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Software to merge two videos into one

Would you like to understand what the software to merge two videos into one who can you contact? I'll settle you immediately. In fact, below you will find those that I believe to be the best instruments belonging to the category available for Windows, MacOS e Linux. Identify what you think can do the most for you and put it to the test right away.

Avidemux (Windows / macOS / Linux)

If you need to merge two videos into one starting from files that have the same resolution, I suggest you use Avidemux. It is a completely free, open source and cross-platform video editing program, which is capable of processing all major video formats and joining videos very quickly and without re-encoding.

To download the program on your computer, connect to the Avidemux website and click on the link win64 xx Final Install (64 bits), FossHub (if you're using a 64-bit version of Windows), about that win32 xx Final Install (32 bits), FossHub (if you are using a 32-bit version of Windows) or on that xx Mojave QT5 (dmg), FossHub (if you are using macOS). Then select the software name on the web page that is subsequently shown to you.

When the download is complete, if you are using Windows, april il .exe file ottenuto e, nella finestra che vedi will share your desktop, click on the button Following (three consecutive times), select the item I accept the license, click on the button again Following (for two more consecutive times) and on that Yes. In conclusion, click on the button end and start the program, selecting the relevant one collegamento added to Start menu.

Se, invece, stai using MacOS, april il package .dmg of Avidemux and drag theprogram icon in the folder Applications Of computer. Then, right click on it, select the item apri from the context menu and, in the screen you see appear, press the button apri, in order to go around the restrictions desired by Apple against non-certified developers (an operation that must be performed only at the first start).

Now that you finally see the program window on your desktop, click on the folder located at the top left and select the first video of your interest. Wait for the import process to complete, then click on the menu Fillet also located at the top left, choose the item Add and select the other video to merge with the one already opened.

Considering that to be merged into a single video the selected videos must have the same resolution, should you need to modify it, you can easily do it using the editing functions attached to Avidemux itself, which you can access by clicking on the menu Video placed at the top and on the item filters attached to it. You can find the complete procedure in my tutorial on how to resize video.

Finally, you have to decide the format in which to save the output file, using the menu Video output to define the video codec to use, that Audio output to choose the audio codec and drop-down menu Container output to define the type of container to use. If the movies to be joined are of the same video and / or audio format, you can also set the function Copy in the drop-down menus for video output and audio output and save the final video faster without having to re-encode video and / or audio.

Finally, click on the menu Fillet located at the top left and choose the item Save from the latter. Then, select the name and the folder in which to save the final movie and start the export procedure by pressing the button Save.

iMovie (macOS)

If you own a Mac, another tool you can consider turning to to merge two videos into one, even with different formats and characteristics, by recoding them, is iMovie. In case you have never heard of it, I inform you that it is a video editing software made available directly by Apple for users of MacOS.

It can be used without problems by both "amateurs in trouble" and by experts in the sector and the results are always of a good level. It is pre-installed on all the most recent Macs, but if not available or removed it can be downloaded for free from the relevant section of the Mac App Store.

To be able to use it, start the program by selecting the relevant one icon (Quella with the purple star and the movie camera) that you find in Launchpad. In the software screen that is shown to you, then click on the item Create new e scegli l'opzione Footage in the menu that appears.

At this point, clicca sulla voce Import media files located at the top left and select the videos located on your Mac that you want to merge together. Alternatively, you can grab videos from the libraries listed in the section Libraries in the left sidebar.

Once the import procedure is complete, drag the preview of the first video to the timeline at the bottom and repeat the same operation for the other video as well. When doing this, make sure that the video files are in the same position on the timeline.

If you want, you can also add transition effects between one movie and another by selecting the tab Transitions located at the top, selecting the one you prefer from the list and dragging it to the junction point between the videos on the timeline. Next, double-click the icon with the two two triangles, set the duration (in seconds) of the effect in the field provided and press the button Apply.

Finally, export the unified video obtained by clicking on the icon of sharing (Quella with the square and the arrow) located at the top right, by choosing the option Fillet from the menu that appears, filling in the fields on the screen with description, tags, etc., by pressing the button NEXT and indicating the name you intend to assign to the output file and the location for saving, then click on the button Save.

Other software to merge two videos into one

None of the solutions to merge two videos into one that I have already suggested convinced you in a particular way and then you would like me to report you other software useful for the purpose? I'll settle you immediately. Find them in the list below.

  • DaVinci Resolve (Windows / macOS / Linux) - this is a free, cross-platform and widely appreciated software for editing video clips, which also allows you to merge videos together. It is designed primarily for professionals in the sector, but can also be used without problems by the less experienced. Note that possibly it is available in a paid variant (at a cost of 269 euros) that offers a greater number of features. More info here.
  • Kdenlive (Windows / macOS / Linux) - free, open source and multiplatform software that allows you to edit and mount movies, so also to merge two videos into one. It includes numerous features and supports all popular file formats.
  • EaseUS Video Editor (Windows) - is a video editing program that only works on Windows. It supports all popular file formats, offers numerous advanced features and, of course, also allows you to join two or more movies together. Basically it's free, but to unlock all the features offered and remove the watermark applied to the output videos, you need to switch to the paid version (at a basic cost of 29,95 euros / month).

