How to know who visits your Facebook profile

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Delete applications to find out who visits your Facebook profile

You searched how to know who visits your Facebook profile and have you installed one of these fake applications that are now around? Don't think twice and remove it from your profile, it takes very few clicks.

The first step you need to take is to access Facebook from its main page (or from its application for Windows 10), click on the button (▾) located at the top right and select the item Settings from the menu that appears. On the page that opens, click on the entry Apps and websites located in the left sidebar and select the option Active / e to view the complete list of apps on your profile.

Identify, therefore, the name of the application to find out who visits your profile you want to get rid of (if you don't see it, expand the menu by clicking on the link See More), click on it, scroll to the bottom of the displayed screen and then press the buttons remove, Remove e end but I will complete the operation.

Do you prefer to act as a smartphone? No problem. To remove suspicious applications from your Facebook profile, start the social network app on your Android / iOS / iPadOS device, tap the button (≡) and go to Settings and privacy> Settings> Apps and websites. In the screen that opens, tap on the item Modification placed in correspondence with the wording Logged in with Facebook e and delete unwanted apps from your account by pressing first on their name and then on the buttons Remove> Remove.

How to know who follows your Facebook profile

I know, you were upset. Unfortunately it is not possible know who visits your Facebook profile in a precise way, but by making adequate use of the standard functions of the social network you can see who follows your public content.

Let's start with stories. The only real way to tell if someone is actively viewing your profile content is analyze their own stories. Facebook, in fact, offers the possibility of knowing exactly who opens the contents published in the form of stories and, in this way, it is possible to infer who is interested in their profile. Here's how to see who is watching your stories.

  • Give smartphone and tablet - access Facebook from its app for Android / iOS / iPadOS, tap on the tab The tua storia, found in the home of the application and presses the icon ofeye located at the bottom left. In the screen that opens, all you have to do is find the names of the users who have viewed the story and that's it.
  • From computer - access Facebook from its main page (or from its application for Windows 10), click on the item The tua storia located in the box Stories and look at the users who viewed the content via the box Details of the story located on the right.

Other public data that may interest you is that relating to the followers of your profile. To find out the names of yours follower, i.e. the people who have decided to view your public updates (perhaps even though they are not your friends on the social network), go to your profile and press on number placed next to the wording follower, in the left sidebar (on computer) or in the section dedicated to your main information (from mobile).

A list will open with the names of all those who follow your updates, even if they are not your friends on the social network.

How to know who sees you in Facebook chat

If you are a beginner with Facebook and are wondering who can "see" you when you connect to the Facebook chat or application Facebook Messenger for smartphones and tablets? The answer is… all your friends who are currently connected to Facebook or Messenger and have the chat active.

If you want to see who is online on Facebook, you need to activate the social network chat. To succeed from computer, just log into Facebook from its main page and click on gear symbol (if necessary), so as to call up the sidebar containing the names of all active users (i.e. those marked with a green ball).

Then also see the names of people previously online and find out how long ago they were online: next to their name, in fact, there may be the wording [N] m, [N] h o [N] h (based on when they were last online).

Da mobile devices, you can do this by launching the Messenger for Android / iOS / iPadOS and pressing the icon of two men, so you can see who is online and who have recently been online. Simple, right?

Other useful tips

In conclusion, to avoid that in the future you can run into other scam apps or other security and privacy problems, I suggest you take a look at my tutorials on how to protect yourself on Facebook and how to protect privacy on Facebook where you can find many tips useful on how to live your "social" life online more peacefully.

Going into more detail, I recommend that you change your password (if you don't already use a complex one), activate the access notifications on unknown devices and enabletwo-factor authentication, in order to associate your password with a security code to be generated every time you log in to Facebook from a new device.

Furthermore, go back to the list of authorized applications on your profile and delete all those you no longer use or which, in any case, do not seem very reliable from the point of view of privacy. You will certainly sleep more peacefully!

How to know who visits your Facebook profile

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