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How to know your Vodafone mobile number

As I told you at the beginning of the guide, for know your Vodafone number, as regards the mobile, it is possible to intervene in different ways: all those indicated and explained below. To find out more, therefore, continue reading.

By checking your smartphone settings

The first system that you can consider to find out what is the number of the Vodafone SIM in your possession is to take a look among the smartphone settings in use.

Be on Android that of iOSin fact, there is a special section that allows you to obtain detailed information about the device and the SIM used. Below you will find explained how to proceed in both cases.

  • Android - grab your smartphone, unlock it, log in to drawer (the screen where the icons of all the apps are grouped), presses the icon of Settings (Quella with l 'gear), select the voice Info on the device in the new screen that appears and locate the wording Personal telephone number. In correspondence with the latter, you will find the telephone number associated with the Vodafone card inserted in the smartphone.
  • iOS - grab your iPhone, unlock it, log into Home Screen and presses the icon of Settings (Quella with l 'gear). In the screen that is shown to you at this point, tap on the item Telephone and identify the field My number. The phone number you will find next to the item in question will be the one associated with your Vodafone card.

Please note: if in correspondence with the items Personal telephone number (your Android) e My number (on iOS) no phone number is listed, evidently it's because you're using one Replacement SIM o without registered number.

Making a phone call

The thing is quite trivial but it often slips from mind: to find out the phone number associated with a Vodafone SIM, just make a call from the latter on the mobile or landline phone of a friend, colleague, etc., so that you can then ask the contact person for the number displayed and make a note of it.

In the unfortunate event that the Vodafone card whose phone number you wish to find out does not have enough credit, you can still make the call using the service 4088 which, in fact, allows you to telephone at the expense of the recipient.

To make a call using this service, just type the code on the numeric keypad of the mobile phone with the Vodafone SIM whose number you want to find out. 4088 followed by telephone number of the person you wish to contact (eg. 40883291111111) and press the button for start the phone call (usually that's it green with the handset lifteda).

Whoever receives the call forwarded using the service in question, when he will answer he will be able to hear a message through which he will be informed that the person he is trying to call is using 4088. For further details, refer to my guide specifically focused on calling without credit.

By checking the SIM, the sales package and the contract

The phone number of your Vodafone card may also appear on the SIMs. itself. On some old cards, in fact, the reference numbering is indicated on the relative plastic part. To check this, grab the SIM, turn the gold chip side down, and if the phone number is printed on the card, you'll find it on that side.

But be careful: if the set of numbers you see begins with the sequence of digits 8939, almost certainly it is the serial of the SIM (theICCID) and not the telephone number.

The SIM number may also be indicated on the SIM sales package or on the plastic card in which the SIM was originally "embedded". In this case, however, consider that if it is a replacement card or resulting from a change of operator with portability, the mobile number you are going to read could be the provisional one and not the real one.

I would like to point out, then, that you may be able to find out the mobile number of your Vodafone SIM also by consulting the contract signed with the manager at the time of purchase of the card. In fact, among the various data reported, you should find the information in question. There's no harm in trying!

Usando l'app My Vodafone

If you have your smartphone at hand and you are wondering "how to know your Vodafone number?", I am happy to inform you that you can also find an answer to your question by using theWhatsapp My Vodafone made available by the operator itself for Android and iOS to allow its customers to personally manage utilities and associated offers.

To use it for your purpose, first download the app on your mobile phone (in case you haven't already done so, of course) from the relevant section of the Play Store (on Android) and the App Store (on iOS) .

Then, log in to your Vodafone account by filling in the appropriate fields on the screen and then tapping the button Log in. If you don't have a Vodafone account yet, to create one you need to register using your phone number. Considering the fact that you don't know him at the moment, you can't take this step. But what you can do, in case you haven't already done so, is activate the Data connection of Vodafone on your smartphone, so that you can use the app directly, without the need for a login.

Once logged in, you will find the SIM number in the upper right part of the screen. You can also view it by expanding the visible menu by tapping the button with the three lines horizontally (always in the upper right part of the screen, under the icon with the cellular), as well as tapping on the voice Accounts and preferences attached to the menu in question and on the wording SIM and PUK on the next screen.

By accessing the Do it yourself online area

To find out your Vodafone number you can also rely onDo it yourself area available on the operator's website, which allows you to view and manage the SIM plan, active offers and promotions and much more.

So, go to the home page of, place the mouse pointer on the button Do-it-yourself at the top right and click on the button Log in present in the menu that opens. Then, fill in the fields displayed with your login data and press the button Log in to log in.

If you are not registered yet, I am sorry to tell you but then you cannot take advantage of the system in question. Registration, in fact, takes place via the phone number and considering the fact that you do not know him at the moment you cannot create an account.

Once logged in, you will finally be able to view the phone number of your Vodafone SIM in the upper right part of the web page that has opened. Besides that, you can know the SIM number by clicking on the button SIM and PUK below and taking a look at the information shown under the heading Your number, on the left, and at the top of the screen (always on the left).

By calling customer service

Another way you have on your side to find out the phone number associated with the Vodafone SIM you have is to make a call to customer care of the manager and in asking the operator on duty directly for the information in question.

To do this, just dial the number 190 on the numeric keypad of your mobile phone and press the key for initiate a call (usually it is that green with the handset lifted).

When the call has started, listen to the indications of the recorded voice and press the button to receive assistance for mobile telephony (which should correspond to 1), then say out loud after hearing the welcome message from Tobi (Vodafone's virtual assistant), the phrase "Talk to a human operator".

Subsequently, your call will be transferred to a “real” Vodafone operator to whom you can explain what your need is and who will provide you with the information covered by this tutorial. However, please note that you may need to provide the fiscal Code of the card holder (presumably you) and the serial (the'ICCID) of the SIM. If you think you need more information, you can refer to my tutorial on how to talk to a Vodafone operator.

In the unfortunate event that, proceeding as I have just shown you, you do not succeed in your intent, you can try to trace the phone number associated with the SIM by going to a Vodafone center us identity card, fiscal Code, SIMs. e Serial Code of the card, in such a way as to ask the sales people directly to help you. To find out where the Vodafone center closest to your area is located, consult the special map attached to the operator's website.

How to know your Vodafone landline number

You don't remember the Vodafone number associated with yours fixed line and would you like to understand how to locate it? No sooner said than done! In this case, there are three systems available. The first is to access theDIY area of the Vodafone website and in taking a look at the section relating to line information, similarly to as seen in the passage dedicated to mobile telephony.

The other system, on the other hand, consists in taking a look at the contract signed at the time of activation of the line, always proceeding in a practically identical manner as seen in the step dedicated to the mobile side.

The third system, then, is that which involves calling the customer care of Vodafone and ask the operator with whom you will find yourself talking to tell you, in fact, your phone number, as explained in the appropriate step dedicated to SIMs. In this specific case, however, at the start of the call, press the button to receive landline assistance (should be the 2).

How to know your Vodafone number

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