How to merge two videos into one online

You do not want or cannot download new programs to your computer and would therefore like to understand if there is any tool through which you can merge two videos into one online? The answer is yes. Below, in fact, you will find those that I believe to be the best solutions usable by the browser useful for this purpose.


The first tool to merge two videos into one online that I want to advise you to try is Clideo. It is a tool specifically designed for the purpose in question. It supports all the most popular file formats, allows you to upload files with a maximum size of 500 MB and protects the privacy of users, as the data uploaded by users is encrypted. It's free, but you can eventually subscribe to a paid subscription (at a cost of $ 9 / month) which allows you to remove the watermark that is applied to the videos and unlock other extra features.

To use Clideo, go to its home page, click on the button Upload files and select the first video. You can also select movies from the Internet by pressing the button with the arrow adjacent and indicating whether you intend to take files from Google Drive, Dropbox or URL.

Once the upload has been completed, click on the button Add located at the top right and select the second video, then choose the frame format and duration, the mode of the transition effects and any audio track using the menus on the right.

Finally, indicate the format of the output file via the drop-down menu Size located at the bottom, press the button Export placed at the bottom right and then on that Download, in order to download the unified video to your computer.

Other solutions to merge two videos into one online

Wheel other solutions to merge two videos into one by acting from the browser window? Then try the ones I've included in the list below. I sincerely hope they are able to satisfy you.

  • Kapwing - simple online video editor that offers its users various functions useful for the purpose, including the one for joining multiple videos. It supports all popular video formats and allows you to upload files with a maximum weight of 25 MB. It's free, but it applies a watermark to the output files that can only be removed for a fee (at a cost of $ 17 / month). As far as privacy is concerned, it is not specified how long the uploaded files remain on the service's servers.
  • Clipchamp - it is another online video editing service, which offers all the necessary tools to join multiple videos together, but also to cut videos, rotate them, insert effects, background music, etc. It is free, but to use it you need to register and, moreover, it allows you to export videos only with a resolution of 480p. To get around this limitation, you need to take out a paid subscription (at a cost of $ 6 / month). Note that no information is provided regarding how user files are handled.
  • Fastreel - excellent web tool through which you can combine multiple video files together, even adding transition effects. It supports MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI and WMV formats, and the files must be less than 500MB in size. It's free, has a well-maintained user interface and protects users' privacy by preventing external parties from accessing their files.

App to merge hard videos into one

If you don't have a computer at hand, you can consider contacting some app to merge two videos into one, working directly from smartphones and tablets. If this interests you, below you will find the ones that, in my opinion, represent the best solutions for Android e iOS / iPadOS.

VidTrim (Android)

A smartphone or tablet is available Android, you can merge two videos into one by using VidTrim. It is a no-cost application with a simple and highly understandable interface, which allows you to merge multiple videos (as well as divide them and apply various other changes) in a simple and fast way. Note that there is also a paid version (costs € 3,29), which allows you to remove the watermark that is affixed to the videos.

To scaricare and install the app on your device, visit the relative Play Store section and press the button Install. If you are using a device on which the Play Store is not available, you can download it through an alternative store. Then start the app by selecting yours icon which has been added to the home screen and / or drawer.

Now that you see the main VidTrim screen, select the first video you want to act on and tap the button Merge. Then, touch the button capacitor positive (+) lead located at the bottom right and select the other movie to add to the first one.

Finally, save the final video by clicking on the icon floppy disk located at the top on the right. Once the processing procedure is complete, you will find the new unique video in the folder VidTrim of your smartphone or tablet accessible through any file manager, Gallery Android included.

iMovie (iOS / iPadOS)

If you are using an iPhone or iPad, you can merge two videos into one using the for version iOS / iPadOS di iMovie, the program for macOS that I told you about in the step at the beginning of the guide. The application is free and works in a practically similar way to the computer counterpart.

To download and install the app on your device, visit the relevant section of the App Store and press the buttons Get e Install, then authorizes the download via Face ID, touch ID o password dell'ID Apple. Then, start the app by selecting the app icon that has been added to the home screen and / or the App Library.

Once the main iMovie screen is displayed, select the tab Projects which is at the top and tap the button capacitor positive (+) lead, then choose to create a new movie, put the check mark next to the thumbnails of the videos to be merged and tap the button Create film located at the bottom.

After doing the above steps, you will be shown the iMovie editor with the previously selected videos. The videos are already set up in series, but if you prefer you can change their order by simply pressing and continuing to hold down on one of them and moving to the desired point in the timeline.

If, on the other hand, you want to make changes to the transition effects between one video and another or you want to remove them, locate the junction point between two videos on the timeline, tap on the relative icon and choose the option you prefer from the menu you see appearing below.

To complete the whole procedure, click on the button end at the top left, press the icon of sharing (Quella with the square and the arrow) located at the bottom of the screen that is shown to you and touch the icon Save video that you find in the menu that appears. The movie will be saved in the app Gallery on iOS / iPadOS.

How to merge two videos into one

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