not help but tell you: congratulations, following my instructions you have finally managed to open APK files and now you have new apps at your disposal on your device! Even if they come from a source other than the classic Play Store, the new applications installed on the device will be accessible directly from the Android home screen, just like those downloaded from the Play Store.

If you are unable to locate the folder Download on your Android device or in any case the one in which the downloaded files have been stored, I suggest you use an application to manage files quickly and easily. In particular, I invite you to try ES File Manager, a free file manager very popular and appreciated among the users of the green robot.

To download the ES File Manager app open the Play Store, press the search field located at the top, type eg file manager and presses on the first search result you see in order to access the section of the marketplace dedicated to the app. If you want to speed up the execution of these steps, just press here directly from your Android smartphone or tablet. Next, press the buttons Install e Accept, wait for the app download procedure to be completed and you're done.

Once the download (and installation) process of ES File Manager is complete, start the app by pressing on its icon that has been added to the Android home screen, press on the item Download located in the left sidebar and then tap on the APK file you want to open. Then follow the wizard for installing the apps by pressing the buttons in sequence NEXTInstall e end.

Install multiple APKs in series

If you need to install multiple applications in series and want to speed up the procedure for opening APK files, I suggest you resort to using the app APK Installer: this is a free application that allows you to open APK files and install them in series, thus avoiding the user having to identify and select all the elements on which to act individually.

If you want to use APK Installer, the first thing you need to do is download and install the app. To do this, press the icon of Play Store present on your device, then presses on the search field attached to the screen that will open, type apk installer and tap on the first result. If you want to speed up the execution of these steps, just press here directly from your Android smartphone or tablet. Next, press the button Install and then Accept then wait for the app download and installation procedure to start and complete.

After downloading and installing the application, press the APK Installer icon that has been added to the home screen of your device, wait for the application screen to be visible and then tap on Install APKs.

On the screen that will open at this point, put a check mark next to the icons of the APK packages you want to install and then press the green button Install selected that you find located at the bottom right.

Once this is done, the wizard will start automatically for the installation of all the selected apps. To complete the installation procedure of the various apps, just press the buttons in sequence NEXTInstall e end.

Where to download APK files

Do you want to get an APK file but don't know where to download it from? No problem. Open the browser of your Android device (or even your PC) and connect to the APKMirror website.

APKMirror is a service managed by AndroidPolice (one of the most popular Internet sites in the Android world) on which you can find the APK packages of all the best applications available on the Play Store, and more. This is a 100% legal site, so downloads are verified and no "pirated" apps can be found. By the way: stay away from sites that allow you to illegally download paid applications for free: they often contain infected APK files that install malware on your device. Then don't tell me I didn't warn you!

Having made this necessary clarification, let's take action. To download an APK file from APKMirror, connected to the home page of the service, press the icon of magnifying glass which is at the top and look for the app of your interest (eg. WhatsApp). After searching, consult the list of results that is proposed to you, press the name of the app you want to download and, on the page that opens, select the variant of the application that best suits your device (eg. arm Android 4.0 if you are using a device with an ARM processor and an Android version equal to or higher than 4.0) from the box Download which is located at the bottom.

To conclude, fai tap sul pulsating Download aPK, confirm your willingness to download the APK file with the browser currently in use (eg. Chrome) e pigia sul pulsating OK which appears at the bottom right. Once the download is complete, you will find the APK package in the folder Download of Android and you can install it as explained above.

Copy APK files from PC

If the app you want to install has not been downloaded directly to the Android device but is stored on your computer, don't worry, you can transfer it to your device and install it in a very simple way. To succeed in the enterprise, all you have to do is connect your Android smartphone or tablet to the computer using the appropriate USB cable and wait for the device to be recognized.

If the terminal is not recognized by the computer, open the Android notifications menu (swiping your finger from the top of the screen to the bottom), select the item for the USB connection and, in the screen that opens, put the check mark next to the item File Transfer (MTP). If you are using a Mac, however, install the Android File Transfer app. For more details, see my tutorial on how to manage Android from your PC: everything is explained there.

Once the connection between PC and Android device has been established, press the icon File Explorer attached to the taskbar (the yellow folder) and click on the item computer o What PC present in the left sidebar of the view window. In the window that will open, then click with the right mouse button on the icon representing your device and activate the mode Disk Drive selecting it from the menu that is shown to you.

Now select and drag the APK file you wish to open to any folder on your device in order to transfer it directly to your smartphone or tablet. Once the transfer is complete, disconnect your Android smartphone or tablet from the computer by pressing the icon depicting an upward arrow next to the Windows clock and then selecting the item relating to the device from the menu that is shown to you.

If you use a Mac, to transfer files to your Android device you need to use the Android File Transfer application I mentioned earlier. You find it better explained how to use it in my tutorial on how to transfer Android files.

How to open APK file

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